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Light Installation

Light Installation


About A1 Handyman Light Installation Services

A1 Handyman Singapore is the most trusted and experienced handyman service – you can rely on us around the clock. We have served several Singaporean residents for many years and solved a number of common light installation problems.

Although there are many electricians that could provide the same service, A1 Handyman Singapore allows homeowners to have a more flexible option for minor electrical works that bigger electrical companies may provide higher quotes. With our transparent handyman Singapore pricing, A1 Handyman Singapore also has a fast response time to provide you with timely handyman electrical services.

Why Is Lighting Important?

Lighting happens to be one of the key elements that help you to improve the ambiance of your home. Each room has a unique and specific accent lighting needs. When installing light fixtures for your house, their special design will require help from a professional whose expertise is in light installation. In Singapore and most modern parts of the world, an electrician would be the best professional for this light installation service. Because it involves electricals, electrical safety tips should always be followed, otherwise, it may give rise to several electrical problems such as burnt bulbs, faulty installations, wiring issues and more. In this case, you can rely on the handyman services provided by an electrical handyman.

Choosing the Right Light Installation

Nowadays, people are actually very choosy when selecting lighting elements for their interiors as well as exteriors. Before choosing the right light to install, you should consider the available natural light. You need to balance the aesthetic and functional nuances of light. Here are some tips to follow while choosing lighting elements for your home.

  1. For your living room, adequate lighting is important to avoid strain on eyes. On the other hand, you need task lighting for your kitchen and bathroom. As far as your bedroom is concerned, you are advised to install a dimmer switch that will help you to control the brightness level.
  2. The main lighting source should be bright enough. To add a comfortable feeling, you can use LED lighting of relevant wattage.
  3. For stairways and halls, you need to choose general lighting for safety. This is important to prevent accidents. For example, falling from the stairs or slipping on the hallway floor.
Different Types Of Lighting

One room can serve multiple purposes. For example, it can be a place where you work or relax or chill with your friends. Therefore, it is very important for the lighting features to correspond to the application or set of the room. There are three different types of lighting that include:

  1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can be further categorized as indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Indoor ambient lighting is used to light up a room or space in its entirety. It will provide you with a uniform level of illumination throughout your room. The main purpose of this type of lighting is to add ambience and be easy on the eyes. Lighting installation such as a chandelier, track light, table lamp, etc. falls under this category.

Outdoor ambient lighting mainly lights up the area to increase its visibility. It is important to ensure security around your house. This include spotlight, post lantern, wall lighting, etc.

  1. Task lighting

Task lighting is mainly used to light up a specific space where you are working. A brighter light is used to light up a small area. This type of lighting includes pendant lights, slimline bar, and others.

  1. Accent lighting

This type of lighting is used to achieve the desired effect. In other words, it is used to focus on a specific point of interest. Accent lighting is the ideal option to highlight a sculpture, plant, and likes. This includes track light, wall-mounted fixtures, etc.

Lights To Install In Different Parts Of Your House

When it comes to lighting installation, you need to choose the right lights for each of your room and living space. By doing so you can enhance the beauty of your entire home.

You will come across many different lightings that can help you improve the aesthetics and visibility of your house. You can either go for something expensive but decorative or cheap but functional, the choice is yours. Regardless of your choice, you can choose a reliable electrical handyman in Singapore, read their handyman reviews and check out their handyman price list for the services you need.

In case, you are not very sure what lights to install, you can take help from the following pointers.

  1. Living room and bedroom lighting

Interior lighting is very important for your rooms. Whether it be your bedroom or living room, you need to look for something that can elaborate your rooms. Not only that but lighting is also important for your safety reasons. In that case, you are advised to install dimmer switch/halogen lights in your bedroom and living room. You can also consider installing cove light ceilings, LED lighting, down-light, hanging lights, etc.



  1. Kitchen and bathroom lighting

One of the first things about the bathroom and kitchen lights is that they should be functional. You definitely don’t want dark spaces in your washroom when you use it in the night. The same applies to your kitchen as well. If you have single lighting sources, it may not be able to provide all the lighting you need.

You also need to make sure that all the electrical wiring are done with caution, which the electrical handyman would naturally do. For bathrooms and kitchen, you can consider installing wall lightings at the corners, ceiling lighting above work stations and LED light to improve the overall ambiance of the space.

How To Install Lighting?

The installation process every lighting system is different. Some are easy while others are difficult. Installing lightings such as fixtures, wall mount installations and any other type of lighting that involves electrical work can be difficult for you to handle. This is where you need to hire professional help. Installing an entire lighting fixture is not as easy as replacing a bulb. It involves professional skills and knowledge which you lack. To prevent any time or effort wasted, it would be much easier to call for professional handyman services.

Handyman Light Installation Services Singapore

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