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About A1 Handyman Singapore

About A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman Singapore
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We offer a range of home maintenance services to tackle any of your problems.

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Highly Trusted Service


A1 Handyman Singapore is a highly trusted company by numerous homeowners in Singapore. You can read about the good handyman work we have done in A1 Handyman Singapore Reviews.

With our professionally trained handymen and a wide range of services, be assured that we’ll bring satisfactory and durable solutions to tackle any of your household issues. Offering quality Handyman Services in Singapore, we are committed to solving the root of your problem in order to deliver a long-lasting solution.

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At A1 Handyman Singapore, we specialize in a range of premium household repair services at affordable prices. With their knowledge and expertise, our team of handymen have proudly solved several handyman projects in Singapore.

Wide Range of Premium Handyman Services

Being a homeowner, you may have encountered several experienced plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and water heater technicians throughout your life. But there are only a few reliable handyman that you can genuinely trust to handle your home repairs. Issues related to plumbing, electrical, and other important systems in your home should only be handled by a professional handyman. At A1 Handyman Singapore, we offer a wide range of premium repair services to solve any kind of household problem.

Reliable Handyman Services & Quality Workmanship


When engaging with a professional handyman service, you’ll be ensured to receive quality workmanship covered by warranty. There’s great risk that comes with hiring freelance handymen, and it’s the last thing you’d want to do when dealing household issues!

Whether you’re experiencing tedious plumbing works or in need of a carpentry service, you can trust A1 Handyman Singapore to deliver long-lasting solutions.

Highly Experienced Handyman Team


Like any other home repair services, experience remains the main factor dictating the quality of work executed in your home. This is especially critical when dealing with plumbing repairs, electrical installations, aircon servicing carpentry jobs, and even seemingly easy door repair services.

An inexperienced handyman may correctly diagnose the problem you’re experiencing, but may not have the necessary skills to fix the issue. Always engage in with a trusted handyman company when faced with such household problems to prevent any costly repairs in the future.

Best Handyman Customer Service Support


As most plumbing and electrical issues need immediate attention, we provide reliable customer support who are readily available to respond to any of your queries. We empathise with the urgency required and the importance of solving household issues as soon as possible. Our friendly customer support team are here to give helpful recommendations about the necessary work needed to be done to fix the problem.

For other maintenance and repair works please check our resources page.

Always Available

We understand the need to tackle home maintenance problems ASAP – You can contact us 7 days a week!

Fair Prices

At reasonable handyman prices, we are able to keep our affordable handyman services to cater to residential (HDB, Condo, Landed) and commercial customers in Singapore.

General Handyman Services

Our general handyman services team covers a wide range of home services. You can be assured that they are the most highly recommended handyman team in Singapore who are experienced in electrical, plumbing, aircon, drilling and door repair services.

Qualified Agents

Both our customer service and operations team are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to help you solve your home maintenance issue.

Highly Experienced Handyman

Our team has several years of experience dealing with home repairs in a wide range of handyman services in Singapore.

Reliable & Honest Handymen

Our handyman can be depended on to provide professional handyman services with expertise and punctuality. Prices are always quoted nett and itemised  to let you know exactly what general handyman services you will be provided.

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