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Door Knob Installation / Replacement / Repair

Door Knob Installation / Replacement / Repair


About A1 Handyman Door Knob Installation / Replacement / Repair Services

Door knobs are essential in any home. Depending on the type of door knob, it can provide privacy, and security. Door knobs are often overlooked by many homeowners. The only instances when homeowners focus on door knobs are when they initially move into a new home, or if the door knobs become faulty and they need to hire door knob replacement services. If door knobs are not installed properly, it can be a serious issue as safety and security are compromised. Therefore, you should hire A1 Handyman Singapore, to ensure your door knobs are installed properly.

Common Types of Knobs


The half-dummy knob is typically used on furniture as cabinet knobs, wardrobe knobs, and drawer knobs as it does not rotate or have a locking mechanism. It is one-sided and is only meant for pulling doors open.



These are used for interior passages and furniture which do not require locks. Passage knobs can be twisted and pulled open from either side of the door.



Privacy door knobs are used for doors that require a locking mechanism for privacy. These are commonly installed in bedrooms and bathrooms and need to be unlocked from the inside. It features an emergency unlocking mechanism in case one gets locked in or out by accident.


Store Room

A store room door knob, commonly used in store rooms, consists of a key cylinder for locking and unlocking, as well as a rotatable knob on the other side.


Keyed Entry

These door knobs are commonly used for home door knobs and consists of a keyed cylinder on the exterior knob. The difference between a storeroom door knob and keyed entry door knob is that a keyed knob features a button or twist mechanism on the interior knob.


Although hiring door knob services means you need to pay an additional sum, you can ensure a professional job done by these expert technicians. However, you can choose a trusted service provider with reasonable rates.

You can be assured of the best installation when you hire the services of a professional door knob services provider. The new door knob will be installed securely while also ensuring the lock is functioning properly. Rest assured, you can feel safe at home as our installation guarantees properly installed door knobs with functioning locks.

What Do We Offer

When reading handyman blogs, you might have encountered several handyman services that are operating across Singapore. Most of them do not offer specialized support for door knob installation services. When you contact these contractors, they provide inexperienced technicians who may or may not install the pull up bar properly. If the installation is not performed perfectly, it will be a cause for concern as door knobs are paramount in the safety and security of homes.

A1 Handyman Singapore provides its clients with a good handyman in Singapore that has done several successful handyman projects. You get technicians who have installed numerous door knobs across the city. So, whatever type of door knob you may want installed, it will be installed perfectly on your door. Your door knob will ensure safety for many years. The door knob will be installed securely without any damage to your door.

With a new door knob, you will be able to feel safe within your own home. Do not worry about failing door knobs. Experience the same level of safety when you engage our door knob services.  That’s how A1 Handyman Singapore works when the clients contact us for installing door knobs.

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