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Door Handle Installation / Replacement / Repair

Door Handle Installation / Replacement / Repair


About A1 Handyman Door Handle Installation / Replacement / Repair Services

Door handles are vital in any home. This is because it gives the homeowner privacy as well as security. Installing or replacing a door handle can be quite tricky as some additional steps need to be taken to ensure proper installation. This could lead to confusion so it is always best to hire a professional to conduct the door handle installation or replacement. A1 Handyman Singapore provides door handle installation/replacement to simplify the process.

Common Types of Handles

Lever Handles

These are the most common types of door handles due to its solid construction, and function. Generally, there are 2 types of lever handles, lever on backplate, and lever on rose. Yet, they function in the same way.


Pull Handles

Pull handle door handles are typically installed on doors that do not require latches, or locking mechanisms. These usually come in 3 different types, which are, D-pull handle, flush pull handle, and thumbturn handle.

Common Door Handle Problems

Loose Door Handle

Experiencing a loose door handle can be inconvenient. This is often caused by loose screws, or a worn spindle.

Jammed Key

This is often caused by forcefully inserting and turning the key in keyholes. The best thing to do, is to get a door handle replacement as the issue can frequently occur again if the door handle is not replaced.

Stuck Handle

A stuck handle is usually caused by dirt and dust accumulated in the handle clogs disrupts proper function of the door. Sometimes, lubricating with oil can solve the issue. If not, you would need to get the door handle replaced

It is always recommended to hire a professional to conduct any door handle installation or replacement even though it means you need to pay additional money. However, you can choose a trusted service provider with reasonable rates.

With a professional conducting the door handle installation, you can be assured that the installation is done properly and securely. You will be able to feel safe as you need not worry if the door handle has not been installed properly. We guarantee that the door handles we install are completely secure so that you will not have to worry.

What Do We Offer

When reading handyman blogs, and conducting research, you might have encountered several handyman services operating in Singapore. Most of them do not offer specialized services for door handle installation/replacement. When engaging their services, the technicians assigned to complete the job may not be as experienced.

A1 Handyman Singapore provides its clients with a good handyman in Singapore that has done several successful handyman projects. Our handymen have conducted numerous door handle installations and replacements so you can be assured of the workmanship. Every one of the handymen doing door handle installations and replacements will provide the same high level of service and workmanship for a smooth overall experience when you engage our services.

After completing the door handle installation and replacement, you can rest easy with our quality workmanship. You need not worry about improper installation or damage to your door. That’s how A1 Handyman Singapore works when you contact us for installing pull up bars.

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