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Light Services

Light Services


About A1 Handyman Light Services

A1 Handyman Singapore stands out as the premier choice for proficient and dependable light services. Our extensive experience and unwavering trust within the Singaporean community underscore our dedication to effectively resolving common light-related issues.

Unlike many electricians providing similar services, A1 Handyman Singapore offers a versatile solution tailored explicitly for minor electrical works. Opting for A1 Handyman Singapore for your lighting needs guarantees expert solutions while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Our commitment lies in providing precisely tailored services, ensuring your requirements are met without incurring unnecessary expenses.


Why Is Lighting Important?

Lighting happens to be one of the key elements that help you to improve the ambiance of your home. Each room has a unique and specific accent lighting needs. When installing light fixtures for your house, their special design will require help from a professional whose expertise is in light installation. In Singapore and most modern parts of the world, an electrician would be the best professional for this light installation service. Because it involves electricals, electrical safety tips should always be followed, otherwise, it may give rise to several electrical problems such as burnt bulbs, faulty installations, wiring issues and more. In this case, you can rely on the handyman services provided by an electrical handyman.

Different Types Of Lighting


One room can serve multiple purposes. For example, it can be a place where you work, relax, or chill with your friends. Therefore, it is very important for the lighting features to correspond to the application or set of the room.

Three different types of lighting include:

  1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can be further categorized as indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Indoor ambient lighting is used to light up a room or space in its entirety. It will provide you with a uniform level of illumination throughout your room. The main purpose of this type of lighting is to add ambience and be easy on the eyes. Lighting installation such as a chandelier, track light, table lamp, etc. falls under this category.

Outdoor ambient lighting mainly lights up the area to increase its visibility. It is important to ensure security around your house. This includes a spotlight, post lantern, wall lighting, etc.

  1. Task lighting

Task lighting is mainly used to light up a specific space where you are working. A brighter light is used to light up a small area. This type of lighting includes pendant lights, slimline bars, and others.

  1. Accent lighting

This type of lighting is used to achieve the desired effect. In other words, it is used to focus on a specific point of interest. Accent lighting is the ideal option to highlight a sculpture, plant, and likes. This includes track lights, wall-mounted fixtures, etc.

Tips To Remember Before Any Light Installation


Before enlisting the services of a professional electrician handyman, it’s prudent to consider several key factors. These considerations serve as invaluable guidelines, ensuring that the lighting fixtures slated for light installation in your space meet stringent quality standards.

Outlined below are fundamental tips to remember before proceeding with any type of light installation:

  • Longevity: Lights crafted from robust materials tend to possess extended lifespans and are less prone to common lighting issues. Therefore, before buying specific types of lighting, it’s crucial to ensure their ability to endure for an extended period, thus mitigating the need for immediate service by an emergency electrician.
  • Heat Production: Similar to light switches, light bulbs inherently produce heat due to the electrical current coursing through them. However, certain lights generate more intense heat than others. Hence, when selecting lights for installation by your electrical contractor, it’s advisable to opt for those that emit minimal heat to prevent any discomfort.
  • Manufacturing Specifications: Regardless of the light fixtures you intend to have installed, it’s imperative not to overlook their manufacturing specifications. This allows scrutiny of the precise materials used in their construction and their quality. Failing to do so might result in unwittingly purchasing inferior-grade downlights or recessed lights.
  • Electricity Consumption: Certain lights exhibit minimal electricity consumption, regardless of usage, aiding in cost savings on energy bills. Therefore, when choosing lights for your residence, prioritize those that consume minimal energy, such as LED lights, to contribute to reduced electricity expenses.
Common Lighting Issues Encountered by Homeowners


Household maintenance frequently involves encountering lighting issues that pose challenges for homeowners. In such instances, homeowners must choose a reliable electrical handyman to address these concerns. Familiarizing oneself with these common lighting issues becomes essential, aiding homeowners in recognizing when to call an electrical handyman for prompt resolution.

  • Light Bulbs Burn Out Quickly: Premature burnout of light bulbs might result from electrical wiring errors, such as loose connections, disrupting the flow of current. Alternatively, the use of low-quality light bulbs could also contribute to this issue.
  • Light Bulbs Constantly Flicker: Persistent flickering of light bulbs often indicates a malfunctioning filament. In such instances, it’s advisable to engage an emergency electrician to replace the bulb. Additionally, a loose connection within the electrical socket might be the underlying cause.
  • Light Fixtures Fail To Turn On: Failure of light fixtures to turn on can stem from various issues, including a blown fuse within the electrical circuit due to grounding problems or overloading. Non-functional light switches could also be a factor. If circuits and switches are in proper condition, a malfunctioning light starter might be the issue. Seeking assistance from a professional electrician handyman is recommended to address these electrical repairs effectively.
Reasons to Hire EMA Licensed Electrician for Lighting Services in Singapore


Certainly, hiring an EMA-licensed electrician in Singapore for light services offers several advantages. Here are some reasons why engaging a professional electrician handyman can provide you with peace of mind:

  1. Safety: EMA-licensed electricians prioritize safety and possess the expertise to mitigate potential hazards effectively, especially concerning light services. Their deep understanding of safety protocols significantly reduces risks associated with light installations or light repairs, ensuring the safety of your property and its occupants.
  2. Proper Training: EMA-licensed electricians undergo comprehensive training, continuously updating their skills to align with the latest industry standards, regulations, and techniques specifically related to lighting services. Their expertise guarantees adept handling of various lighting issues with efficiency and precision.
  3. Quality Service: When engaging an EMA-licensed electrician for light services, expect unparalleled quality. Their commitment to strict standards, reliable workmanship, and utilization of appropriate tools and materials ensures enduring and effective lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs.
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A1 Handyman Singapore boasts a team of professional electricians who are adept at handling a wide range of electrical tasks, from straightforward to intricate cases. Our EMA Licensed Electrician and electrical workers possess specialized training, enabling them to proficiently manage various electrical services, including electrical installations and replacements, ceiling fan installations, power point/power socket installations, power trip recovery, as well as electrical wiring or rewiring.

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