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Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly


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About A1 Handyman Furniture Assembly Services

Not all items of furniture you buy comes pre-assembled, especially for furniture purchased from IKEA and Taobao. Things like tables, chairs, shelves, bed frames, sofas and cabinets are required to be assembled as the retailer ships them at your home. Most furniture retailers do not provide support for assembling furniture. However, you should not try to do it by yourself as you might not have the necessary knowledge needed to put the parts and pieces together. In such cases, immediately contact a reliable furniture assembly service in Singapore like A1 Handyman Singapore to put all the parts together and build what you have bought. A1 Handyman will be able to provide services such as IKEA furniture assembly and Taobao Furniture assembly.

When to hire a furniture assembling service?

You may need the support of a reliable handyman furniture assembly service quite often in Singapore. Suppose you have recently moved to a new location and your furniture was dismantled by movers during shipping. They may not provide the support for assembling it back and therefore it might get a bit troubling for you to reassemble all the parts and pieces of your furniture all by yourself. You must call the best furniture assembling service in Singapore to get your furniture ready within a few minutes.

For a very reasonable price, you can get full support and get all your furniture assembled by professionals. It is okay if the furniture retailer is charging too high a price for furniture assembly. Singapore’s leading furniture assembling professionals will be at your service any day of the week.

furniture assembly service a1 handyman singapore
handyman furniture assembly a1 handyman singapore
We assemble the following types of furniture:
  • Chairs: If you have recently moved or bought an expensive chair that comes disassembled, you can contact us to assemble it. We will fit all the parts perfectly in order to make your chair more durable and comfortable.
  • Tables: We assemble all kinds of tables in Singapore, regardless of their size and shape.
  • Shelves: We use the latest tools while assembling shelves. Our experts also offer their support for installing shelves on the wall and other areas in your home.
  • Cabinet: Whether you are planning to install the cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your property, contact us to assemble them perfectly. Thus, your cabinets will remain strong and functional for many years.

Should you try to assemble the furniture by yourself?

It might seem like an easy job to assemble the furniture, especially if you’ve read up on some articles, but it is not. You need proper tools and fasteners to attach all the pieces perfectly. What if you screw all the pieces together and the furniture gets broken within a few days? Loose screws will pop out and damage the furniture. Instead of taking such risks, you should hire the best handyman furniture assembly service in Singapore that has proven experience through their past handyman projects.

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