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Factors To Consider When Changing Your Door Lock


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Door locks will ensure your complete safety inside your home, and other premises as well. Sometimes you feel the need to replace your door locks to enhance your home security. If you want to replace your door locks, and you want to hire professional handyman services, then A1 Handyman Singapore can efficiently do the task.

Our company has done numerous door lock replacements, door handle replacements, and door lock cylinder replacements. Our experts use high-quality tools to safely complete the job. We have affordable servicing costs, and we ensure that we provide honest and transparent quotes. 


When Should You Replace A Door Lock?

Once you notice that your door lock is not working properly, then it requires a door lock repair or replacement. Here are some reasons why you should change your door locks. 

Rusted Or Worn-Out Locks


Some homeowners do not give attention to their locks, and this is a common door lock mistake to avoid. Frequently checking your door lock is important to make sure that they are working properly. If you notice damages on the locks, then this is the time when you have to replace your door locks.

Rust may result in major damages to the locks, and this will make it easier for burglars to break into your home. It is advisable to consider replacing your locks with higher security to ensure your and your home’s safety.

Stolen or Lost Keys

When you misplace or someone has stolen your keys, then the only option is to remove and change your door knob, and replace it with a new one. Thus, making you have a new lock for your property. This will ensure to keep your home safe in case burglars access your old door lock keys. 

After A Break-in


In case some burglars enter your premises, do not hesitate to call A1 Handyman Singapore. We offer professional door lock replacements to prevent break-ins. When criminals break into your home, you need to replace your door lock cylinders to improve home security. 

When You Have New Tenants

Tenants will duplicate the keys to enter your property even after they have left your house. Changing your locks is important to make sure that your property is safe. 


What To Consider When Changing Locks



When replacing your door locks, the first thing to consider is your home or premise security. Installing a high-quality look is ideal to ensure that it will provide maximum protection. It is convenient to hire a handyman to help you install your door locks. 



Upgrading your door locks is vital to ensure enhanced security and safety. They should be adaptable to any technological changes that would improve their use. 


Door locks have different prices owing to their differences. Thus, you should consider purchasing door locks that are within your budget. Here at A1 Handyman Singapore, we offer quality door locks at an affordable price. You may also contact us if you need help in replacing your door locks since hiring a handyman is handy


The Most Affordable Way To Replace Locks

If you want to change your door locks in a cheaper way, then try considering the re-keying technique. Not only is this a cheaper technique, but it is also efficient in enhancing your home’s security system. A tip on hiring a handyman is to check if they are fully trained, such that they can help you install your door locks at an affordable rate. 

  • Purchase new door knobs and quality door lock cylinders.
  • Re-key the old door knobs and deadbolts that are already installed. If you encounter difficulties in removing the knobs, then you may avail of our handyman services here at A1 Handyman Singapore. 
  • After the re-keying, install the new door knobs. This will prevent break-ins since the burglars do not have the new door codes. 


Cost Of Replacing A Door Lock

Replacing a door lock is one of the cheaper handyman services offered. Check the full price list of A1 Handyman Singapore for a range of services. 

The cost of door lock replacement will depend on several factors and some of which includes:

  • Hiring a professional handyman can save you money, rather than doing the job alone. Although, you should know how to avoid locksmith scams.
  • Digital door locks will cost more compared to standard door locks. Thus, you have high security and safety.
  • Doors are being upgraded, therefore exterior and main door locks will be differently charged. This is owing to the additional door lock installations. Although, when you hire a professional to do the replacement, do not expect handyman services to be cheap

Pro tip: A1 Handyman can lower the prices to just cover labour and transport if the client provides their own door lock set or door lock replacement materials. 


How To Replace Your Door Locks


Replacing door locks is not a difficult job. The procedure is fast, cheaper, and easy. Below are the steps to replace your door locks. Therefore, you will know how HDB door locks work

  1. Measure the length and size of your door knob, before purchasing a lock. To get the exact measurement, remove the door lock first.
  2. There is a wide range of door locks to choose from in a hardware store. If you are looking for a specific brand or design of a door lock, then you might want to search it online first. Normally, a door lock comes with a set of door knobs or door handles. Keep in mind that there are also things to consider when buying door handles for your home
  3. Prepare the tools you need, and if there are no existing holes, you need to drill new holes to fit the new type of lock. You should know how to avoid drilling failures when drilling holes. 
  4. Remove the door lock, bolt, and strike plate as well. The strike plate is where the door lock bolt enters to lock the door. 
  5. Install the new parts of the door lock while following this order: deadbolt, lock, and strike plate. Fix everything back with the screws provided.
  6. Test the new lock if it is properly functioning. If it does not work, do not worry as this is a usual door lock problem and the way to fix them is to spray some WD40. This will allow moisture into the lock. 



The factors you should consider when changing your door locks are rusted or worn-out locks, lost or misplaced keys, recent break-in, and if you have new tenants. Replacing your door locks will improve your and your home’s safety and security.

You should also be aware of the common door lock problems that will lock you out to avoid costly repairs. Before hiring a professional to help you install or replace your door locks, you should know the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor

Do not hesitate to give us a call at A1 Handyman Singapore if you would like to avail of our door lock services. Our professionals are highly trained and we have the right tools to conduct your door lock needs. 


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This article was reproduced from Little Locksmith Singapore.