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5 Reasons Why Your Drainage Pipes Clog


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Do you have a clogged drain pipe? When left untreated, it can snowball into big problems, such as corrosion, slow drainage, and the most dreaded sewage backup. If the worst happens, you need professional plumbing services. Before that happens, learn more about the 5 common causes of drain pipe clogs!


Hair Strands


Hair strands work like a skeleton or net that prevents small debris from passing through, leading to clogs. Choose a reliable plumber handyman with the right license, skills, and professional tools to unclog your drains! You can also prevent hair entry every time you use your bathroom when you install drains with guards and hair catchers and clean them regularly. 


Growth of Tree Roots

Landed properties with old sewer pipes made of clay and concrete are not watertight, and the cracks or joints will allow roots to enter. With the water and nutrients, tree roots grow faster, and eventually crush the pipes. However, root growth can also affect various parts of a house and the simple extra repairs can be costly, making people look for a cheap handyman.

A1 Handyman Singapore offers plumbing and other handyman services for a price that won’t break the bank. When you hire our licensed handyman plumbers, you can expect professional plumbing repairs a handyman help can do and more!


Various Food Waste


We use the sink every day to wash dirty plates, hands, and other cooking items. When you don’t have a filter in place, food waste accumulates and choke your sink drain pipes. Even oil, coffee, and tea leaves don’t easily break down as fast as you expect them to be, and soon enough, your pipes clog. When it happens, A1 Handyman Singapore’s professional plumbers can repair any common plumbing problems that require a handyman plumbing service! Their tools, experience, and skills make hiring a licensed handyman so handy


Offset Pipe Movements


People install most of the old clay and concrete pipes in 3-inch sections. Over the years, pipes may begin to shift from the ground’s movements, leading to a pipe choke up. Hire a cheap handyman service in Singapore to fix your pipes, attach new ones, or simply clean them. 


Soap Build-up

Another reason for the pipe choke is the soap build-up. When soap gets mixed with fat, grease, and water minerals, soap scum gets left and clogs the pipes. The firm residue also stains bath fittings.

Avoid this problem with a soap-free pressure cleaning your pipes to remove accumulated soap traces. If it does not unclog your pipes, the convenience of hiring a handyman is getting hassle-free professional pipe replacement.  One of the tips on hiring a handyman for the job is checking out other handyman services they can offer and getting other home fixes done in one day!  



Washing dishes and even taking a bath are just some of the causes why our drainage pipes choke. When we don’t use guards, throw our food waste properly, or upgrade our drainage pipes with the best materials, choked drain pipes can provide us with tons of problems that even DIY repairs can’t fix.

Are you confused about whether you should hire a professional handyman vs a direct contractor? It depends on the damages and services you require. When you hire A1 Handyman Singapore BCA-approved plumber handyman, you get the best of both worlds. Hang pictures like an expert and avoid drilling failures even after you get drain pipes fixed!


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 This article was reproduced from Mr Plumber Singapore.