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Bidet Spray Installation

Bidet Spray Installation


About A1 Handyman Bidet Spray Installation Services

Chances are, you have had to engage handyman services for your plumbing needs. But sometimes, the quality of the plumber you get may be subpar. If you are looking for home improvement in bathroom cleanliness, it is recommended to choose a reliable plumber for guaranteed results.

If you want to talk about cleanliness, use a bidet spray and not toilet paper. For the uninitiated, a bidet spray is a bathroom fixture that sprays a small stream of water. This is great for rinsing off leftover faecal matter, blood from that time of the month, or cleaning around the toilet bowl. But why not just use toilet paper, as is the case with many Singaporean households?

Bidet Spray VS Toilet Paper

Despite the misconceptions that one might have about bidet sprays, there are multiple studies that report on the benefits of using a bidet. When it comes to a straight tussle of bidets versus toilet paper, the bidet tap wins out almost every time, and here’s why:

  • More Hygienic
    • What using toilet paper does is smear the fecal matter around and not actually clean the area. If the motion is too vigorous, you may even tear the delicate skin there. Bidets are gentler and more hygienic since it washes the fecal matter away.
  • Less Clogging
  • Long Term Savings
    • Less clogging means fewer plumbing expenses. You also spend less on toilet paper, which is another way how buying and installing a bidet spray can help save you money.
  • Doesn’t Take Up Too Much Space
    • The bidet itself can be easily tucked away in the dead space between the toilet bowl and the wall. Toilet paper rolls tend to come in multiples of 10, which takes up quite a bit of space.


Choosing The Right Bidet Tap


When you are ready to make the switch, you will be amazed at the variety of bidets available in the market. If you are finding it hard to make a choice, here are some things you should consider when purchasing and installing a bidet spray:

  • Budget
    • Cheaper bidet sprays have fewer features and are made up of cheaper materials like plastic. On the other hand, expensive bidet sprays have a better design and features that provide a better overall experience.
  • Sturdiness
    • A bidet spray is going to be used regularly, so it must be durable so as to prevent additional expenses incurred from accidental damage. This is why installing a stainless-steel bidet spray is beneficial.
  • Water Pressure Control
    • If a family member has skin problems, purchasing a bidet spray with the option to easily adjust the water pressure is a good choice.
  • Features
    • Longer hose lengths grant better operational flexibility, while some may appreciate the option of a warm water spray.
Why Does My Bidet Spray Have Low Water Pressure?


But what if after installation, you find that the bidet stream is too weak to clean properly? Identify the cause from the list below and apply the corresponding fix.

  • Check For Leaks
    • Water pipe leaks can contribute to weak water pressure from the bidet tap.
  • Check The Water Supply To The Bidet
    • Check if the water supply to the bidet has been accidentally lowered and adjust the valve accordingly.
  • Adjust The Spray Head
    • If you have an adjustable handheld sprayer, check if it is a problem with the spray head by adjusting it.
  • Check Your Home’s Water Pressure
    • If the water pressure of your bidet suddenly plummets, it can be a sign that something is wrong with your main water supply (which is one of the reasons for low water pressure in the home).

NOTE: If you feel that the water pressure is too low, please check with your town council and they will either advise or send a technician over to check.

  • Check If Your Area Is Experiencing Water Failure
    • If you are still facing a water failure, the problem may be due to a neighbourhood-wide water service interruption. While it is a rare occurrence, we cannot write off the possibility of it ever happening.

If these steps fail to solve your problem, consider engaging the services of a plumber for a professional and hassle-free solution.

What Do We Offer?

When it comes to providing quality support for bidet spray installation in Singapore, A1 Handyman Singapore provides customers with affordable and convenient solutions. You can view our past works to witness the high quality services that our technicians deliver.

Our Exclusive Partnership With Tap & Faucet City


Tap Faucet City Singapore is an exclusive partner with A1 Handyman Singapore to provide our different tap and faucet services. They are dedicated to providing premium bidet spray services from their team of highly experienced plumbers and installers. With proper planning, they ensure that proper measurements are taken before installing or replacing a bidet tap.

Tap Faucet City Singapore specializes in helping their clients choose the perfect bathroom tap, basin tap, kitchen tap/kitchen sink tap, mixer tap, shower tap, one-way tap, two-way tap, shower set, and rainshower set, for their bathroom or kitchen that not only complements their interiors but also comes with several useful features. They can also provide tap installation and tap replacement services as part of their tap services.  For a quick consultation and transparent quote, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team via WhatsApp now!


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