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Common Types of Pull Up Bars


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One workout that you should include in your workout routine is pull ups. Pull ups help strengthen and shape different muscles of your body such as the back, arms, chest, and hips. Aside from that, it can further boost your agility and flexibility. Pull ups are a must if you want your fitness goals to be productive. Although doing pull ups are mostly beneficial, it can also be harmful when it is done incorrectly. If you execute it wrongly, you may sustain injuries such as fatigued biceps or triceps, awkward body position, and sore wrist, hands, and fingers.

If you wish to do pull ups safely, it is suggested to install pull up bars either mounted on the walls or the ceiling since they are more stable. Do consider engaging a professional if you are unable to install it by yourself. Here are the common types of pull up bars in Singapore to have in your home:


Door Pull Up Bar


A door pull up bar is a common choice for installing a pull up bar at home. This can be simply placed to the door through a telescopic frame or a bolted beam, and it is known for not taking too much space. Door pull up bars can be installed without the help of a professional, you can do this yourself as you would with assembling furniture. They can also be removed and set aside when you are done exercising. Organized people usually prefer a door pull up bar because you can store them easily. It is also sold for an affordable price. Moreover, it can be used by people with different heights as it can be based on the size of their door frame. Despite this, door pull up bars still have their cons. It can be uncomfortable to use as certain models do not have rubber grips. It is also prone to bend or snap which can damage your door frame.


Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar


Wall-mounted pull up bars are attached to any wall, may it be wood or cement. It is placed through supporting braces at each end. It is best to acquire the services of a handyman to install your wall-mounted pull up bar, especially if you are planning to share this equipment with others. This is to make sure that it is secured so that it can handle heavy weights and people of different sizes. Installing a wall-mounted pull up bar has benefits that are similar to that of door pull up bars. Nonetheless, it still has its disadvantages. For instance, they are not portable and less suitable for classy walls. You may also need to re-bolt and screw the supporting brackets if they loosen up.


Ceiling Pull Up Bar


If you do not want to drill holes into your doorframe or wall, then a ceiling pull up bar may best suit you. This uses support brackets that are attached to the ceiling. They are also perfect for those who have smaller flats as they are space-saving. Installing a ceiling pull up bar can be challenging as their height depends on the distance from the ceiling and the floor. You may need a tall ladder to mount it or use adjustable support brackets. Hiring a handyman is handy as they have the right tools equipment and can assist you in your pull up bar installation.


Which is The Best Pull Up Bar for Beginners? 


It is important that you purchase the right pull up bar for you so you can execute pull ups with ease. If you live with two or more persons who also happen to work out, then you might opt for a wall-mounted pull up bar. It is recommended to get a handyman with a wall mounting installation service to install your wall-mounted pull up bar for you. On the other hand, if you have a fragile door frame, then a ceiling pull up bar might be a better choice.



There are different types of pull up bars in the market such as the door pull up bar, wall-mounted pull up bar, and ceiling pull up bar. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. They have one thing in common though, they are best for doing pull ups that will surely enhance your fitness goals and workout routine. It is best to keep in mind your needs as a guide to buying a pull up bar for your home. Whichever you choose, it is beneficial to engage a professional handyman to install your pull up bar as they have the proper tools and skills to ensure that your pull up bar is installed correctly.


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