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4 Reasons Why You Often Have A Toilet Bowl Choke


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Frequent toilet clogging, also known as toilet choking, can be frustrating for homeowners and the entire family, especially when you only have one in your space. A complicated situation happens to the drainage system if you keep throwing foreign matter in your toilet. Prevent frequent calls to plumber services or extra handyman services for toilet clogs when you minimize some of the common causes. 


Old Toilet Model


One of the common plumbing problems stems from the first-generation toilet designs. If your toiled came out in the mid-1990s, you may experience frequent clogging and low flow. Most models made in those years lack pressure for clearing and flushing. You can choose a reliable plumber to clear your toilet problems. When problems persist after repairs, upgrading to a more modern toilet model is highly advisable.


Slow Drainage

Do you have a toilet that slowly drains every time you flush? There are various causes that lead to this problem. You may have a defective toilet with clogged diameter pipes, improper flange setup, and other kinds of pipe obstructions. The difference between a professional handyman vs direct contractor is that the former can do simple toilet flush system repairs and other home services. They can remove foreign objects, like toilet paper, blocking the pipe professionally!

A1 Handyman plumbers are licensed and trained to perform handyman plumbing repairs. They can identify other causes of the leakage with a plumbing snake and other professional tools.


Blocked Plumbing Vents


The recent toilet models available in the market feature roof vents to increase flushing pressure by directing fresh air. After months or years of flushing and toilet use, these vents get blocked by animal nests, leaves, and other debris, thus clogging the toilet and lowering the flushing pressure.

The skills, experience, and professional tools make a handyman so handy for blocked vent repairs. Besides their plumbing skills, you can expect handyman services to be cheap for simple bathroom repairs, replacements, and installations!


Clogged Sewer Lines


Toilet and drain clog happens when human waste and non-flushable items such as wastes, and toilet paper accumulate in the sewer line. Another cause of the sewer problems is tree roots that puncture the lines, making debris enter. When these happen, you will experience issues inside and outside your homes and endanger your family’s health.

With handyman plumber services, they can unclog your toilet professionally. However, we understand your reason to look for a cheap handyman. They can find other causes of your sewer line problems, and that could lead to expensive extra charges. You can contact A1 Handyman Singapore to enjoy the convenience of hiring a handyman and cheap handyman services



Experiencing constant toilet choking can be stressful, especially for one-bathroom apartments and spaces. You can minimize the chances for clogging to happen when you avoid throwing non-flushable items into your toilet bowls or cleaning them regularly!

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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.