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CSO Lorraine and Mike were very prompt in their response.Upon receiving my watsappl message, they got me to send in photos of my cabinet hinges issues and arrange for an appointment.Techinician Ibrahim was friendly and puts great care into ensuring that his repair was of good standard.Highly recommend!
Joycelyn Tan
Joycelyn Tan
09:01 20 Mar 23
Ms Jessie who helped to arrange the appointment was kind and patient with my questions. Mr Deb who was the technician who helped to fix my cabinet hinges was professional and also really knows his work. During the work, Mr Deb gave me the assurance that my cabinet door will be fine even offered to help clean up the mess. Thank you!
uma bella
uma bella
09:26 17 Mar 23
Helped with mounting of heavy fixtures on our walls in a new bto. Technician was very dedicated to his work, his attention to detail was unparalleled. This level of finesse for such such simple works, speaks volume about his attitude. Kudos to the team and the technician Deb and his assistant.Please keep it up.(He helped make sure things were aligned and centralised even though some of our fixtures were not very straight, gave us consideration pointers that were useful for layman like us)
Lim Lionel
Lim Lionel
03:30 05 Mar 23
Very satisfactory! The services were to hang painting of 100 x 150cm and electricity work. They came on time, very efficient in how they split and coordinate the job, Deb is smart to figure out on the electricity problem, they ensure the drilling is clean and all the debris is cleared out, measurement is precise on where to hang the painting.
Fenny Tirtasari
Fenny Tirtasari
07:04 17 Feb 23
Deb has helped me to changed my rubbish chute. He is very experienced and fast. My previous rubbish chute was only 4years and he explained to me the issues with the current rubbish chute which resulted cockroaches coming in. He did the job so nicely and neat. Explained well to me And cleaned up nicely after his job. I am very satisfied with his service. Very professional in his job. Thank you very much! 👍
06:03 16 Feb 23
I had chose to deal with A1 Handyman Singapore to have my TV mount after researching for a few hours online.I was impressed at how responsive they were at replying to my email enquiries.Once date was set, the technicians arrived at the specific timing allocated for me. I was sceptical at first since it was to be done in the morning, but wow! They actually delivered!Technician, Deb, and his team mate were there to install the TV mount, and I was pretty amazed by how the job was done meticulously! From the measurement to the correct positioning of the TV.All was done in less than twenty minutes.I did not regret my decision with A1 Handyman. Highly recommended! Will certainly be doing business with them again. Thank you, team!
Deb was great! He was punctual and very professional. I fixed up one of my items wrongly and he patiently helped me to rectify the installation. Very approachable and reliable. Would recommend this professional handyman services to anyone! I really appreciate the great work ethics.
Sylvia Ho
Sylvia Ho
10:44 04 Feb 23
Deb and his colleague came over and was very professional in installing my mirror fixture. They checked in with me in the placement and installed it very cleanly. They also saw that I have a baby and was considerate to let me know when they are drilling so as not to scare him. They were friendly and efficient. Thanks so much!
CHeryl Low
CHeryl Low
03:46 03 Feb 23
My rubbish chute was spoilt during the Chinese New Year season. I have tried calling various sellers but it was either too expensive or they can only put me in their slot which was a week later. Luckily I managed to find Everyworks Group which was very reasonable in pricing. They even sent their best worker, DEB to install the rubbish chute. They provide great customer service and excellent workmanship.
12:09 24 Jan 23
Quick booking of handyman through whatsapp. Handyman Deb was the one who came down. He was very professional and prompt with his installation works. He also advised me on the practicality of parts that came with my furniture and provided better load bearing ones (at additional $10 cost). Used bags to catch dust during drilling to minimise dust from flying everywhere. Would recommend Everyworks Handy man and Deb! Thanks.
Marcus L
Marcus L
03:39 28 Dec 22
Enquired customer service on rubbish chute services and they were very prompt and knowledgeable in their replies. Raj was early for the appointment (which was good) and he did it in under 30 mins. He was very fast and efficient, and most importantly he did a really good job. Thank you Raj!
01:07 21 Dec 22
Wall shelf mounting. Raj was meticulous, precise and careful with the installation. I could have tried installing it myself, but would have done a messy job. The final installation is perfect, balanced and clean! Definitely would take up their services again in the future esp with Raj.
Tiong Teh
Tiong Teh
02:45 15 Dec 22
Thank you Deb from Everyworks to replace my rubbish chute. He tried to come earlier, however I couldn't make it. And after that he came earlier than appointed time.He is patient and professional. I asked him some questions and he replied me patiently. He helped to clean the rubbish chute and killed the cockroaches. After installing the new rubbish chute, he even helped me sweep the floor and clean the area. Very humble and professional guy, good job, Deb! And thank you!
shu ng
shu ng
13:02 10 Dec 22
Deb came before my appointment schedule which is a few hours earlier. He has replaced my rubbish chute with good professional service. My previous installation had no secured screws and proper silicon seal done Deb secured it with screws and 2 areas of silicon seals to prevent dirt or insects to come in from the rubbish chute edges.. He also ensured the area was cleaned well and tested the rubbish chute was working fine before leaving. Very impressed with him. Thank you
Amos Samuel
Amos Samuel
10:17 10 Dec 22
Thank u Everyworks group for the prompt reply when I asking for quotes and their professional service by the technician Deb. He had gave a very good advise, and did not charge me for extra trip when he realised that my tiling not done yet, he advised the installation can only be done when my tiling up. He helped to install the rubbish chute fast the next visit. Thank u.
Jane Teo
Jane Teo
10:29 04 Dec 22
Job professionally well done and fast
Both the handymen(didnt managed to get their names) has good teamwork and they checked on each other to ensure that the TV was secured well on to the wall and safety not compromised.Payment method was also easy and invoice was sent to my email immediately.
Nurhidayah Bujang
Nurhidayah Bujang
03:42 31 Mar 22
Hiring the services from A1 Handyman Singapore is such a breeze. One which makes you know you spent on the right professionals and truly worth the value of it.

Its rare that you find a company which has such dedicated Individuals and exercised effective communications.

This is their secret and strength which spring-head their excellent services above others.

When I called them and explained the repair issues we had on our door knobs, washing machine and the toilet’s flushing systems, they made sure they listened to your concerns, understood your needs, accommodated on the days / time you prefer and presented a quotation which does not blow your Budget.

Even if it is not possible to meet an appointment deadline, you would feel that they tried their best and delivered when they could, at their very best.

They also went beyond their call of duty.
On their second visit to mend some repairs on the toilet flushing systems only, we were thankful and really appreciate the hard work they put in for going the extra mile.

They even assisted me to fix the shower head holder on the wall & Ensure the new bidet spray are firmly fixed and tightened so there’s no water leakage. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Truly
Grateful and thankful.

Highly recommending their services and my compliments mentioned above are experiences you would Want to receive should you need any handyman services. Really assuring to be linked to A1 HandyMan Singapore.
Marcuz Schaech
Marcuz Schaech
16:50 20 Jan 20
Spoke to 3 different handyman. Everyone was more concern how much to charge me than understanding the problem. A1 helped me to troubleshoot the problem which turned out to be a switched off switch. Time and money saved. Appreciate the way they conduct business. Will find them for all my future needs.
Nicholas Ng
Nicholas Ng
09:49 13 Aug 19

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