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Aircon Leaking Water

Aircon Leaking Water


About A1 Handyman Aircon Leaking Water Services

Encountering a few droplets of water from your air conditioner is often considered normal, stemming from a small amount of condensate. However, if your aircon starts leaking water to the point of forming a puddle on your floor, this indicates a more serious problem. Similar to plumbing, water leakage is a common yet crucial issue for air conditioners that warrants immediate attention, as it might also indicate an aircon gas leak.

At A1 Handyman Singapore, our specialized Aircon Leaking Water Services are tailored to promptly tackle such concerning issues. Our dedicated aircon handymen conduct thorough investigations to identify the underlying cause of excessive water leakage from your air conditioning unit, ensuring a swift and efficient resolution.

Why Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water?


A malfunctioning air conditioner can cause a myriad of issues, and one common problem is water leakage. Finding water pooling around your AC unit can be concerning, but understanding the potential causes can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue efficiently. Here are some steps to identify why your air conditioner might be leaking water:

  • Identify the Buildup Location of the Water
    Before proceeding with any checks, determine the exact location of the water buildup. Is it around the indoor unit, outdoor unit, or both? This observation can offer valuable clues about the root cause of the leakage.
  • Check the Filter for Blockage
    A clogged or dirty air filter restricts airflow, leading to ice buildup on the evaporator coils. When the ice melts, it can overwhelm the drip pan, causing water to leak. Regularly inspect and replace dirty air filters to ensure proper airflow and prevent ice formation. This preventive maintenance is part of routine aircon servicing, which can help avoid issues like water leakage.
  • Inspect the Drainage Tray
    The drainage tray or drip pan is designed to collect condensation produced during the cooling process. If this tray becomes damaged, misaligned, or clogged with debris, it can result in water spilling over and leaking. Clean the tray and ensure it’s properly positioned to collect water.
  • Check for Low Refrigerant Coolant
    Low refrigerant levels could cause the evaporator coils to freeze, leading to excessive condensation and subsequent water leakage. If you suspect this is the issue, it’s best to contact a professional aircon handyman to inspect and refill the refrigerant if needed.
  • Consider Cold Weather
    Running your air conditioner during colder weather or rainy seasons might seem tempting, but it can place undue stress on your AC unit. During such times, the evaporator fan coils may struggle to efficiently transform warmer air into cooler temperatures. Consequently, this can mirror the situation where coils freeze, leading to eventual ice melting and subsequent water leakage from your air conditioner.
5 Solutions to Common Aircon Water Leakage Issues


Dealing with a leaking air conditioner can be a bothersome and potentially damaging issue for any homeowner or business. Identifying the root cause of the leakage is crucial in preventing further damage to the unit. Here, we present five solutions to address common aircon water leakage problems:

  • Swap Out Air Filters
    Dirt buildup in air filters can lead to frozen evaporator coils due to inadequate airflow. This can cause extensive damage to the coils and other components, potentially requiring a full aircon replacement. Promptly replacing the air filter can prevent this, averting costly aircon repairs or replacements.
  • Renew the Drain Pan
    Discovering a crack in your drain pan warrants immediate action. Sealing minor cracks with appropriate sealant can work temporarily. However, if the pan is old, rusty, and leaking, investing in a new drain pan is a simpler and cost-effective fix compared to replacing the entire aircon unit. Ensure professional guidance to secure the right-sized replacement for your unit.
  • Clear the Drain Line
    A clogged condensate drain line causes air conditioning leaks due to dirt, dust, mold, and moisture buildup. Similar to fixing plumbing chokes and repairs, clearing this can also require using a plumber’s snake. Alternatively, DIY methods like regular bleach or vinegar pouring can prevent clogs and hinder mold growth.
  • Update the Condensate Pump
    Responsible for expelling condensation from your space, a malfunctioning condensate pump can contribute to water leaks. Seeking assistance from a reliable air conditioning company to inspect and diagnose the pump’s functionality is crucial for a precise solution.
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
    When all else fails, low refrigerant levels might be the culprit. Insufficient cooling, accompanied by unusual sounds like hissing or bubbling, may indicate low refrigerant levels. Engage a reputable aircon technician to assess and replenish refrigerant levels with an aircon gas top-up if necessary.
Why Should You Hire an Aircon Handyman for Aircon Leaking Water Issues?

The reasons you should hire an aircon handyman for aircon leaking water issues include:

  • Accurate Diagnosis: Aircon handymen offer precise identification of the problem, ensuring the root cause of the leakage is correctly determined.
  • Specialized Equipment: Much like other handyman services, aircon handymen utilize tailored tools and equipment designed for precise aircon repairs, enhancing the effectiveness of leak resolution.
  • Unintended Problem Detection: An aircon handyman might uncover additional issues during their inspection or repair process, providing an opportunity to address potential problems before they escalate.
  • Swift Repairs: Trained aircon handymen execute fast and efficient aircon repairs, swiftly addressing the issue to prevent further damage or inconvenience.


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