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Difference Between A Professional Handyman vs Direct Contractor


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When it comes round to getting the problems in your house fixed, several options are popping around in your mind, right? “Should I hire a direct contractor?” or “Should I hire a professional handyman?” These kinds of questions are bound to come up and that’s okay too. For those who are confused between the differences between the handyman services with that of a direct contractor, let us walk you through it.

What is the primary difference?


It doesn’t matter whether you are seeking an electrical handyman or a plumber handyman; the difference of it with the direct contractor depends on the damage that needs to be mitigated. If you find that the damage is extensive and will end up needing multiple fixings, that’s where the contractor comes into play as you need their professional input. Some situations like water leaks, waterproofing, electrical power trips, circuit breaker services and electricial wiring installation are examples of professional contractor work.



On the contrary, if you have multiple minor home repairs that needs to be done, a handyman is the perfect one to reach out for. Call a handyman also if there is no professional input needed like a mixer tap replacement, water heater installation, an electrical socket replacement or any kind of door repair service.


When do you choose to hire a handyman or direct contractor?

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Niche Specialisation or Multiple Skills

While a handyman and a director contractor have job scopes that are similar to each other, it is most notable to hire a handyman for minor jobs around the house. A direct contractor tends to handle a specialised job, where they are required to be licensed or certified. Take for an example, should you need to change the pipes in your bathroom or facing an overall flooding, calling a professional plumber would be better. You can prefer to call a handyman if you might just need a toilet flush system repair or a leaking tap repair.  This not to say that a handyman cannot be licensed as there are professional handyman teams, which is why you may need these tips to hiring the best handyman in Singapore. For example, A1’s handyman team are licensed and professional plumbers by trade, and can even do concealed pipe leakage repairs.  If you are looking for the best handyman in Singapore, chances are that you are looking for one to get a particular job tended to. It could be anything – from the plumbing to the electrical purposes.




Renovation or Repair

On the other hand, contractors are hired when you need multiple jobs done for a large project. Given that they have expert people working on different niches under them, it becomes easier for you to handle it. Most times when handling a renovation, direct contractors will be sought after. When handling a repair and replacement project, a handyman can be relied on for its convenience.


On a budget


Another difference between the handyman services and the contractor services is the fact that the former usually cost you less. A1 Handyman has a team of handyman that can cover most areas of your home or office from light installation, air conditioning, plumbing, wall mounting installation services, door repair services and so much more. See our full handyman service list here.


Handyman services may cost you a lot lesser. That is not necessarily the case when it comes to contractors as comprehensive planning work and designing skills may come into play. They are also the ones who come and assess the damage and then send in people who are experts in the problem you are experiencing.  Their project coordination and skillsets required will demand a higher price compared to handyman prices.




Professional Handyman Services


A1 Handyman is a team of professionally trained handymen with years of experience in various contractor industries. With licensed expertise and a bank of specialised skills, we provide a wide range of services to fully take care of any home repair and maintenance you may need. Be assured that we’ll bring satisfactory and durable solutions to tackle any of your household issues. Offering quality Handyman Services in Singapore, we are committed to solving the root of your problem in order to deliver a long-lasting solution.

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