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Emergency Electrician

Emergency Electrician


About A1 Handyman Emergency Electrician Services

Electrical emergencies can arise unexpectedly, highlighting the importance of avoiding unreliable electricians when seeking assistance for your home or business. During such critical situations, having access to a trustworthy Emergency Electrician Service in Singapore, comprising of electrical services such as power socket and power point services or light services becomes paramount to safeguarding both your property and well-being.

At times, a sudden fuse blowout, a non-functional light bulb, or sparking sockets can catch you off guard. Regardless of the hour, the significance of electricity often becomes evident only when faced with a power disruption in Singapore.

Dangers of Electrical Emergencies

Electrical emergencies present substantial hazards that demand prompt attention and careful handling. These critical situations encompass a range of risks that call for immediate action and heightened awareness.

The dangers associated with electrical emergencies include:


Risk of Electric Shock: Contact with live wires or faulty electrical components can result in severe electric shocks, causing injuries or even fatalities. The human body’s conductivity can easily conduct electricity, leading to burns, cardiac arrest, or neurological damage.


Fire Hazards: Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, or electrical sparks can ignite fires. Electrical fires spread rapidly and are challenging to extinguish, posing a severe threat to property, lives, and the surrounding environment.


Health Risks from Smoke and Fumes: Electrical fires produce toxic smoke and fumes, endangering occupants’ health due to inhalation. Prolonged exposure to these harmful substances can lead to respiratory issues and other health complications.

Signs That You Need to Call an Emergency Electrician


An emergency electrician possesses the expertise to identify the precise electrical repairs required to address your electrical issues. Additionally, they can offer essential electrical safety tips that might prove helpful should you encounter future electrical problems. Given these considerations, here are the signs that you need to call an emergency electrician.

  • Flickering and Dimming Lights
    Experiencing flickering or temporary dimming of lights when higher-power appliances are used is common. However, merely replacing a faulty light fixture might not resolve the issue. It’s advisable to promptly contact a reliable electrician to inspect potential problems with the circuit board.
  • Electrical Sparks or Flames
    While small sparks when connecting certain appliances are normal, large yellow or white sparks emitting from electrical outlets indicate a more serious issue. In such cases, reaching out to an emergency electrician for a replacement of the power socket is necessary.
  • Exposed Wiring
    Exposed wires pose significant electrical hazards and should never be handled without professional assistance to avoid severe injuries. If you notice exposed wiring due to wear and tear, immediate electrical wiring repair is crucial to prevent potential fire hazards. Turn off the main power supply and urgently seek a 24-hour electrician or an electrical contractor.
  • Buzzing/Humming From Electrical Devices
    A buzzing or humming sound originating from the DB Box might signify electrical problems, indicating a potential failure to prevent dangerous electrical surges. Contacting an emergency electrician upon noticing such sounds is essential to prevent accidents and address the underlying issue promptly.
  • Burning Smell From Electrical Devices
    A burning smell emanating from power sockets typically indicates overheating, constituting an emergency. It’s imperative to address this swiftly by contacting an emergency electrician. Meanwhile, ensure safety by turning off the electrical outlet and unplugging all connected appliances.
  • High Electricity Bills
    A sudden surge in electricity bills without the installation of new home appliances could indicate underlying electrical system issues or inefficiently functioning devices. Seeking assistance from an emergency electrician can help diagnose and resolve these issues, effectively reducing your electric bills.
  • Mild Shocks When Touching Electrical Devices
    Experiencing mild electrical shocks when touching home appliances or switches often indicates residual current due to device damage, wiring problems, or broader electrical system issues. Contact an emergency electrician promptly to address the underlying cause and ensure safety without delay.
Important Things to Note Before Calling a 24-Hour Emergency Electrician


Electrical installation issues are practically unavoidable. Despite the durability of electrical components like outlets, switches, and devices, wear and tear is inevitable over time. Recognizing the crucial moments when they require electrical repair or replacement is vital to preventing potential accidents.

Fortunately, in Singapore, numerous electrical contractors offer round-the-clock emergency electrician services. To ensure optimal service delivery, here are some important things to note before calling a 24-hour emergency electrician.

  • Disable Your Electrical Supply Once Your Appliances Emit Smoke: If you notice smoke emanating from any of your appliances, swiftly cut off the electrical supply to prevent further damage or potential hazards. Immediately turn off the main circuit breaker or fuse box and refrain from using the appliance until it has been inspected and repaired by a professional electrician.
  • Do Not Touch Cables That Have Caught Fire: If cables or wires catch fire, refrain from attempting to extinguish them with water or by hand. Instead, prioritize your safety by evacuating the area and contacting emergency electrician services. Let the professionals handle the situation to avoid the risk of electric shock or severe injury.
  • Unplug All Appliances In Case of A Power Outage: During a power outage, unplug all appliances to prevent damage from electrical surges once power is restored. This precautionary step helps safeguard your devices and appliances from potential harm caused by sudden voltage fluctuations.
  • Have A Fire Extinguisher On Hand: Keep a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible location to tackle electrical fires promptly. Ensure that the extinguisher is suitable for use on electrical fires and that you are familiar with its operation. Use it cautiously and only if it’s safe to do so while awaiting professional help.
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