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5 Common Toilet Bowl Problems and How to Fix Them


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Singapore households experience several toilet bowl plumbing issues. From toilet leaks to clogging, business and home owners can fix most of these problems. Meanwhile, some issues can be tricky to handle without contacting a plumbing service. If you made a few mistakes during your DIY repairs, they could lead to toilet bowl replacements and other handyman services. Learn about the top 5 toilet bowl issues and the simple ways to solve them. 


Double Flushing

Double flushing happens every time your water tank has a high water level. The toilet flushes twice to release more water. An easy fix for this problem is by tweaking the supply valve to lower the water inlet amount. If the problem persists even after the simple fix, consider hiring a reliable plumber handyman. They can use their tools, skills, and experience, making a professional handyman so handy for simple toilet repairs and replacements!


Slow Flushing


The sluggish flushing happens when there’s a partial toilet bowl choke or a clog downstream.

A bucket full of water may be the quick fix you need. After dumping your water into the toilet bowl, it can either flush vigorously or accumulate and drain slowly. When the latter happens, you need to look for a cheap handyman. A1 Handyman Singapore’s plumber handymen are capable of solving common plumbing problems and more! 


Slow Filling of Water Tank

You can easily increase the water output by switching the valve current position. This may be a quick fix, but some establishments have their valves permanently affixed. You may have to choose between a professional plumber vs a direct contractor depending on the damage and establishment. The A1 Handyman Singapore plumber handyman team can provide handyman plumbing repairs you need. 


Weak Flushing 


The cause of any weak or incomplete flushing may come from the fast flapper valve dropping. Look at your valve to look for any waterlogged when flushing. The valve should always stay up unless you use more than 80% of your toilet water tank. If it drops quickly, you need a professional plumber to replace the flapper for your flush system.

The convenience of hiring a handyman in A1 Handyman Singapore is their skilled plumbers, professional tools, and other high-quality yet cheap handyman service in Singapore


Water Build-up on Toilet Floor


Are you finding water around your toilet bowl? The causes could range from wear-and-tear of the rubber ring, water supply problems, to condensation. You can check the toilet issues by pouring colouring into the toilet bowl and the flush tank. If the colour comes out from the toilet bowl, you might have to replace the rubber ring. When it’s leaking from the water supply, you may need a professional to handle the situation. Both problems need some cutting of materials and even pipe replacements that could lead to the worst conditions if done wrong.

One of the tips of hiring a handyman for the job is determining the toilet problem and your skills in DIY repairs. However, people expect handyman services to be cheap for their short working hours and qualification than contractors. A1 Handyman Singapore plumber handyman team is BCA-approved, and their professional services also come at an affordable price.



There are simple ways to fix common toilet bowl issues, especially if yours is a newer toilet model. When some of these won’t work anymore, it means your toilet situation is in its worst condition. You may also need a toilet bowl installation service.

When you call a local plumber handyman, they find the best solutions for any toilet bowl issues! Contact us and experience the benefits of hiring other handyman services. Our professionals also provide aircon servicing, different types of rubbish chute repairs, and professionally installing a wall-mounted pull up bar within hours or minutes! 


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This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore