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Door Stopper Installation

Door Stopper Installation


About A1 Handyman Door Stopper Installation Services

No house in Singapore would be complete without doors. Besides keeping us secure from intruders, they provide us much needed privacy and allow us to separate different parts of our home. That said, their natural closing mechanism can become an inconvenience when the door needs to be kept open for special reasons or has to close more slowly or quietly. 

To resolve this issue, calling handyman services to do a door stopper installation is highly recommended. Having a door stopper in your home can be extremely helpful regardless of whether you live in an HDB flat, condo, or landed property.

What Are The Benefits of Installing A Door Stopper?

Some homeowners might think that a door stopper has no real function or purpose. In truth, it can actually provide you with many benefits:   

It Protects Your Walls and Doors


Certain doors are prone to hitting the wall with a force that can damage both the door and the wall. Fortunately, a door stopper will enable your door to swing more carefully and prevent your wall from incurring unsightly marks and dents.

It Is Highly Convenient

There might be times when you need to leave your door open for a considerable period of time. To stop it from closing at the most inopportune moments, you should install a door stopper. Unlike a smart door hinge which automatically closes the door, a door stopper will keep your door open when necessary.

It Helps Prevent Accidents

Doors with very loose hinges can close forcibly and cause injuries to those entering and exiting. These can be extremely painful and discomforting. With a door stopper, however, you’ll be well protected and avoid any accidents caused by your doors.

It Lowers Maintenance Costs


Damage sustained to your doors and walls can be costly to fix. Installing a door stopper will prevent such damage so that you’ll not have to pay for expensive repairs.

After knowing about the benefits of installing a door stopper, be sure to know about the common types of door stoppers in Singapore.

Common Types Of Door Stoppers In Singapore

Door stoppers can differ greatly in their design and mechanism. Here are the common types of door stoppers in Singapore:

Wall Mounted Door Stopper


This type of door stopper can be installed on either the wall or the door itself. A great advantage of this type of door stopper is you can mount it near the top edge of the door if you don’t want anything drilled on your floor.

Floor Mounted Door Stopper


If you want a door stopper that will also protect furniture and other items near the door, installing a floor mounted door stopper is ideal. This stopper is often made from robust metal material and can withstand repeated impact.

Now that you know about the common types of door stoppers in Singapore, learn more about how to choose the best door stopper for your home.

Tips For Selecting The Best Door Stopper For Your Home

As with any other hardware, choosing a door stopper should be done with much care and consideration. You can follow this door stopper selection guide to help you pick the best door stopper for your home:   

Door Stopper Type


There are numerous types of door stoppers available in the market from which you can select. Should you wish to protect your wall from marks and damage from your door, a wall mounted door stopper is highly recommended. On the other hand, you can opt for a floor mounted door stopper if you intend to protect surrounding furniture.

Door Stopper Location


Before choosing a door stopper, it’s important to consider whether you have enough space to install it near your door. You should also see to it that it won’t be a tripping hazard which can lead to accidents.

Door Stopper Design

Like door handles, door stoppers come in different finishes and designs. In order to ensure that your stoppers don’t stand out too much, it is best to select those that match the overall appearance of your home.

Engage A1 Handyman Singapore For A Door Stopper Installation

A door stopper can only be functional if it is properly installed. Thus, if you wish to conduct a proper door stopper installation, contact a professional handyman. 

One of the tips for hiring a handyman in Singapore is to engage one with lots of experience. At A1 Handyman Singapore, we have highly skilled and experienced professionals who will make sure to install your door stopper as efficiently as possible. They can also render other quality handyman services for your household needs. 

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