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What Our Customers Say:

Dessa and Haze was quick to respond to my enquiries thru whatsapp and also the arrangement of the appointment date. On the actual day, their technician Raj was also on time and he helped to installed the pullup bar pretty quickly and also explained to me the limitations of the installation area. Overall i would recommend them if you need to do any installation works.
Poh Stan
Poh Stan
09:31 26 Jun 22
Contacted A1 handyman as my rubbish chute broke and needed a replacement asap. CSO jinky was quick to respond to quote me on the price as well as arranging the earliest date possible. Technician Ibrahim came a day later to remove existing chute and replace a new one. Service was great workmanship looks good 🙂 thank you for the great service!
Xiaowei Luo
Xiaowei Luo
06:56 17 Jun 22
CSO Crichell was friendly and handled my inquiry of replacing a door handle efficiently, even providing me a photo of the replacement handle on my request. There was an available slot as soon as the next day, but as I was busy I made an appointment for the day after.Technician Deb was punctual, polite and meticulous about his work. After installing the new handle and lock, he tested it thoroughly, and asked me to double check as well.Payment was easy through PayNow and I received my invoice through email immediately.Very smooth process with good service and workmanship.
Vanessa Lee
Vanessa Lee
06:03 11 Jun 22
The handyman, Mr.Deb is very skillful in his work. When I told him to redo some of his job, he replied with a smile & do it patiently. Job done with great satisfaction 😊Earlier on, the CSO, Crichell called to inform me that they will be a slight delay ... even a half an hour delay we were given an update ... Good Job guys 👍
mohdarshad mohdsalleh
mohdarshad mohdsalleh
13:40 08 Jun 22
Ibrahim, the technician, did a great job of installing my shower racks with zero issues. It was clean and well installed, leaving me fully satisfied and secure. He was professional, polite, and exuded great expertise. Initially, I had concerns about the work standard but was blown away by the great job in the end!
G3m Vin3
G3m Vin3
07:58 04 Jun 22
CSO Lorraine and Mike were very prompt in their response.Upon receiving my watsappl message, they got me to send in photos of my cabinet hinges issues and arrange for an appointment.Techinician Ibrahim was friendly and puts great care into ensuring that his repair was of good standard.Highly recommend!
Joycelyn Tan
Joycelyn Tan
04:49 08 May 22
Engaged A1 to help install some wall shelving after a botched DIY attempt. Initial service query was handled by Jinky, while the actual installation work was done by Ibrahim. Long story short, the CSO team was very responsive and with an appointment secured after a quick chat and some exploratory questions, while Ibrahim's quality of work is excellent, and completed in short order with minimal fuss or mess. Would engage again in future.
David Chieng
David Chieng
04:53 18 Apr 22
[Technician Name: Ibrahim and CSO Mike] The company is prompt in replies and transparent in fees. Very good and approachable. The staff who came over was very competent and skilled to do the necessary tasks, all in a very short time and good results!
Tian Leng Low
Tian Leng Low
18:11 04 Apr 22
Marc is very responsive and able to advise me on my request, to fix the hinge of the kitchen cabinet. Technician Ibrahim came and fixed it in less than 15mins. Everything was aligned, door is now closing perfectly and I’m happy that he’s able to fix the issue on time. I’m also able to schedule the fix in 2 days. In overall, great response time! Fast scheduling!
Jacky Chen
Jacky Chen
05:19 04 Apr 22
Job professionally well done and fastBoth the handymen(didnt managed to get their names) has good teamwork and they checked on each other to ensure that the TV was secured well on to the wall and safety not compromised.Payment method was also easy and invoice was sent to my email immediately.
Nurhidayah Bujang
Nurhidayah Bujang
03:42 31 Mar 22
In the few times that this company has provided us with their handyman services, they've never failed to disappoint. Each and every time, they made sure that the job was done well and never once neglected to address our concerns. Definitely recommend them!
Conor Wang
Conor Wang
15:53 24 Mar 22
I engaged their service to replace my old HDB rubbish chute. Their customer response team Dessa and Lorraine were fast in providing a quotation and arrange service date.The technician Ibrahim arrived on time and did an impressive job. He explained the process and works to be done.Highly recommended to use the service from this provider. Thanks.
Soo Jesmine
Soo Jesmine
00:23 15 Mar 22
Engaged their service to replace our rubbish chute and was not disappointed. Prompt response and helpful by CSO Dessa. Handyman Ibrahim came ON TIME to carry out the replacement works was also helpful and skilled. Recommended 👍🏼 Goodjob guys!
Fauzi Isnin
Fauzi Isnin
23:09 06 Mar 22
Chanced upon this company while I was looking for a rubbish chute replacement.The CS support Camille was friendly and professional throughout the entire time from making an appointment slot to the end of service feedback. She was patient and was trying her best to book an appropriate timing for me despite their tight schedule.Their technician, Ibrahim, was friendly and fast in replacing the rubbish chute. Everything was done within an hour and he came to my place on time. He was professional and swift.Thank you everyone for your service. 🙂
Woo Wai Yoke
Woo Wai Yoke
06:49 06 Mar 22
Technician Ibrahim did a fantastic job for my rubbish chute replacement, it was not directly easy as it was space restricted built in kitchen cabinet. Well done and made every good effort to clean up. Greatly appreciated thanks so much. Jinky was my first point of contact through WhatsApp and every details was well communicated for me. And checking back on me for any valuable feedback which is very proudly professional. Thank you once again.
Jaiden Sim
Jaiden Sim
12:49 03 Mar 22
Hiring the services from A1 Handyman Singapore is such a breeze. One which makes you know you spent on the right professionals and truly worth the value of it.Its rare that you find a company which has such dedicated Individuals and exercised effective communications. This is their secret and strength which spring-head their excellent services above others. When I called them and explained the repair issues we had on our door knobs, washing machine and the toilet’s flushing systems, they made sure they listened to your concerns, understood your needs, accommodated on the days / time you prefer and presented a quotation which does not blow your Budget. Even if it is not possible to meet an appointment deadline, you would feel that they tried their best and delivered when they could, at their very best. They also went beyond their call of duty. On their second visit to mend some repairs on the toilet flushing systems only, we were thankful and really appreciate the hard work they put in for going the extra mile. They even assisted me to fix the shower head holder on the wall & Ensure the new bidet spray are firmly fixed and tightened so there’s no water leakage. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Truly Grateful and thankful.Highly recommending their services and my compliments mentioned above are experiences you would Want to receive should you need any handyman services. Really assuring to be linked to A1 HandyMan Singapore.
Marcuz Schaech
Marcuz Schaech
16:50 20 Jan 20
Spoke to 3 different handyman. Everyone was more concern how much to charge me than understanding the problem. A1 helped me to troubleshoot the problem which turned out to be a switched off switch. Time and money saved. Appreciate the way they conduct business. Will find them for all my future needs.
Nicholas Ng
Nicholas Ng
09:49 13 Aug 19

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