Things to Consider When Buying Door Handles for Your Home

Most people do not give importance to their door hardware. As much as it looks like a small thing, it also gives your home a good appearance. Therefore, choosing a suitable door handle can modify the look of your home. Just like door knobs, installing door handles contribute to keeping your house safe and allows you to enjoy privacy.

It is ideal to select the right door handle for your home before buying one. Although, if you are still undecided of which door handle you should pick. Here are the things to consider:


Handle Style


When choosing a door handle style, always remember the overall theme of your home or commercial space. Hire a professional handyman to make sure that your handle is installed properly. Although, do not expect handyman services to be cheap.

Straight chrome door handles are suitable for traditional homes. For modern homes, angular handles are a perfect choice. Thus, you must consider everything in your home if you want to choose the best pull or lever handle. 


Door Function


Another thing that you should consider is the door function. A non-locking passage handle for closet doors and hallways will function well in case you would like something besides wardrobe knobs. A privacy handle is highly suggested for bathrooms and bedrooms. If you want a perfect door handle installation, then it is convenient to hire a handyman

You can select a dummy or a non-turning lever for decorative pulls. For entrance and higher security doors, a keyed lever is the best choice. To avoid buying the wrong type of door handle, list down all the doors in your home. It is also best if you are aware of the benefits of hiring a handyman drilling service, since they know where it is best to install your door handles. 



If you prefer a high-security handle, then choose a mortise lock. This is good for higher security doors such as an entrance door. Nowadays, smart locks are in demand, and you can find them installed in households and commercial properties. Smart locks are also a good choice if you want to avoid locksmith scams. However, you need to hire a professional handyman to do this job. 


Door Setup


Sometimes, the type of door handle you need will depend on the door setup you have. If your door is too thick, then you have to choose a handle that comes with a kit. It should also be easy to fit the dimensions of your door. 

For exterior doors, it might have single-hole hardware. In this case, it is not suggested to drill another hole for a deadbolt as it can harm your door if you took incorrect measurements. Additionally, you should not drill alone, as there are possible dangers of DIY drilling. It is rather advisable to hire a professional like A1 Handyman Singapore since hiring a handyman is handy. Our professionals know how to install door handles, without causing any harm to your door. We ensure that your home is safe and secured. 



Before purchasing a door handle, it is important to know how much you are going to spend. Make sure that you will not choose a cheap door handle just to save money, as this could risk your safety. 

This does not mean that you have to choose a costly door handle. Checking the features of the available handles will help you choose the right one. Purchase the one that provides the best features while it is within your budget. Before hiring an installer, you should know the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor.



Before buying door handles for your home, you should consider these things that are mentioned above. Purchasing the right door handle will not only add character to your home, it will also ensure your safety and privacy. Another thing to consider is the installer, as you want your door handles to be installed correctly. Here at A1 Handyman Singapore, our handyman services include door handle installation. We guarantee you that we will help you choose the right door handle, and do the installation for you as well. Feel free to visit our website to check our price list


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Advantages of Installing Door Lever Handles in Singapore

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To know if your installed HDB door locks offer you the best protection and safety, you should first know how certain types of door locks work so that you can handle them properly. Although most handymen in Singapore are hired to install traditional mortise door locks, you can try purchasing a modern smart door lock which is easy to use and handle. This will give you freedom from using keys and can even send you data on your phone.

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