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Advantages of Installing Stainless Steel Door Handles


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Stainless steel is a good material since it has the ability to resist corrosion. That is why most people prefer to install a door handle that is made out of stainless steel.  As such, it has a wide range of industrial use including the manufacturing of door handles. Even though there are several door handles made out of other materials such as copper, brass, and other metals for creating handles, stainless steel handles offer the best. Since they are durable and rust-resistant. We have listed the core benefits of installing a stainless steel door handle. If you contact us at A1 Handyman Singapore, not only can we do the door handle installation, we also provide door knob installation as well. 


Corrosion Resistance


Rusting is due to exposure to moist air or water for a longer period. It is a good thing that stainless door handles are able to resist corrosion. Although, installing door handles that are made up of stainless steel are not exempt from rusting in case of rainy weather. It is vital to secure them using lever protectors or handle guards. Do not also touch them if your hands are wet or dirty. 

To make sure that your stainless steel door handles are safe against corrosion, place them away from water and moisture. Engaging door handle installation services is convenient when it comes to installing your stainless steel handles. Here at A1 Handyman Singapore, we have someone who can identify where to best install your door handles. 




There are various kinds of door knobs and handles that are available in the market. Although, they are easily prone to harm caused by the poor material that is used. On the other hand, steel door handles are of high-quality material. Therefore, it does not damage quickly. Moreover, it can resist great impact from other objects. If you want to engage with a handyman to install a stainless steel door handle, take note of the tips on hiring a handyman



Apart from being strong enough, they are durable as well. This means that they can be used for many years. Due to their strength, they are also shockproof. They can resist disfiguration in case of great contact. 


Weather Resistance

Since you now know that stainless steel door handles can resist rusting, they can also resist harsh weather. For example, stainless steel handles are unlikely to detach during very cold weather. Meanwhile, ordinary door handles have a high chance of becoming loose due to extreme weather. You do not need to think of the electrical safety tips since you will not receive any electrical shocks during hot and cold weather. Stainless steels are not a strong conductor of electricity. 

At A1 Handyman Singapore, we have a wide range of handyman services and one of it is door handle installation. Our handyman can do the installation task to perfection. 


Low Maintenance

Stainless steel handles are easier to maintain compared to installing door knobs and handles that need special maintenance. In fact, stainless steel is required to be cleaned once or twice a year. Furthermore, you only need soap, mild detergent, and water to clean them. It is not advisable to use strong ingredients for cleaning. 

For stainless steel handle installation, it is ideal to hire a handyman since they are so handy. They have the right tools and cleaning solutions for your stainless steel door handles. They do not use steel wool, bleach cleaners that contain chloride and other strong chemicals. 


Hygienic Surface


Stainless steels do not have pores, therefore dirt and other contaminants are not able to live on their surface. As a result, they are very hygienic. Therefore, you can usually see them in hospitals and restaurants. This makes them more in demand since they are able to disinfect other door handle types. If you want A1 Handyman Singapore to install your stainless steel handle, you may check out our handyman services



Maintaining a clean environment is a shared responsibility that everyone should be mindful of. Fortunately, one of the conveniences of hiring a handyman to install stainless steel door handles is that it helps protect the environment. Unlike most other cabinet and drawer handles, stainless steel handles are recyclable and help to reduce waste.

By purchasing a stainless steel door handle, you are able to help in protecting the environment. Since they are recyclable and help in reducing waste. 



Installing stainless steel door handles has several benefits such as being strong, durable, hygienic, recyclable, and low in maintenance. This is the reason why many people in Singapore prefer to install this type of door handle. If you want to have your stainless steel handles installed, do not hesitate to contact us at A1 Handyman Singapore. We have a team of professional handymen who can do the task in no time. Also, take note of the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor


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