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About A1 Handyman Electrical Services

Whenever there is an electrical emergency, A1 Handyman Singapore has always been ready to help clients all across the country. It is not just about providing skilled electrician, our goal here is to provide the customer with a highly experienced, licensed, and well-knowledgeable electrician who can tackle any kind of electrical work at both residential and commercial properties. That’s what we offer whenever clients contact us to hire an electrician in Singapore.

People often ignore important things about electricians whenever they need an expert on an urgent basis. Whether it is a short circuit, damaged wires, or just a normal electrical fitting job, your electrician must have enough experience and knowledge of tackling these jobs with ease. At A1 Handyman Singapore, you will get top skilled professionals who can diagnose the fault, perform the repair work, and ensure a long-lasting and smooth electrical supply in your property.

Socket Installation/Replacement

Electrical sockets and outlets come with limited lifespans. Many issues can affect the functionality of electrical sockets. You should not let just anyone come and install new sockets in your home, office, or shop. It is the job of experts to thoroughly check the whole area and then select sockets that match your interiors and are of course, safe to use.

We provide our support for installing new sockets and also for replacing old sockets. It is important to know when to call an expert electrician when replacing old sockets. If old sockets in your apartment are not functioning properly, it’s a sign that you need a new electrical socket installation. You will have to push those old sockets harder in order to turn on lights, fan, and other electrical appliances in your property. We provide the best handyman electrician Singapore who can inspect all the old sockets and replace them with new and more durable sockets.

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electrical handyman singapore a1 handyman singapore
Light Installation/Replacement (excluding chandelier)

When it comes to installing the latest and impressive lights and fixtures, we are ready with the best methods to serve you. The world has changed a lot ever since the first light bulb was invented. Today, you do not need to deal with faulty and insufficient lighting in your home as you can illuminate it with attractive and brighter lights. Do not worry about your power bills because we know how to keep the power consumption rate low while illuminating your home with the best energy-efficient lights.

A1 Handyman Singapore will provide you with an electrical handyman, who are trained to assess your whole property as well as choose interior and exterior lights that can enhance the overall appeal of your home. Our primary goal is to help you save money by cutting down your electricity costs and increase the brightness in your property while providing clients with reasonable and affordable prices. With this, we can suggest lights that you can turn on to create different moods.

Along with the modern LEDs, we also install artistic chandlers to make your interior look unique and more striking. You can trust us for installing affordable and effective lights. We can help you in choosing and installing the best recessed downlights, dimmers, outdoor and garden lights, LED lights, and more.

Ceiling Fan Installation/Replacement:

Expert electricians at A1 Handyman Singapore can easily handle the job of ceiling fan installation and replacement. The modern ceiling fans are no longer used only for cooling the room. These fans are now turned into aesthetic elements that every HDB flat owner and commercialist wants to have. If you are still using old and unimpressive ceiling fans in your property, it is the right to replace them. We can help you in finding power efficient and best quality ceiling fans that operate really well.

An ordinary fan will do nothing in Singapore’s humid atmosphere. You need a better solution that only the experts can provide. We assign the most recommend electrician Singapore on your job when you contact us for ceiling fan installation or replacement. The electrician will first check the current condition of your ceiling fan, after which a replacement will be done if it happens to be faulty.

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Power Trip Repair Solution

All the Singaporeans are familiar with power tripping. It is a common issue in HDB flats and other houses in Singapore. The simple way of dealing with problem is to reset the power circuit breaker. Most of homeowners already know this and they often try to resolve this issue by implementing the method. Sometimes, this method does not work and you may not diagnose the real cause of the problem. You must contact A1 Handyman Singapore when such incidents occur.

Every experienced electrician that has had several projects in the books knows that power tripping occurs when there is a faulty appliance in the house. Power tripping works as a safety measure in order to prevent the homeowner from electrocution. The electrician will check all the appliances and the whole wiring system in your house to know the root cause of the issue. Once the cause of power tripping issue is found, the electrician will fix it to avoid further electrical problems.

Door bell installation

Whether your old door bell is not working or you want to install a new and fancier door bell, you can contact electrical handyman in Singapore to provide the best solutions. The electrician will first check the connection to the old door bell and its switch to repair the fault. If it is totally damaged and non-repairable, then a door bell installation needs to be done.

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Choose A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman Singapore provides exceptional support when it comes to tackling home maintenance problems. With reasonable and affordable prices, you can get quality handyman workmanship. We offer a wide range of professional handyman services like plumbing, electrical, aircon servicing, rubbish chute services, water heater services, door repair services, handyman drilling services, wall mounting installation services, TV bracket installation services, and pull up bar installation. Need help figuring out a specific issue? Read through our handyman articles and browse our past handyman projects. Over the years, we have served many satisfied customers and received positive reviews both on Google and Facebook. WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for transparent quotation and honest pricing for all your handyman needs. We offer a fast and efficient service to serve any of your handyman needs!

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