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Common Door Lock Problems That Will Lock You Out


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Defective door hinges, locks, handles, and other parts can cause many usual door lock problems in your home or at the workplace. As such it’s important to know about them in order to be able to prevent them in the future.

Door lock-related problems can be extremely inconvenient and can make it difficult for you to fulfill household tasks. So if you wish to have professional door repair servicing done on your lock, then A1 Handyman Singapore can provide you with numerous handyman services available. We do efficient door lock repairs and have an experienced team of handymen whom you can contact seven days a week.


Common Door Lock Problems That Require Attention 


Loose Door Parts

A door lock’s body contains several movable components which must work smoothly together for the lock to function optimally. At times, however, these parts can loosen thereby making the lock difficult to operate. Fortunately, most cases will require a simple door lock or door hinge repair. Otherwise, a complete door lock replacement might be necessary. Contact professional handyman services to facilitate this process for you.

Improper Door Lock Installation

When a door lock installation isn’t done properly, then the lock can experience misalignment which can lead to many other door lock issues. So if you feel that your door lock wasn’t set up the right way, then don’t hesitate to hire a professional handyman in Singapore to remedy the problem for you.

Broken Key In Lock

Sometimes, keys can get broken and stuck in the door lock especially those which have been in use for a long time. This problem is a particularly serious one since other components of the lock are affected as well. In that case, it would be more convenient to hire a handyman to do a complete door lock replacement.

Jammed Locks

You might find your door knob stuck in a locked position if the locks get jammed. This can occur due to a misaligned latch or when dirt accumulates inside the knob. If you experience this, have a professional handyman clean your knob for you. Otherwise, you might need to change  your door knob entirely.

Defective Door Lock Mechanism

Some homeowners feel the need to call a professional locksmith when their lock refuses to turn even after inserting the key inside. Others meanwhile are able to turn the key but fail to unlock the door. Either of these two issues can be caused by a defect in the door lock mechanism. As such, it would be best to have a professional handyman do a door lock repair in order to resolve the problem.


Tips on Repairing Door Locks


  • To resolve an improper door lock installation without needing to find a nearby handyman, make sure that your lock is in the right orientation when setting it up. That way, you can avoid a misaligned bolt and latch. After installing the door lock, make sure to perform some door lock repair tests on the lock to ensure that no problems persist.
  • While installing the doorknob, it is very important to follow the detailed instructions on the door lock repair kit. Any form of negligence can increase the probability of door lock issues occurring.


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