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Door Hinge Installation / Replacement/ Repair Services

Door Hinge Installation / Replacement/ Repair Services

Door Hinge Installation / Replacement / Repair Service

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About A1 Handyman Door Hinge Installation / Replacement / Repair Services

Just like your body, your home also ages and requires proper care and maintenance from time to time. Constant opening and closing of hinges of doors, windows, and cabinets makes it more susceptible to wear and tear, which will cause doors and  windows to not work as well as it should. All types of door hinges in your Singapore HDB flats require regular maintenance work. When it comes to minor home repair works like changing door hinges or door locks, we can always count on a professional handyman in Singapore for helping us with the little things like repairing and replacing door hinges.

The Importance of Door Hinges

Your well-furnished HDB home in Singapore requires proper attention for a better life. One important and often ignored part has been the door hinges, despite its importance in giving your door the desired functionality. This invisible component of the door shows its worth when your door stops giving you the desired results. Door hinges, the connecting link between the door and the frame, makes the whole system complete as it gives the mobility and strength to the door. If your door isn’t functioning properly, it is time to call a hinge repair service provider. Usually when you are wondering what solution to apply to a door hinge problem, a handyman can surely answer them all.

Signs of Problems Associated with Door Hinges
  • If door hinges are weak or damaged, the alignment of the door will change. This may cause your door to drag on the floor and face difficulties with shutting the door smoothly. If the hinge condition is not broken or too rusty, the hinge repair handyman service would be to repair your door and secure the same hinge. Otherwise, a  reliable handyman would have brought along a few spare door hinge types with him, to perform a hinge replacement and door repair service for you. To change door hinges would be a better and longer-lasting solution to stretch the lifespan of your carpentry longer. Although it may come at a small additional fee for a professional handyman to source and provide the spare part for installing new door hinges so that your door gets a new life, it is the most cost-effective solution
  • If you have a squeaky door hinge or it’s creaking loudly, you could try oiling it with some WD-40 to prevent rust and add lubrication to the door hinges. If it doesn’t seem to work, perhaps you may like a hinge replacement. It is also an opportunity to switch to another type of hinge for style or aesthetic. A few door hinge replacement options are changing from a butt hinge to hydraulic or concealed hinges.
  • Your wooden doors are more susceptible to hinge damages as they lose hold of the wood when the wooden door changes its form from age, weathering, termites or violent damage. Your friendly handyman will try to repair the door area using suitable materials. If that works, he will simply install the hinge back to fix it. Otherwise he will look for an alternative solution or perhaps, install a new hinge at another suitable area to restore to its desired strength.
DIY Door Hinge Repair

If you are an engineer with a full understanding of the functionality of doors, then you can give it a try at the risk of damaging the whole door. Even if you are fine with your skill and confidence you need the right set of handyman tools for the door hinge repair work. You have every right to save money, but a reasonable person always counts the risk involved. You experiment could cost you a whole new door, which will be many more times than the repair cost. To save the hassle and time, don’t hesitate to contact our handyman team for our handyman services. Well trained and equipped, we will reach your doorstep in the quickest possible time.

Tips to Replace Door Hinges
  • Block the swing of the door using a door stopper. Keep the door open so that you could access the hinge easily. Make sure the door is fully stable, otherwise the door might topple on the removal of hinge screws.
  • Before removing the hinge, it is better to measure the new hinge size and edge shape. Make sure your current hinge location is perfect. Ideally, it should be 7 inches from the top and the other one should be 11 inches from the bottom.
  • If it isn’t at the right location you have to make a new hinge location for the perfect functioning of the door.
  • You have to prepare the hinge location on the door and door frame so that the area could be cleaned and polished for the new hinge.
  • If your new hinges are of different sizes, close the earlier screw holes using suitable materials and smoothen the area.
  • Now install the new hinge by properly measuring and marking. Be careful here as little carelessness could cost you time, energy and money. Use your tools like a drill to make holes for screws. Place the hinge on the door frame and door and then bring them both together to pin the hinge.
  • Now remove the stopper and let the door open and close. If doors close properly, your job is done.

If you’re still facing trouble after all that, or prefer to call on a handyman to repair your hinges and other parts of your house, our reliable handyman services are available 7 days a week.

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