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Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring


About A1 Handyman Electrical Wiring Services

Many homeowners find electrical wiring projects to be complex and best handled by experienced professionals. Such projects, particularly HDB rewiring, demand expertise to prevent safety hazards. While simple tasks can be DIY, intricate electrical installations require a skilled electrician in Singapore.

At A1 Handyman Singapore, our team of licensed electrician handymen specializes in wiring, rewiring, and extensions. We prioritize the proper installation and maintenance of electrical systems in HDB flats, condos, offices, and businesses. Trust us for reliable electrical services in Singapore.

Types of Electrical Wiring Based on Cable Coverings

Electrical wiring is a critical component in various settings, influencing safety and functionality. Different types of electrical wiring distinguished by their cable coverings, serve specific purposes based on their structures and applications. Understanding these variations is pivotal for ensuring proper installation and usage in diverse environments.


  • Non-Metallic (NM) Cables – suitable for dry environments like residential buildings in Singapore, generally comprise a live wire for current transmission, a neutral wire, and a ground wire. These wires are identifiable by specific electrical colors: red or brown for live, black or blue for neutral, and a mix of green and yellow for ground.
  • Underground Feeder (UF) Cable – a variant of non-metallic cables that feature individual solid plastic sheathing covering each insulated live, neutral, and ground wire. Unlike NM cables, the UF type is particularly suited for wet areas such as bathrooms or exposed outdoor spaces.



  • Low Voltage Wires – enclosed in pairs within plastic cables, are often short and intended for low voltage circuits. They are commonly utilized in doorbell installations, decorative landscape lighting, thermostats, and other devices that operate on low voltage.



  • Lead and Aluminum Alloy Coated Wires – certain electrical wiring variants incorporate an alloy of lead and aluminum, with lead comprising over 90% of the composition. This heavy metal, due to its protective properties, shields internal wires from damage and corrosion caused by humidity and atmospheric conditions.
Types of Electrical Wiring Installation Systems in Singapore


The installation of electrical wires follows specific patterns to ensure efficient energy distribution to outlets. Various types of electrical wiring installation systems are employed in Singaporean households. These include:

  • Joint Box System: The joint box system, an economical approach, is common in temporary installations within home appliances. It involves connecting appliance wirings to the main system via joint connectors, secured within compact joint boxes.
  • Loop-In or Parallel System:The loop-in or parallel system is commonly found in various electrical setups. Wires run across switches and connect directly to the power supply terminal points. As all appliances are interconnected in parallel, this configuration prevents the entire house’s wiring system from tripping due to a technical fault in one appliance, thereby minimizing the need for electrical repairs.
  • Cleat Wiring: This is an inexpensive method using insulated cables attached to walls or ceilings with T-shaped cleats, isn’t extensively recommended for domestic buildings in Singapore.
  • Batten Wiring System: This is widely approved for safety and employs teakwood battens to encase circular or oval-shaped waterproof and chemical-resistant cables. Brass clips or pins securely hold the cables at regular intervals on the battens, ensuring durability and safety.
Reasons to Hire EMA Licensed Electrician for Electrical Wiring Services in Singapore


Engaging an EMA-licensed electrician in Singapore for electrical wiring services presents numerous advantages. Here are some reasons why engaging a professional electrician handyman can provide you with peace of mind:

  1. Safety: EMA-licensed electricians prioritize safety in electrical wiring installations/replacements and electrical wiring repairs, adeptly managing potential electrical hazards. Their expertise in safety protocols ensures the secure implementation of wiring systems, safeguarding both your property and its occupants from risks.
  2. Proper Training: EMA-licensed electricians undergo comprehensive training, continuously updating their skills in wiring services. Their proficiency in the latest industry standards and techniques guarantees competent handling of various wiring projects with efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Quality Service: With an EMA-licensed electrician, you receive top-notch service adhering to stringent standards. Their reliable workmanship, coupled with the use of appropriate tools and materials, ensures durable and effective electrical wiring solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
Choose A1 Handyman Singapore!

A1 Handyman Singapore boasts a team of professional electricians who are adept at handling a wide range of electrical tasks, from straightforward to intricate cases. Our EMA Licensed Electrician and electrical workers possess specialized training, enabling them to proficiently manage various electrical services, including electrical installations and replacements, ceiling fan installations, power point/power socket installations, power trip recovery, as well as electrical wiring or rewiring.

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