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5 Reasons To Replace Your Door Knob


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Homeowners enjoy the advantages of frequent home maintenance. In fact, home maintenance is a shared responsibility that each one of us has a specific role to do. Keep in mind that regular home maintenance is an important job in keeping your home convenient and safe.

Some homeowners fail to replace their door knobs until the whole lock becomes damaged. This results in extreme inconvenience to people living inside the home. Once you spot a faulty door knob, call for handyman services to help you address the issue. It is ideal to regularly do a door knob or door lock replacement at least once a year. Your door knob will show you signs if a replacement is needed. Here are some of the door knob replacement signs: 


Recent Burglary


If a recent break-in has happened inside your home, immediately change your door knobs with a more complicated locking system. In many break-in cases, the locks are severely damaged since burglars are trying to make a forced entry into the home. 

As long as you have a door knob with a strong locking system, even though burglars successfully enter your home, you will have enough time to get out of your house through the back door. It is ideal to have your high-security locks installed by a handyman since they are handy.

Replacing your door locks with a strong mechanism will improve your home security. Always remember that burglars can do anything to make your door locks weak. If you are wondering when you have to replace your door knobs, well replace them once you spot damage. 


Lost or Stolen Keys

A person who steals your keys can have details about your home address, or use advanced technology to track down where you live. Lost or stolen keys will make your home security vulnerable to a break-in. There is convenience in hiring a handyman as they can properly install your high-security locks. 

Any tenant must notify their landlord after losing their keys such that they can replace their door knobs. It is important to replace your door knobs and door locks immediately to prevent burglars from entering your home. Thus, hire a locksmith professional to help you replace your door knobs and door locks. Although, keep in mind how to avoid locksmith scams.


Loose Door Knob 

If you do not feel a slight tug on your door locks, then it is time to replace your door knobs. A common door lock mistake to avoid is ignoring this sign. Keep in mind that leaving your door knobs unsecured makes your home at risk. Professional robbers will only take a moment to enter your home, leaving you with no time to protect yourself or notify authorities.

Hiring a handyman can help you to install and secure your knobs to protect your safety. There are also tips on hiring a handyman to ensure that you will receive professional workmanship. 


Door Knob Does Not Easily Turn


If you are experiencing difficulties when opening the door, this means that your door lock is suffering from certain damage which suggests having a door lock replacement. Door knobs are designed to turn easily, thus if you have difficulty when turning them, make sure to replace them to protect your safety. Engaging with the services of a handyman is ideal, although do not expect handyman services to be cheap


Old Door Knobs 


Another factor to consider when changing your door locks and door knobs are when they are getting old. Remember that aged door knobs and locks are more vulnerable to burglary. Even if your old door lock is working well, replacing them with more advanced security is ideal. This is to ensure that you and your home are protected from burglars or robbers. 



It is ideal to have an immediate door knob replacement if you experience these signs such as recent burglary, lost or stolen keys, unsecured door knob, does not turn easily, and aged. Many homeowners do not put attention to their door knobs, and this makes your home vulnerable to certain risks. A type of door knob to purchase is with a high-security lock. This will ensure to protect your home and your safety. 

Make sure to have your newly purchased door knobs installed by a professional like A1 Handyman Singapore. Our handyman professionals are skilled and properly trained such that they can do your door knob installation to perfection.


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