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Door Repair Service

Door Repair Service

Door Repair Service

About A1 Handyman Door Repair Services

Door locks, hinges, handles have always been a part of our door problems at home and work. Since we are holding and using them daily, they are more likely to get damaged due to daily wear and tear. However, most door problems go unnoticed unless it becomes really serious to the extend that you cannot ignore it anymore. No matter how hard your door is at some point they will all wear and break-in. Any kind of door problem calls for immediate attention. You need to fix it before it gets serious. This is where you need to call for professional experts like A1 Handyman Singapore.

Door Parts That Needs Repair

Whether it be your bedroom door or washroom door, doors all have various parts including locks, hinges, and knobs. After years of daily use at some point, you will definitely notice some problem or the other. For example, your door hinge is making squeaking noises. There can be many types of problems for which you may have to hire a professional door repair service. For a reputed door repairing service, you can rely on A1 Handyman Service Singapore.

Here are the main problems you may notice in your different door parts:

1. Door Hinges

If you notice stiff squeaking noises coming from your door hinges, you know something is wrong. Before the squeaking noise gets loud or worse, you need to call for door hinge repair. This particular problem is more common when you have an old, rusty door hinge. This problem can be easily solved by a door hinge replacement.

2. Locks

When door locks become old, they can give rise to several problems. For example, the key won’t turn or the insides of the lock have become rusty. No matter what the problem is all you need to do is simply change a door lock.

3. Door Knobs

Just like locks even knobs can become faulty after long use. For example, it may become loose or stop working. Call for an expert door knob repair service and you are good to go.

4. Door Handles

One of the most common problems with door handles is when they start malfunctioning which is mainly due to a faulty tubular latch inside it. If your door handle is broken, call for door handle repair and you are sorted.

Tools/Parts Needed For The Repair

In order to fix your door problems, you need various tools and parts. For every problem, you may have to use a specific tool to get the job done. It is obvious that you cannot use a single tool for all your door problems. For example, replacing door hinge require tools such as a drill and screwdriver.

The main tools or parts used for door replacement or door repair include:

For tools:

  1. Spline roller for screen installation
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Drill
  4. Hand plane
  5. Speed square

For parts:

  1. Door locks parts
  2. Door knob parts
  3. Door or Cabinet Hinges
  4. Door handles
Steps To Repair Each Door Part

In order to begin with the repairing task, you need to first identify the problem. Once you know the problem or the door parts that require fixing you can proceed ahead with the task. If it’s a small problem, you can manage it on your own. But if the task is like door installation then you need to call for expert handyman help.

  1. The first step is to remove the part that is creating the problem. For example, if your knobs or locks are not working or jammed then removing door knobs and locks is what you need to proceed with.
  2. Now mark the position where you need to install the new doorknob or lock. You can use a pencil to mark. Get new parts to replace the old and broken ones.
  3. Measure off the position of the new door part that you have bought.
  4. Start drilling holes where you want to fix the new door parts.
  5. Now place the door parts in the required position and secure them with screws.
Common Reasons Why Door Will Need Repair And How To Prevent

There can be so many reasons why your door may need repair. Some of the main reasons to include:

  1. If you need extra strength to close or unlock the door then you know there is a problem with the hinge. In this case, you may want to fix the alignment of your door. Check the hinges, realign and tighten them.
  2. When you have sticking and squeaking hinges, installing door hinges is the option for you. This happens when you have a loose door hinge. Tightening the hinges may solve the problem.
  3. If your door is hitting the floor or making creek noises, you should call for professional door repairing service to get the problem solved. This is probably happening because the hinge cannot handle the door weight. So you might want to replace the door hinges.
  4. After years of use, there is a good chance that the wood has started to rot. In that case, you may have to replace the entire door. This mainly happens due to moisture. Make sure that you don’t clean or splash water on your wooden door.
  5. When your door locks or knobs stops working, you know it’s time to replace them with new ones. You should use your door locks and knobs with care and also oil them to keep them in good condition.
Tips To Fix Door Knobs/Locks

While fixing your doorknobs or locks, you need to take note of the following things.

  1. One of the main mistakes that most people make is to install the door lock or knob improperly. Make sure that you are looking at the new knob/lock in the right orientation.
  2. After installing the lock, the next thing you would want to do is test the lock. But before doing that get the keys so that you don’t lock yourself out by mistake.
  3. Many of you don’t follow the instructions while installing a new doorknob/lock. This increases the chances of you making mistakes.

Door problems are common. If you feel your door is troubling you, take steps to fix it before the problem become worse. With the help of an experienced handyman with effective door repairing service, you can get any problem fixed.

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