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3 Types of Rubbish Chute Repairs


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Like other home systems, you may need to check your rubbish chute system for repairs from time to time. Among the reasons customers avail of rubbish chute services are the following problems. 


Loose Rubbish Chute Door Hinge


The chute door hinges get loose over time when used frequently. However, if you open the rubbish shoot harshly every time, the screws in the rubbish chute hinges may become loose.

When the door hinge is not securely shut, industrious rodents and pests will easily enter your home. Another reason to have your chutes airtight is the foul smell. When the chute door is loose, the odour can enter your home. If you want to keep your home free from insects, pests, and smelly odour, hiring a cheap handyman service in Singapore for your rubbish chute door hinge is the way to go!

Rest assured your rubbish chute is safe with professionals by checking out the projects done around Singapore. These professionals can also explain to you the difference between a professional handyman vs direct contractor and explain why a handyman is recommended for your rubbish chute issues.  

Simply tightening the screws may not be a cure-all for wooden and steel doors. The repairs depend on the damages incurred by the screw threads for both materials. After frequent harsh opening and closing of the chute doors, you may have eroded screw threads or rusted door hinge. The convenience of hiring a handyman is that you can get the hinge, lock, and even the whole rubbish chute door fixed quickly! 

Solution: Is the level of damage to the thread high? You may need a new screw set to fix your chute doors. However, purchasing a new screw set can be challenging. You also need to study when to drill or not to drill for any wall mount installations of your rubbish chute doors, and that requires patience.

The screws are small and vary for each model and brand. You need to be careful not to lose the screws into the chute while repairing the rubbish door. If you lack the experience to fix a loose rubbish chute door hinge, you should call a professional handyman instead. 


Gaps Between the Wall and Rubbish Chute


You need to install the rubbish chute correctly. Learning the things to consider when drilling into different types of walls is important. If not, it will experience wear and tear and worst case, the rubbish chute becomes loose and detaches from the wall. When this happens, the whole rubbish chute falls. It can be dangerous!

Whenever everything goes down, the massive entryway exposes your home directly to the garbage area. However, even though you can save money when you drill the walls yourself, you may experience the dangers of DIY drilling. This is why hiring a handyman is much more ideal.

Solution: A cost-efficient solution for this problem is to find a rubbish chute replacement. Pick the best one of high quality. This way, the rubbish chute will last longer than repairing your current one. The whole process might be challenging to handle, so send an inquiry for handyman services.

A handyman can do several repairs, installations, and replacements for a short period of time and these are the reasons people look for a cheap handyman


Loose or Broken Rubbish Chute Door Handles


Expect the chute door handles to be loose and broken over time when you have a screwed rubbish chute door handle. You can always screw the handle back to put it in place, but the problem may recur due to wear and tear. You can also hire handymen with skills in handling drilling.

The long-lasting handle repairs and the replacement and installation work they can do make you realize why a handyman is so handy for simple home problems. Otherwise, the handle will fall off so easily. Another benefit of hiring a handyman drilling service is they can fix your door handles and install home furniture on the same day. 

Solution: You can always tighten the screws of the rubbish chute door handle. You should also check the drill holes. If it has tiny gaps that cause corrosions, reinforce the rubbish door handle with a silicone sealant. Should you experience difficulty, however, do not hesitate to call a handyman.

One of the tips for hiring a handyman in Singapore is to call someone reputable. Thus, contact A1 Handyman Singapore if you have broken or loose rubbish chute door handles. 



Rubbish chutes make it easier for every family to keep their homes clean and free from pests, foul odours, and insects that could potentially harm the family. People always look for a cheap handyman in Singapore for temporary ways to keep rubbish chutes working for quite some time.

However, with the wear and tear, you may want to go for the most cost-efficient and long-term solutions. For bigger repairs and replacements, contact A1 Handyman Singapore for hassle-free rubbish chute services!


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