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4 Common Door Knob Problems and How To Resolve Them


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Any type of door knob usually has a spring-loaded latch. Once the door is turned, the latch is extended since the spring is compressed. When the door is latched, the spring is extended. However, if you use a door handle, you cannot turn the door knob when it is locked. Homeowners in Singapore regularly need door knob repair services or door handle repair services since they usually face problems. This happens to be inconvenient since there is no privacy. We are going to share the common door knob issues and teach you how to fix them.


Knob Turns But Cannot Open


You may have encountered a turning door knob, although the door is not opening. This is due to the latch spring of the door handle not being compressed, and this is owing to numerous causes. To repair this door knob problem, open the door first. If the door knob is installed outside, ensure that all other locks are open. Using a screwdriver, remove all the door knob handles.

Additionally, remove the door knob’s spindle. Try to retract the latch by using a screwdriver. If the latch is retracting, then it means that the door knob is not properly attached to the spindle. This may be a common door lock problem that can lock you out. It is better to inspect for any damaged components, and if there is, this is the time when you should replace your door lock, door knob handle, or spindle. If the problem is not big, the handle must be attached to the door and spindle, thus there is enough pressure.

However, if the latch is not retracting, then there may be an issue with the latch housing, spring, or other components. Most homeowners are not aware of how to fix this issue, thus they hire the services of a handyman. Since they have the right tools and knowledge to fix the door knob issue. 


Loose Door Knob


Door knobs become loose over time due to the force applied. The right way to re-tighten the door knob is depending on the type of knob and latch you have. It is convenient to hire a handyman since they know what to do. The handyman will loosen the screw on the shank of the knob. Then the knob must be held from the other side, and turned clockwise until it properly fits.

Eventually, the screw should be re-tightened to rest against the spindle on its flat side. If this technique does not work, the knob must be removed to inspect the spindle. You should replace your door lock, door knob, or spindle if you spot any damage. 


Stuck Lock Button

A stuck lock button is a usual door lock problem and you should know how to fix them. One of the solutions for a stuck door lock button is to apply pressure on the lock for quite some time, and release it. The other method is to quickly apply more pressure on the locked button until the button becomes detached.

If none of this works, the door knob must be moved up and down, while still applying pressure on the door lock. If you are not confident in doing these steps alone, then hiring a handyman is handy since they are knowledgeable on the procedures.

In some cases, the lock button or latch bolt is stuck. To solve this problem, get rid of the door knob, then latch it from the door, and clean it.


Broken Key Inside Door Knob


A common door knob mistake and common door lock mistake to avoid is the broken key inside the knob. Get a hold of the broken key and pull it out using needle-nosed pliers. If this tool is not effective, try using a saw blade instead. On the other hand, the cylinder of the door knob must be removed, and then place a stiff wire to push the stuck key out.



It is common to have a door knob issue, although some people are not aware of how to address certain door knob issues. While some people continue with the task but they end up doing it the wrong way. If you tried following the steps given above, although you are still facing the same issue, you may contact a reliable handyman like A1 Handyman Singapore. Our professionals are highly-trained and knowledgeable to address your door knob issue. 


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