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Dangers of DIY Drilling And How To Avoid Drilling Failures


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In your lifetime you may need to drill holes in the walls of your home due to various reasons like screwing on TV brackets, sarong ceiling hooks or simply to hang framed art on the walls. It may seem like making a hole in the wall is not that hard at all, but without proper planning, tools and some practice, most drilling beginners might run into some common mistakes, especially when drilling into tile or drilling holes in plaster. When in doubt, simply hiring handyman drilling services at affordable handyman prices is the fastest solution. DIY Drilling is not hard to pick up though, so here’s how to avoid common drilling failures.


  1. Breaking off the drilling bit

You can damage the drilling bit or cause it unnecessary pressure that will result in injury to your wall, and worse, you. It may be counter-intuitive, but do not lean into your drill while drilling. Laying on extra weight may cause the drill bit to break off, and you don’t want that to fly into your face at high velocity. Let the drill do the work. Not leaning in so close into the drill will also allow you to make sure the drill is drilling straight, as you may be compromising your perspective.


  1. Overheating your drill bit

Another thing to take note is not to allow your drill to overheat. This can occur when the drill bit you are using is not the most compatible with the surface material you are working with. This is why, depending on the type of wall surface you are working with, to choose to correct drill bit for it.


  1. Drilling into hard materials

When the wall surface you are drilling on is especially hard like drilling into tiles or concrete walls, then be very careful with the high-powered drill you’ll have to use. Every time while handling a drill, you must always be wearing safety gear like eyewear protection and sometimes gloves, if you prefer some friction. To prepare, you might want to read what are the things to consider first when drilling into different types of wall. Learning about the different types of drill bits meant for different wall surface material is your guide to successful drilling.

As the wall surface material is stronger than drilling holes into plaster walls, the force of the drill may cause it to violently twist out of your hands. This may cause a lot of pain to you in the form of a sprained wrist, or even sometimes, break it. It is better to leave it to professional drilling services in such cases.

  1. Drilling into pipes or electrical cables

When you are drilling into tiles on the wall in the bathroom or installing a wall mirror that is near a light switch, you might want to take extra caution. You definitely don’t want a burst pipe or electrocuting yourself just because you misjudged where they are located behind a wall. Handyman drilling services cover everything that you need to take note of, including having equipment like stud finders and pipe and electrical wiring detectors. Be it installing bathroom accessories, shower sets, or heavy wall-mounted installations like shelves and whiteboards, a handyman drilling service works better because having plumber and electrical working experience, a handyman can easily and expertly deduce where are the best spots to drill.


  1. Drill nails into wall for heavier wall mounting installations

If you are looking to hang a large, heavyweight item like a full length mirror, an expensive large-screen TV, or a heavy piece of home decoration, be sure to know what studs or anchors you may need. While installing a stud for a heavy object always gets the job done, the thickness of the stud and whether your wall is made of drywall are also equally important.

Unless you are installing something on the wall that is very light or you have experience hanging less heavy items like small framed pictures, it is much wiser to call for handyman drilling services in Singapore than to attempt it yourself.


  1. Drilling a hole crooked or too big

Sometimes you drill a somewhat larger hole even after using the bit of the right size. It can happen when you drill the hole off-centre or your drilling led to cracks in the wall surface. If it was a plaster wall, you might have to plaster it all over again, wait for it to dry, and try to drill again with more success.


  1. Drilling a hole too deep

You don’t want to drill too deep into the wall, or the nail might disappear into the wall altogether, rendering it useless. If you are looking to buy a drill, you would want to look for one that has a depth-stop attachment. This will allow you to set a limit to the depth you want to drill into, and the drill will automatically stop for you. Alternatively, most people use bright-coloured duct tape to mark the length of the drill bit they want to stop at.


How to avoid drilling failures


The drilling failures discussed above can easily and quickly be avoided by hiring professional drilling services. In Singapore, A1 Handyman Singapore is one of the most recommended handyman drilling providers. We provide drilling services to the residents and professionals in Singapore regardless of the size of the handyman project.


We have a team of handyman drilling professionals who can take care of all types of your drilling needs by using their experience and expertise. Most people have to face the dangers of DIY drilling due to their inexperience as well as the use of improper tools or improper use of the right tools while drilling holes in plaster or drilling into the tile. Our handyman drilling professionals will help in avoiding such danger through their professional drilling services.


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