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Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars Vs Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars – Which One To Choose?


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A lot of Singaporean families and individuals are opting to install pull up bars at their homes so they can exercise whenever they want. They choose a wall-mounted pull up bar that best fits the wall of their house. As wall-mounted pull up bars are easier to install, many people in Singapore prefer to buy this. A ceiling pull up bar is another popular option for a pull up bar as this can be installed on the ceiling of the house.

Whichever type of pull up bar you select, it is recommended you get the services of a handyman. Whether it is a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted pull up bar, both has the following advantages and disadvantages:




In comparison to ceiling pull up bars, one of the benefits of installing wall-mounted pull up bars is that they tend to be more stable. As long as it is properly fixed to your wall, you can apply more force to the pull up bar.  This causes it not to shift or move since the applied pressure sideward of the pull up bar is fixed in various points.

On the other hand, ceiling pull up bars are not as stable especially if the ceiling is not sufficiently strong. A person uses their weight and applies more force when lifting their body against the force of gravity when using a ceiling pull up bar. Consequently, installing the pull up bar on a faulty ceiling may result in the nuts and bolts loosening up which affects its stability. Do engage a professional handyman with a drilling service to ensure that your ceiling pull up bar is installed correctly and securely.


Freedom of Movement


One of the constraints of a wall-mounted pull up bar is its restriction to move freely. Although most companies suggest installing the pull up bar at least 50cm from the wall, this may limit your movement. For example, a tall person may swing against and hit the wall while using the pull up bar. Hence, it is recommended to maximise the distance between the wall and the pull up bar.

The key advantage of a ceiling pull up bar is its freedom to move while doing pull ups. It is usually installed in the center of the room, making you free to rotate in any direction without worrying if you might hit the wall. Another factor to consider when purchasing a ceiling pull up bar is that you can do a range of exercises while using it.




Wall-mounted pull up bars are easier to install – one of the reasons why it is highly preferred. People who acquire the right tools and equipment can drill holes in the wall. They can install the pull up bar using the nuts, bolts, and other fasteners.

Ceiling pull up bars, however, are far more complex. It is more convenient to hire a handyman to assist you in installing your ceiling pull up bar. Installing the pull up bar at the right part of the ceiling is important. Other necessary equipment such as stools and ladders are needed to reach the ceiling to put the pull up bar in place.



Installing a ceiling pull up bar or a wall-mounted pull up bar has both its pros and cons. It is important to keep in mind factors such as stability, freedom of movement, and installation before choosing the right pull up bar for you. It is still beneficial to engage a handyman to install your pull up bar as they are experienced workers who will ensure that the chosen pull up bar is secured and properly installed.

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This article was reproduced from Pull Up Bar Pro Singapore.