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Toilet Bowl Installation/Replacement

Toilet Bowl Installation/Replacement


About A1 Handyman Toilet Bowl Installation/Replacement Services

If you are looking to install new appliances in your home, perhaps you should consider hiring a handyman. These professionals are adept at providing a variety of services, including TV bracket installation, pull up bar installation, water heater installation, or toilet bowl services.

A toilet bowl is the most important appliance in a Singaporean home. When nature calls, nothing is more relieving than having a toilet bowl ready. Inversely, you don’t want to be caught in a situation where there are no toilet bowls available in times of desperate need. If you are looking to install or replace your toilet bowl, it is recommended to know how to choose reliable plumber handyman.

When Do You Need To Install or Replace a New Toilet Bowl?


The first step to take before embarking on a toilet bowl installation/replacement is to read up handyman-related articles to learn about the important factors associated with it. Tell-tale signs that your toilet bowl is due for replacement would include:

  • Physical Damage
    • While you can follow guides to clean and maintain your toilet bowl, it will still deteriorate slowly over time, or when mistreated. The cracks and leaks that may develop can lead to potentially dangerous problems.
  • Your Toilet Bowl Is Wobbling
    • While you may be tempted to simply tighten any loose screws that you come across when your toilet bowl is wobbling, it may be a serious sign that you should do a toilet bowl replacement. Even the standard HDB issued toilet bowls may not be immune to this problem, and when not properly addressed, the likelihood of the toilet bowl falling apart when in use increases.
  • Your Flushing System Uses Too Much Water When In Use
    • Toilet bowls that require more water for flushing are usually not economically recommended as they contribute to higher water bills in the long run.
  • Your Toilet Bowl Is Constantly In Need Of Repair
    • If the common toilet bowl issues that you want to learn to fix are severe enough, they will necessitate constant repair – this is not what a toilet bowl that is functioning properly should exhibit. Investing in a better toilet bowl is the more economical solution to solve the problems once and for all and save money in the long run.
Preparing For Toilet Bowl Installation/Replacement

Replacing a toilet bowl is not an easy task. There are many things to note during the toilet bowl installation process. Having some prior understanding of the steps involved in the installation process will help make sure that you do not miss out on something important.

  • Remove the old toilet carefully.
  • Get the measurements between the wall and the drainage.
  • Check whether your plumbing system requires an S-trap toilet bowl or a P-trap toilet bowl.
  • Purchase a suitable type of toilet bowl.
  • Ensure that the measurements were done in your bathroom tally with the measurements of your new toilet bowl.
  • Ensure that the installation of the new toilet bowl is done properly.


With so many loose ends to tie down, it would be advisable for you to get a professional plumber to assist you with the toilet bowl installation process.

How To Choose The Right Toilet Bowl For You


There are multiple mistakes you should avoid when buying a new toilet bowl, like selecting the toilet bowl with the wrong trap design or measurements. This makes the selection process slightly challenging. That is where we come in. At A1 Handyman Singapore, we provide the full package of services from start to finish:

  • Identifying the type of toilet bowl you need
    • P Trap or S Trap
  • Choosing your dream model from our extensive toilet bowl catalogue
    • 1-Piece or 2-Piece
    • Color
    • Brand
  • The subsequent toilet bowl installation/replacement
What Do We Offer?

When it comes to providing quality support for toilet bowl installation/replacement in Singapore, A1 Handyman Singapore provides customers with affordable and convenient solutions. Our handymen are highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of toilet bowl specifications so you can be well assured that you will be receiving top quality handyman works when you hire our support.

Our Exclusive Partnership With Toilet Bowl City


Toilet Bowl City is an exclusive partner with A1 Handyman Singapore to provide our different toilet bowl services. They also supply and install all popular toilet bowls across a variety of categories. These models are manufactured by the best-selling toilet brands in Singapore such as Baron, Saniton, Tiara, Toto, American Standard, and Magnum.

Toilet Bowl City Singapore offers one-stop toilet bowl services including toilet bowl installation/replacement, HDB toilet bowl, toilet bowl choke, toilet bowl leak, and toilet bowl flush system services in Singapore. Our team of toilet bowl specialists has more than 10 years of plumbing experience and have completed many toilet bowl projects in Singapore. For a quick consultation and transparent quote, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team via WhatsApp now!


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