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HDB Door Lock Replacement / Repair

HDB Door Lock Replacement / Repair

HDB Door Lock Replacement / Repair

About A1 Handyman Door Lock Replacement / Repair Services

The safety and security in one of the most fundamental needs in all the humans’ needs. Our day starts with the opening of the door locks and ends with the closing of the door locks. Locks are part and parcel of our life. Since it serves you to the best of the capacity you normally not feel the importance until it faces some problems. Just like any other equipment your door locks also need regular maintenance and repair so that you could sleep in peace. It is a fact the lock technology has evolved from traditional to smart door lock and now it is much safer, more secure and easier to use.

With advancement and sophistication in lock technology, your door lock now requires a higher level of maintenance and repair. You might need a good door repair service to maintain the health of your locks so that you could stay away from the impending crisis.

Here are some of the common door lock problems you might face with locks in your HBD flats requiring help from the door lock repair service.

Broken Key in Door Lock

You might have faced this problem in the late hours of the night and no hope of getting any help. If you are in such situation you can even rely on A1 Handyman Singapore  for any of our HDB door lock repair services to get instant help.

Key Insertion Issue

You are not alone. After a period of time, you will realise your key doesn’t seem to smoothly unlock your door anymore, and requires some sort of trick or jiggle to unlock the door lock. Sometimes, the key may refuse to fit into your door lock or even refuse to turn once it is in. A temporary solution is to try lubricating the door lock with oil, or even better, treating it with graphite or solicon sprat. If it still doesn’t work, perhaps a door lock replacement service is needed.

Door Lock Seizure

The lock seizure is one of the most regular problems, especially if your home is a bit older. You could insert the key in the lock, but face difficulty in turning the key means that your door lock has seized up. Reason of seizure could be a rusty door knob, moisture, or some mechanical issue, but you have to avoid forced key turning as this could further damage your lock. The best is to call your door lock repair service handyman and change the door lock and door knob.

Misaligned Latch

If any of your HDB main door or bedroom doors do not close or lock properly, there is an issue of a misaligned latch. This happens because your door might have disoriented in heat and moisture, or not installed properly initially. This creates an alignment issue with the latch bolt and the strike plate on the door jamb. The HDB main door lock will have to be taken apart and reinstalled with the correct measurement. More drastically, it may also involve removing the door hinge to reposition it and reinstall it again. A1 Handyman Singapore with decades of experience in handling such issues could be of great help.

Stuck Bolt or Nonfunctional Lock

If you tried to pick the lock yourself, an inexpert move may cause the door to lose its ability to lock again. This is especially important to note, if you were locked out of the house before and attempted to pick the lock and was successful. It is bit complicated and you should not try your hand as this could aggravate the problem. Lock professionals are better equipped to solve this kind of mechanical problems as this requires the opening of the whole door lock cylinder mechanism. Your handyman doing the door repair service might suggest changing doorknob with a lock as it could be beyond repair.

Loose Door Knob

It is natural that your doorknobs might become loose over time. Depending on the type of lock, the method of tightening could vary. If your HDB flat door has mortise locks you can tighten it by loosening the plate’s screws and tightening it from the other side. There is no reason to change a doorknob if you face this problem, but could be an incentive to change a door knob to a door handle, or other designs, if you like. As part of A1 Handyman Services provides full supply and installation of all door knob replacement services, for your convenience.

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