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Bathroom Rack Installation

Bathroom Rack Installation


About A1 Handyman Bathroom Installation Services

Typically classified as a bathroom accessory, bathroom racks are an essential part of any bathroom. In fact, its importance could even rival that of a toilet bowl or a water heater installation. For these reasons, calling handyman services to install a bathroom rack is highly recommended. 

Since it is not a standard provision, some homeowners may be hesitant to invest in a bathroom rack. Others may be unsure about the important things to consider. Therefore, understanding the benefits of installing a bathroom rack, how to select one, and the ideal installation locations, are all extremely important before hiring handyman services to install a bathroom rack. 

What Are The Benefits of Installing A Bathroom Rack?

A bathroom rack isn’t just a mere accessory. In fact, installing a bathroom rack provides a lot of benefits for your bathroom in terms of function and appearance. Some of these benefits include the following:


When a bathroom is cluttered with so many toiletries, there is little space for placing important items such as extra toilet paper and towels. Besides that, products that are piled together and not stored properly can become a slipping hazard.

A great advantage of installing a bathroom rack is it provides storage for many essential toiletries and other bathroom items. This will prevent your bathroom from becoming cluttered and make it safer to walk around. 

Easier Access To Bathroom Essentials 

For some homeowners, items such as shampoo bottles, lotions, and moisturisers are placed on the floor. This can make them difficult to reach when they need to be used. This can affect your showering experience.

Once you install a bathroom rack, you’ll no longer have difficulty reaching your bathroom essentials when you need to use them. This will enable you to have a more efficient and relaxing bath.

Visual Appeal

A bathroom rack can also enhance your bathroom’s appearance. Thanks to modern design, there are many bathroom racks designed to look as elegant as possible. You can even choose a bathroom rack of your desired finish or one that matches the overall design of your bathroom. These will make your bathroom appear extremely modern and stylish.    

Once you know the benefits of installing a bathroom rack, you can follow some tips on how to choose the best one for your home.

Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Rack

The many types of bathroom racks available in the market serve different functions. Thus, it is important to purchase the right one so you can fulfill your bathroom needs. To choose the right bathroom rack for your home, here are some tips that you can follow:

Choose A Rack That Serves You

A bathroom rack that is functional enough for you will better ensure that your bathroom needs are fulfilled. If your chosen rack isn’t made to serve your needs, it may end up being more of an inconvenience than an added benefit. 

Take note that some bathroom racks are only meant for hanging towels while others are used to store shampoos, conditioners, and other bathing essentials. There are also bathroom racks meant for placing hygienic products such as toothbrushes and deodorants.

Consider The Space Available

You should always consider the size of your bathroom before installing a bathroom rack. If you have a small bathroom but want to install a rack for your towels, it should just be long enough, so it doesn’t become an obstruction. Likewise, any bathroom rack you plan to install within your shower space shouldn’t be too large. Otherwise, you could end up hitting it while you bathe. 

Select A Rack With Quality Material

It is always best to focus on buying a bathroom rack that is built with quality material. This is because bathroom racks built from subpar materials like plastic can deform easily over time. Not only that but there are racks made of low-grade stainless steel that rust from repeated exposure to water. The material of your chosen bathroom rack should be durable enough that it isn’t prone to rusting or becoming loose. A loose bathroom rack can cause your toiletries to fall to the floor and scatter while a rusty bathroom rack could easily stain your towels. 

Buy A Rack With A Practical Design

When canvassing a bathroom rack for your home, it’s better if you choose a rack with a design that is practical enough. Keep in mind that some racks are too elaborate to serve basic bathroom needs. For instance, a rotatable towel rack may be unnecessary if you only need to hang one or two towels. You also don’t need to buy a bathroom rack with multiple shelves if you have very few toiletries to store. 

After learning some tips for choosing the right bathroom rack, you should also know the proper location to install it.

Where Should I Install My Bathroom Rack?

No matter how durable your bathroom rack is, it can prove unusable if installed in the wrong place. You should therefore take note of the following guidelines when deciding where to install your bathroom rack:


Having to walk over to your bathroom rack for your towels can cause your bathroom floors to be extremely wet and slippery. As such, it should just be near enough for you to reach whenever you finish showering. Likewise, a rack storing your showering essentials should be at a close distance so you can wash efficiently.


If you plan to install a bathroom rack to hang your towels and robes, it’s best for it to be within arm’s reach so that anything you hang on it doesn’t get wet or dirty. For bathroom racks meant to store showering essentials, they should be high enough so that containers don’t get wet and soap erosion is avoided.

Avoid Potential Obstruction

When determining where you should install your bathroom rack, be sure to choose a location that doesn’t render it an obstruction and safety hazard. If you plan to install a large towel rack, it is not advised to mount it on the wall behind your shower door as this could prevent it from opening fully. Your bathroom rack should also be far enough from your toilet so that anyone using it doesn’t hit the rack when standing.

If you require more assistance in deciding the location of your bathroom rack, consider engaging a professional handyman. One of the conveniences of hiring a handyman is that they will be able to advise on the type of bathroom rack based on your needs and provide installation services as well.

Engage A1 Handyman Singapore For A Bathroom Rack Installation

Once you’ve purchased a bathroom rack, have it installed by someone with lots of experience in conducting handyman works. At A1 Handyman Singapore, we have highly experienced and skilled professionals who can properly install your bathroom rack for you. Moreover, they can help you determine the best location for your rack so it can be as functional as possible.

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