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5 Things To Consider In An HDB Rubbish Chute


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You can find various HDB rubbish chute models in the market today. When picking the ideal HDB rubbish chute for your home, don’t just get any type on a whim. Always choose a high-quality unit that will last for years to come. Develop a keen eye to find the right rubbish chute by checking out rubbish chute services and following these tips:


Rubbish Chute Materials


Most rubbish chutes you find in the market, like condo rubbish chutes, feature 2 types of materials:

  • Stainless Steel Rubbish Chute: Highly resistant to corrosion and is anti-rust, but not scratch-proof.
  • Aluminium Rubbish Chute: Highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, anti-rust, and scratch proof. 

You can preserve the shelf-life and prevent pests and foul odours when you let a professional handyman properly seal and clean your rubbish chute. Among the reasons why a handyman is so handy is that they can install for you a rubbish chute that is made of durable material. 


Ensure Air Tightness


Airtightness is one key feature that you should always check. If your rubbish chute is sealed tight when closed, no pests and foul odour from the garbage collection areas can get inside. 

One of the common problems with some rubbish chutes is rodents, cockroaches, ants, lizards, and other pests. Fortunately, A1 Handyman Singapore offers a cheap handyman service in Singapore that can help ensure your rubbish chute is airtight and provide other solutions. 

You can always install a lock on the rubbish chute for extra security. However, such measures may invalidate the HDB dustbin chute’s warranty. Using strong duct tape or purchasing a costly magnetic rubbish chute may also not be ideal. The convenience of hiring a handyman however is that they can see to it the rubbish chute you install is absolutely airtight.


Find Out The Tensile Strength


Tensile strength refers to the resistance to lengthwise stress for the user’s strength and rubbish weight. When the tensile strength is higher, you will never have to worry about loose hinges. A handyman can help you out in checking the tensile strength of the rubbish chute you want installed. This is among the reasons people look for a cheap handyman as opposed to someone without any experience at all. 

Among the usual problems with door locks is that they become damaged due to excessive force. The same can go for rubbish chute doors. Thus, be sure to maintain your rubbish chutes by opening and closing them carefully. Some have tried forcing the rubbish chutes to open wider just to put a large rubbish bag inside. When this type of action continues, irreparable damage can eventually take place.


Read the Brinell Hardness Number

The hardness of your rubbish chute is another necessary factor before making the purchase. The Brinell Hardness determines the strength of your rubbish chute upon the impact of your light or heavy garbage. You can avoid getting dents during installation by having your HDB rubbish chute installation done by a professional.


Choose Between Short or Long-Tongued Rubbish Chute 


The tongue of the rubbish chute always sticks out from the opening when closed. It also helps you position your rubbish bag before it goes down. To find a suitable rubbish chute model, know the level of your HDB units. Get the short tongue for lower floors and pick long designs for upper floor units. Once you have done this, get your rubbish chute installed by professional handyman services. 



You can determine the perfect rubbish chute for your home and family by checking out the materials, airtightness, tensile strength, Brinell Hardness, and tongue level. Another thing you must consider is the installation quality. Therefore, we recommend you engage A1 Handyman Singapore for the best rubbish chute services and other handyman services in Singapore.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore.