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A locksmith is a professional technician who works to install, repair, and replace locks and keys. We all lose our keys time and again throughout our lives. Many people even panic as soon as they find out that they’ve misplaced their door keys and are locked outside their own house. It is, of course, a troubling situation but you should keep calm and search for a handyman locksmith to deal with this situation in a proper way.

You may not always need a locksmith if you always carry an extra set of keys with work. Suppose you are alone, have lost your keys, and there is no other way of entering in the apartment except unlocking the door, you should contact A1 Handyman Singapore locksmith immediately.

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What do we offer?

We offer an all-inclusive support whenever the clients contact us for unlocking doors, opening jammed locks, and preparing duplicate keys. We offer the following handyman services:

  • Unlocking services:

Almost HDB flats, apartments, houses, and offices in Singapore are equipped with doors that have locks attached to them. These locks are installed for the safety of those inside and nearly impossible to break. So, if you lock your door and lose your keys, do not try to unlock the door yourself as this will only worsen the situation.

Instead of taking the risk of damaging the lock and falling for locksmith scams, you should contact us and hire our locksmith. Our locksmith in Singapore is famous for unlocking stuck locks. No need to worry if you have lost the keys because our locksmith will arrive at your location within the shortest possible time.

  • Lock replacement and installation:

Old locks can cause a lot of trouble. It can be really tough to unlock jammed locks which are old. What if you want to enter immediately inside your house and the lock got jammed. It would be a very frustrating situation that you would not like to face ever again in the future.

Instead of struggling with old and jammed locks you should replace them with new and safer locks. Our locksmith services in Singapore include installing new locks and replacing old locks with new ones. It is our top priority to provide the clients with the safest and toughest locks that no burglar can break. Unlike other locksmith services, we charge quite an affordable price for our support and we send the support immediately so that you will not suffer too long with old locks.

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Choose A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman Singapore provides exceptional support when it comes to tackling home maintenance problems. With reasonable and affordable prices, you can get quality handyman workmanship. We offer a wide range of professional handyman services like plumbing, electrical, aircon servicing, rubbish chute services, water heater services, door repair services, handyman drilling services, wall mounting installation services, TV bracket installation services, and pull up bar installation. Need help figuring out a specific issue? Read through our handyman articles and browse our past handyman projects. Over the years, we have served many satisfied customers and received positive reviews both on Google and Facebook. WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for transparent quotation and honest pricing for all your handyman needs. We offer a fast and efficient service to serve any of your handyman needs!

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