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How Does Your HDB Door Locks Work?

Singapore is one of the best cities in terms of safety and security and the standards are improving constantly. That said, It is still of utmost importance that you keep your HDB flats secure by replacing your old door locks with more durable ones to relieve you of any safety-related stress and to avoid usual door lock problems. If you’re moving into a new apartment or planning to upgrade your door lock, you should consult an experienced locksmith to get your door lock checked and upgraded. Fortunately, our professional handymen have long experience in locksmithing and offer their services at affordable prices. So if your lock requires some repairing, you can rely on A1 Handyman Singapore for a wide range of door repair services.

To know if your installed HDB door locks offer you the best protection and safety, you should first know how certain types of door locks work so that you can handle them properly. Although most handymen in Singapore are hired to install traditional mortise door locks, you can try purchasing a modern smart door lock which is easy to use and handle. This will give you freedom from using keys and can even send you data on your phone.

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Common Door Lock Problems That Will Lock You Out

Defective door hinges, locks, handles, and other parts can cause many usual door lock problems in your home or at the workplace. As such it’s important to know about them in order to be able to prevent them in the future.

Door lock-related problems can be extremely inconvenient and can make it difficult for you to fulfill household tasks. So if you wish to have professional door repair servicing done on your lock, then A1 Handyman Singapore can provide you with numerous handyman services available. We do efficient door lock repairs and have an experienced team of handymen whom you can contact seven days a week.

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When Do I Have To Replace My Door Locks?

Repairing your door lock can sometimes be more convenient especially if it only experiences minor issues. But often, situations arise wherein a complete door lock replacement is the only option available. In this article, we explore some situations wherein replacing your old door lock is required. By reading them thoroughly, you’ll be able to guarantee your safety and security as well as avoid any major inconveniences.

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Usual Problems with Door Locks And How To Fix Them

Door lock problems are very common in every workplace or home. Generally, you can encounter a lock problem because of several reasons. They must not be ignored and one must be repaired as quickly as possible or these common door lock problems may lock you out. Depending on the extent of the lock damage, the price of door lock repair services will vary.

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How To Change Or Remove A Door Knob

Every time we open or close a door, we use the door knob or handle. After years of use there will come a time when you may face problems with your door knobs or handles. You may either have a door knob stuck or a rusted door knob. This is the time when you need to change the door knob. If you wish to perform the task on your own then you need to have knowledge on how to change a door knob. However, if that’s not the option for you then you can hire a handyman service for your door repair service. A1 Handyman Singapore offers all types of door repair handyman service list.

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