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Curtain Rod & Track Installation

Curtain Rod & Track Installation


About A1 Handyman Curtain Rod & Track Installation Services

There are many types of curtain and blinds available in the market. No matter which one you choose, there are a whole lot of benefits to be reaped from installing these window curtains. These would include controlling room temperature (and thereby cutting down on cooling costs), limiting light interference (especially if you are a light sleeper), privacy, or even as a room divider.

But these curtains don’t magically affix themselves to your walls. For that, you need a strong curtain rod & track that can hoist the heavy cloth appendage. This is where it would be advisable to engage handyman services by contacting A1 Handyman Singapore to help install you curtain rod or tracks, so that you don’t have to deal with all the hassle that comes with installation.

Curtain Rods VS Curtain Tracks

While curtain rods and curtain tracks perform similarly in function, they each carry different benefits that see them better fit different scenarios.


Curtain rods are highly visible, meaning that they can add to the visual appeal when it matches or accentuates the interior design of the room. There are multiple materials that the curtain rod can come in – metal, wooden, or acrylic, each providing a drastically different feel. It can be quite challenging to choose the right curtain rod, even if you don’t particularly care about the aesthetics. So why not consult a guide to picking the best curtain rod?

If you are looking to highlight the curtain itself, or just prefer a more modern and minimalistic look, then you would want to install a curtain track instead. It can be concealed within the window recess area, valance, or directly into the ceiling. Some HDB homes even have curtain tracks pre-installed in their window grilles!

Curtain Types

Different curtain hardware supports different curtain styles – for example, eyelet curtains, tab top curtains, and the self-explanatory rod pocket curtains are some of the curtains that can only be used with a curtain rod. The rod threads through the eyelets, tabs, and pockets respectively.

Weight Considerations

Different curtain hardware has different load limits. Curtain rods, for example, are generally sturdier than the thinner curtain tracks, allowing them to better carry thicker and heavier curtains. This is one of the reasons why you should buy a curtain rod. However, since curtains go hand in hand with their attached hardware, an important thing to consider before buying a curtain rod/track is to factor in their weight as a package. For example, you need to consider if the wall that the curtain rod is bracketed to can hold the combined weight.

If you have no clue if your wall is strong enough, it is recommended that you hire a professional handyman. The convenience of hiring a handyman makes it a hassle-free experience. The handyman can inspect your walls and provide personalized recommendations.

Installing Your Curtain Rod/Track

Reading up on how to install your curtain rod/track will help ensure that you don’t make mistakes during the installation process. The importance of a proper curtain rod installation should not be neglected, especially if you intend to avoid down the road. Here are some of the steps that you should follow:

  1. Buy your curtains
  2. Consider Curtain Draw Back Distance
    • Buy a longer curtain rod/track if you would like to pull your curtains completely away from the window. However, do note that if you were to install it in the window recess area, it will always leave at least a part of the window obscured.
  3. Measure And Mark The Brackets
    • After deciding on how high should your curtain rod/track be, mark where the drill holes of the brackets will be so that you do not drill in the wrong place.
  4. Install Brackets
  5. Install Curtains


While you may want to install your curtain rod/track on your own, some steps are better left in the hands of a professional. For example, not every household has a leveller to make sure that the curtain rod is not slanted. This is why a handyman is so handy – they own a variety of equipment to guarantee quality results.

Dealing With A Curtain Rod Sag


You might observe your curtain rod to be sagging in the middle after a period of use. Or you could be worried about this issue and want to prevent it from happening to you. Regardless of what position you are in, you should learn about why your curtain rod sags so that you can take the proper preventive or corrective steps.

Your Curtains Might Be Too Heavy

  • Heavier curtains exert more downward pressure, which not all curtain rods are equipped to handle. It could also be that your children and pets have been pulling the curtain regularly, which stresses the curtain rod. To fix this issue, opt for curtains made from a lighter fabric or replace your current curtain rod with a thicker one.

Your Curtain Rod Might Not Be Properly Supported

  • Most people only install the supporting brackets near the ends of the installed curtain rod. If you have a long curtain rod to cover a wider window space, the center of the rod is not likely to have enough support to counteract the weight of the curtains. To fix this issue, you can opt to install an additional bracket where the curtain rod sags.

Your Curtain Rod Might Be Defective

  • A poorly manufactured curtain rod may have structural issues that cause it to break more easily. It could also be damaged when left unattended after exposure to weather elements. This is why you should consider buying a stainless-steel curtain rod. They are more durable and corrosion resistant.

Some of the fixes can be quite troublesome to fix on your own. In that case, consider following the tips on hiring a handyman for a professional and hassle-free solution.

What Do We Offer?

When it comes to providing quality support for curtain rod/track installation in Singapore, A1 Handyman Singapore provides customers with affordable and convenient solutions. Our handyman can guide you each step of the way: identifying whether you should get a curtain rod or track, conducting the necessary measurements, as well as the actual installation itself.

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