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Advantages of Installing Door Lever Handles in Singapore


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Most people in Singapore today prefer installing door lever handles. These door handles are very helpful when you have to get through the door. You will not need to turn the knob to unlock the door. Just by applying a small downward pressure, then the door will unlock. 

Additionally, if you have dirty hands, you just need to push down the handle using your elbow to open the door. Aside from the benefits of installing a door knob, there are also benefits in installing door lever handles. 


They Ensure Protection Against Stains and Grime


It is a great idea to install a door lever handle in your garden house or shed. It will be easier for you to open the door without using your dirty hands. You can also use the door lever handle for your bathroom doors to avoid contamination from your dirty hands. If you want to install your lever handles, it is convenient to hire a handyman, rather than doing the task by yourself. 


They Provide Easy Door Access


Before having your door lever installed, it is important to take note of the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor. Once you have an installed door handle of any type, even if you are carrying loads of groceries or other things in your hands, you could easily open the door. You just only need minimal pressure to open the door.


They Provide Handicap Accessibility


You can choose to install door lever handles into the connecting rooms of your property. This is for those people in a wheelchair, or to those who suffer from body problems like arthritis. Since they lack strength, it could be difficult for them to open the door. If you install a door handle, then it will be easier for those people who need assistance to open the doors. 

The best option is to hire a professional like A1 Handyman Singapore to do the job. It is not advisable to do this alone, especially there are dangers of DIY drilling. Our professionals know how to change or remove door knobs and handles. We select the right handle depending on your needs and install them efficiently. 


They Are Practical for Workshops or Garages

Door lever handles can also be found in places such as mechanic garages and workshops. If you install a door knob, there is no other choice but to use your dirty or oily hand to open the door. Meanwhile, if you install a door lever handle, you can just use your elbow to open the door. This will always make your door and handle clean.

Since a lot of chemicals are used in factories, workers can also use door lever handles in entrances or exits. This will guarantee the safety of everyone working in the factory. 



Nowadays, most people in Singapore prefer to have door lever handles installed in their homes or offices. Door levers are easier to use since you only need slight pressure to open the door. Additionally, even if you cannot use your hands to open the door, you can just use your elbow instead. If you want to have your door levels installed by a professional, there are tips on hiring a handyman. A great tip for you is to hire one of our handymen here at A1 Handyman Singapore. We can assure you that we can do the installation task completely. You may also check out our site to know more about our handyman services.


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