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Deb and Mojib did a great job. Deb is very pro. He would check the wall condition and asked many questions regarding any hidden pipes, etc... before he did the marking and drilling. He also asked for plastic bag and tapes on the wall before he started to drill. I am very happy with the service. I would highly recommend Dev and Mojib of Everyworks for the next job. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
08:08 12 Jul 24
Kumar is a great technician and able to explain the reason for the noise and water leakage. He is super careful and display great skills. The customer service team is also very responsive to my requests and to revisit again when I see some minor leakage after the work, and quickly rectify the same day. This is my second time using the company and will continue to do so. Thank you Kumar and the customer service team!
Angela A
Angela A
02:27 06 Jul 24
Excellent service and advise provided by Technical Specialist Mr Bala & Afterslaes support team from Ms Generose.Job was carried out smoothly and dazzle free. Mr Bala even went the extra mile to provide assistance to help reposition my Dryer with me.Thumbs 👍 up .... 👏 👏 👏 👏
Zapperman Zap
Zapperman Zap
10:01 01 Jul 24
Engage Mr. Plumber to install 2 bidet at our home. Technician, Raj was assigned to service our installation. We are very pleased with Raj's quality of work. One of the installation is rather complicated but he has managed the piping neatly. He also discuss with me on the positioning of the piping to ease of maintenance going forward. He also keep his working area tidy and ensure that space is dry and clean after completing his work. Happy to have Raj in doing our installation. Will recommend Mr.Plumber Raj to my associates if they need similar work.
Yee Hern Lee
Yee Hern Lee
10:32 26 Jun 24
Needed a plumber to help remove and install new bidet tap. Chose Everyworks because of good reviews online. Quotation was given upfront and appointment was scheduled without much wait time. Their technician Raj came and did the job professionally and efficiently. We are happy with the service provided and pricing was reasonable too. Have recommended to friends and family.
Hui Lin Heng
Hui Lin Heng
07:03 24 Jun 24
We were really pleased with the services of the Handyman, Deb, from Everyworks. He was meticulous and efficient. We were worried that the tile may crack during the drilling process but he took great care and ensured there were no cracks. The customer service agent, Ms Generose was also responsive and helpful in getting our issue resolved quick. We contacted Everyworks at 11:30 and had Deb at our home by 3 PM that day. Good stuff guys.
Prem Muniandy
Prem Muniandy
02:36 23 Jun 24
Aru did his work quickly and professionally. He was also polite when communicating with my family members.Alyssa's customer service was very timely and she gave enough information at one time to help me make a quick decision. My questions were also answered quickly too. This is my third time engaging services through EveryWorks and they have consistently provided good quality service. Kudos!
Susheel John
Susheel John
01:44 19 Jun 24
Thank you for Alyssa's clear quotation, scope of work definition and job/payment instructions. The whole process is smooth and easy. Aru's on-site work was also competently done. He patiently answered my questions regarding electrical work. Overall, highly recommended team.
Emily See
Emily See
08:03 18 Jun 24
I want to give a shout-out to Jessa and Bala from Everyworks! Jessa was very helpful in providing the information to help me decide to engage in their service. Bala the electrician was very thorough in his job, making sure the issue was resolved. I am very satisfied with the service provided and the reasonable charges for the replacements of parts and labor. Keep up the good work!
Kelvin Teo
Kelvin Teo
08:27 16 Jun 24
Ordered to replace our detached bin chute. Gene responded promptly and the job was initiated just a day after. After inspection, handyman Deb concluded there wasnt a need for a replacement and reattached our current one as it is still in good condition. We are delighted by the quick response, honesty, and most importantly the workmanship was spotless. He fixed it like it was his own property. Thank you A1 Handyman! you've got real pro employees. Please take good care of them.
CS Tan
CS Tan
12:16 14 Jun 24
Appreciate the speedy response and service delivered. Fuss-free experience, even with short lead time they were able to come down to my place. Our handyman Mr.Thanna was efficient and polite, he knew what to do and helped us with our clogged plumbing
Ary Kml
Ary Kml
11:51 11 Jun 24
Extremely prompt response from Jessa! She was able to arrange for an electrician to visit my place on a Sunday, with just 3 hours notice! The technician, Aru, was able to help diagnose and fix my issue within an hour, something that the previous electrician I engaged could not, for 2 days. Fantastic service and will definitely recommend!
Teresa Lin
Teresa Lin
13:18 09 Jun 24
I had a burst water pipe on earlySunday morning, Googled for a reliable source of plumbing service and came across a list, but Mr Plumber Singapore had received the most good reviews and hence decided to call them for help. Call response over WhatsApp was speedy n they tried to arrange the earliest possible slot available despite it was a Sunday morning. Pandian was assigned to take my plumbing job. He is experienced, troubleshoot very fast and was able to fix my leaky pipe issue quickly. Very professional and even help me to fix a lighting issue which was caused by the leaking water. He saved my Sunday ! Thank you !!! I will recommend to my friends and family Mr Plumber , keep it up !
Mavis Pung
Mavis Pung
05:16 09 Jun 24
Thana was very quick and professional. Before entering he asked for permission to switch off the water mains. Then he inspected the faulty shower mixer and carefully replaced it in less than 10 minutes using tools that he had brought. After turning the water mains on and checking the water flow, he fixed the shower head back but advised us to replace the shower head in the near future due to its old condition. Very considerate of him. He left immediately after the job and just informed us to make payment via the UEN code provided.Thank you Thana!
Rinnie S
Rinnie S
05:14 07 Jun 24
Extremely pleased with the work and professional advices given by Mr Bala. Got me nice looking kitchen lights at a very reasonable price. Just a simple check n he was able to tell me my electrical problems. Very experienced indeed. He was very friendly too. It was a breeze liaising with everyworks for my heater and lighting issues thru WhatsApp. Payment was easy too. Priced quoted was very Fair. In fact one of the cheapest in the market. They do not charge diagnosis fee and the transportation fee is mostly waivable if you decide to go ahead with the job after the diagnosis. Most importantly, they are qualified and certified electricians, so safety is guaranteed ! So glad that I contacted them to fix my heater n lighting problems. They are definately my go-to from now.
TC Yeo
TC Yeo
08:27 31 May 24
The staff from Everyworks are professional and courteous.Ms. Jessa was very prompt in her replies and answered my queries very well. Bala did his job swiftly and explained the situation clearly.In less than an hour, Bala was already at our house replacing the damaged power socket. The fee was transparent with no hidden or extra charges.I wouldn't hesitate to engage them again in the future.
Ibrahim Samat
Ibrahim Samat
03:56 29 May 24
Thank you Everyworks-Daylight Electrician for attending to our electrical emergency!Mum's water heater junction box unexpectedly caught fire and eventhough we managed to extinguish it by offing the switch, we were very afraid of any possible electrical issue that might cause another outbreak. SCDF recommended us to look for a Licensed Electrician. This happened late in the night & had to reach out to numerous electricians in the midnight hours. Many declared 24/7 hours support on their websites but were either rude & displeased on the call or did not answer to fulfill such a stated promise.Daylight Electrician SG was second to reply to my queries and impressively did so before their 9AM start of operation hours. Jessa was prompt, sincere & transparent with her responses and we secured an appointment that evening.Punctually that evening, walks in Aru who immediately got to work! His many years of professional experience, knowledge & skills were clearly shown on how he handled every bit of repairwork/tool. Furthermore, he was so generous in sharing his knowledge and advice, which were the assurance the family and I needed to sleep safely, soundly and worry-free that night onwards. We even cracked a joke on how traumatically scared I was as this was my first witness account, whereas he has seen thousands & huge electrical fires occurences over his many career years (compared to our unit, all the more not to worry).Truly grateful for Aru & Everyworks-Daylight Electrician! Commendable service & professionalism, a go to for reliable licensed electricians.
Liyana Valberg
Liyana Valberg
13:19 27 May 24
Thanks for the excellent service and amazing workmanship! This is the second time engaging their services. Electrician Aru is highly recommended! He is not only knowledgeable and experienced but he also provides really neat work with the electrical trunking. Aru takes extra effort to touch up the small details as well. Much appreciated and I will definitely engage their services again!
Lynn Tay
Lynn Tay
05:15 27 May 24
Mr. Deb has provided a v professional handyman service. He has explained and show me what enforce work he has done during the replacement of the rubbish chut. Pretty good.I hv a wonderful experience with this company in terms of enquiries response and workmanship. Thk U for the service provided. Happy w the work done.Has unload my worries on the rubbish chut and door lock set issues v fast.Do keep up the good service.
May Leng Chong
May Leng Chong
01:24 27 May 24
Job professionally well done and fast
Both the handymen(didnt managed to get their names) has good teamwork and they checked on each other to ensure that the TV was secured well on to the wall and safety not compromised.Payment method was also easy and invoice was sent to my email immediately.
Nurhidayah Bujang
Nurhidayah Bujang
03:42 31 Mar 22
Hiring the services from A1 Handyman Singapore is such a breeze. One which makes you know you spent on the right professionals and truly worth the value of it.

Its rare that you find a company which has such dedicated Individuals and exercised effective communications.

This is their secret and strength which spring-head their excellent services above others.

When I called them and explained the repair issues we had on our door knobs, washing machine and the toilet’s flushing systems, they made sure they listened to your concerns, understood your needs, accommodated on the days / time you prefer and presented a quotation which does not blow your Budget.

Even if it is not possible to meet an appointment deadline, you would feel that they tried their best and delivered when they could, at their very best.

They also went beyond their call of duty.
On their second visit to mend some repairs on the toilet flushing systems only, we were thankful and really appreciate the hard work they put in for going the extra mile.

They even assisted me to fix the shower head holder on the wall & Ensure the new bidet spray are firmly fixed and tightened so there’s no water leakage. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Truly
Grateful and thankful.

Highly recommending their services and my compliments mentioned above are experiences you would Want to receive should you need any handyman services. Really assuring to be linked to A1 HandyMan Singapore.
Marcuz Schaech
Marcuz Schaech
16:50 20 Jan 20
Spoke to 3 different handyman. Everyone was more concern how much to charge me than understanding the problem. A1 helped me to troubleshoot the problem which turned out to be a switched off switch. Time and money saved. Appreciate the way they conduct business. Will find them for all my future needs.
Nicholas Ng
Nicholas Ng
09:49 13 Aug 19

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