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Common HDB Rubbish Chute Issues


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Rubbish chute systems offer a seamless and efficient way to dispose of our everyday rubbish. Using the HDB rubbish chutes are so easy that users don’t think twice about using them. However, the constant use and no proper maintenance work could cause nasty consequences. When poorly handled, you may end up needing rubbish chute services. Some of the rubbish chute problems have simple solutions. Learn some of these problems and repairs below:



1) Stuck HDB Rubbish Chute Door

When you poorly maintain rubbish chutes or have an old unit, users often experience the door getting stuck. If this happens, don’t open, or pull it forcefully. It won’t do your rubbish chute any good. For a cost-efficient solution, the wisest thing to do is contacting a handyman service. One of the tips on hiring a handyman is to call someone with quality reviews made by other customers. A1 Handyman Singapore provides the best professionals for your rubbish chute door troubles. 


2) Broken Rubbish Chute Handle


With the constant careless use of the rubbish chute doors, your unit will soon have a broken handle. It could become loose, and you may end up having a broken catching mechanism. The last problem is not being able to open your rubbish chute door anymore. Installing lever or pull-on handles professionally with a new handle is the convenience of hiring a handyman

Repairing chute door handles yourself also voids the warranty. If the handle detaches again, it may be a sign that you need an HDB rubbish chute replacement. The chances are also high that the door handles become loose or broken with DIY fixes. You can hire a cheap handyman service to attach these handles professionally and extend your chute door’s life.


3) Loose Rubbish Chute Hinge


You can also repair a loose hinge, but when problems recur, it could be a sign that you need a rubbish chute replacement. With a new rubbish chute, you also renew your warranty and prevent these problems. A1 Handyman professionals tick all the reasons why is a handyman so handy for rubbish chute replacement. With their skills and experience, you will surely get your rubbish chute replaced professionally! 

4) Rusted Rubbish Chute 

Are you seeing rust on your rubbish chute? Your rubbish chute may need a replacement. Rust brings other problems with hygiene and functionality to you and your rubbish chute. Remain rust-free when you replace your HDB rubbish chute with a new stainless-steel rubbish chute model. However, you can’t simply install the new rubbish chute yourself since there are things to consider when drilling into different types of walls. Professional rubbish chute and drill handymen won’t make unnecessary mistakes in installing your new unit.


5) Worn out Chute or Torn Silicon Seal

HDB rubbish chute silicon seal starts showing signs of wear or tear after years of harsh handling. If yours shows these issues, you need to top up your seal to keep out smells and insects. It is highly advisable to let specialists do it. People expect handyman services to be cheap because they can also do other simple repairs to your rubbish chute and home within the day or a few hours. For quality work at an affordable price, contact A1 Handyman Singapore. 


6) Pest and Rodent Infestation

A simple way to deal with pests and rodents on your property is by laying traps around the area. Check your silicone seal or place traps around your area and near the rubbish chutes to exterminate pests and rodents. If infestations persist, hire a handyman. Most times they find more rubbish chute issues which add the service cost. These are just some of the reasons people look for a cheap handyman. When you contact A1 Handyman Singapore, you enjoy quality services at affordable fees!


Reasons You Should Replace Your HDB Rubbish Chute

Owners usually replace their rubbish chute when they want to make buildings more fire-resistant. Another reason is when HDB rubbish chutes are old and improperly installed or when smell and cockroach infestation starts. You need handymen with complete professional kits to install new and expensive fire-resistant rubbish chutes for you. They know the things to consider when drilling into different types of walls and ensure you don’t have unnecessary holes for pests and foul odours to come in. 

Cockroach Issues

Cockroaches don’t just invade and walk around your rubbish chute. These insects can lay eggs, and even dirt, fluff, and dust pile up from the small openings or gaps from the chute door. Get a professional to fix it. You can always count on A1 Handyman if you only need to repair the gaps or rubbish chute doors. 

Recent Fire Breakout

While some replace their HDB rubbish chute due to the recent fires, others do it to prevent fire from spreading with a fire-rated rubbish chute. One of the biggest causes for HDB fires is the HDB rubbish chute fires caused by irresponsible garbage disposal. When a burning ember gets thrown in the rubbish chute, it could ignite flammable materials inside the refuse chute. Hire the right handyman for the job to secure a proper installation of your HDB rubbish chute. Installing your new expensive rubbish chute and home items safely without unnecessary holes in the wall is just one of the benefits of hiring a handyman drilling service.

Worn Out Rubbish Chute


When an HDB rubbish chute is not well-maintained several problems arise, such as broken hinges and detached handles. The loose gaps in the rubbish chutes also make it easier for pests and foul smells to enter. Some of these problems could be caused by leaks to nearby water tubes. A1 Handyman Singapore can help you solve your rubbish chute issues as well as common plumbing problems that require handyman services. Don’t leave things unrepaired or unattended when you choose reliable handyman services to fix all your rubbish chute problems and water leaks. 

Home Renovation Efforts


While others think of rubbish chutes as an unsightly part of the house, some embraced its presence. Some owners try to hide the rubbish chutes as much as possible, but you can also make it a part of your home décor by getting HDB rubbish chutes with colours. Liven up your home or building interior when you hire professional handymen to install your new rubbish chute



Most HDB rubbish chute problems come from user errors. The lack of maintenance, the banging of chute doors, and irresponsible waste disposal are the main reasons these problems occur to our rubbish chutes. Though we love being our handyman, it is better to let the experts handle our rubbish chute problems, repairs, and attachments. For professional chute services, contact us to know our price list.


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This article was reproduced from A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore.