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Wall Mounting Installation Services

Wall Mounting Installation Services


About A1 Handyman Wall Mounting Services

A1 Handyman Singapore is the most trusted and experienced handyman service, if you are looking for wall mounting services, you can rely on us to deliver fast response and professional services. We have done wall mounting installation services for Singaporean residents living in HDB, landed properties or condominiums.

Types of Wall Mounting Services A Handyman Can Do

A1 Handyman Service Singapore happens to provide the widest range of wall mounting services in Singapore, from over 10 years of experience in the industry. Here are some of the most popular wall mounting services requested.

Mirror Installation

Besides bathroom mirrors or full-length mirrors to be installed in a typical house, mirrors are also die-cut into designer shapes to create an interior design look or to expand the spaciousness of the house. However, due to the fragility of mirrors and how expensive its purchase is, most people would rather rely on a handyman service to install wall-mounted mirrors. A good handyman would take the time to measure the length of the mirror against the wall to create symmetry and the best placement on the wall. Drilling services  will also be required to install sturdy screws or nails to mount the mirror on.

Wall Mounted Shelves

Having wall mounted shelves presents a more modern look in the house, while saving a lot of space from installing a bookshelf. Shelves are used both for decorative purposes and also for storage use. You can get a wide variety of fancy shelves. Installing a shelf may appear to be easy but in reality, it’s not. Precise measurement and sturdy, experienced hands are needed to prevent the shelf from being installed crookedly, or preventing damage to the wall from the drilling process. Skip all the hard work and hire the handyman services for the shelf installation furniture assembly service.

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TV Bracket Installation

A TV bracket installation is probably the toughest item to mount on the wall. See how you can avoid common TV bracket installation problems if you are doing it yourself. It requires quite specific tools and also the strength and expertise to mount a TV bracket firmly on the wall. The task is quite a tedious one and therefore, hiring a Handyman professional would be the easiest solution for a TV bracket installation.

Curtain and Blinds Installation

Curtains are not only meant for privacy, or filtering bright sunrays, they are also great accents to the house to complete the home design. Handyman professionals are not only experienced in curtain rod installations but also repairing them. If you have new house curtains and blinds to install and want to avoid the time-consuming process of hanging the heavy curtains on individual hooks, then you can easily hire their professional handyman services at affordable rates.

Hanging Painting or Picture Frames

The main purpose of hanging painting or pictures is to improve the aesthetic value of your house. Homeowners usually mount multiple picture frames and paintings on their wall. This means you need to drill your wall several times. Instead of doing it on your own you can hire Handyman picture hanging professionals for the task. They will be able to get the job done for you in the neatest and fastest way.


Speakers on a wall mount bracket ensures that the sound is dispersed from a higher height for a better auditory experience. The speakers will also have to be expertly connected with the wires to the source of the audio and electrical socket, and have the unsightly trail of wires be hidden. The last thing you want is your speakers to collapse and end up broken on the floor. Look for an electrical handyman for mounting speakers on the wall, just in case an electrical outlet is involved. Also, they usually are able to suggest you an ideal spot to mount your device.

Wall Mounted Socket Outlets

Electrical Handyman can provide a list of services including installing wall sockets. Sometimes, we are met with minor repair needs by having the wall socket replaced or repaired. While it is not necessary for a professional service to do so, it will be best to engage a licensed electrical man so that they will follow electrical safety tips.

Equipment Required For Wall Mounting That A Handyman Will Have

To mount an item on the wall, you need special equipment and tools. It is not possible for you to have all the required tools at your home. This is why people rely on the services of Handyman as they are equipped with everything that is required for the task. The main tools that are required for wall mounting include:

  1. Stud finder

With the help of this tool, you are able to find the studs behind drywall for more secure mounting.

  1. Power drills

This is one of the most important tools required for wall mounting. It helps you to drill holes in the wall so that you can fix the screws.

  1. Screwdriver

A screwdriver is also important to tighten the screws of a wall-mounted bracket. Screwdrives can come in different sizes and cross tips for various kinds of screws.

  1. Safety goggles

While drilling and mounting devices on the wall, your eyes are vulnerable to all the flying dust and debris. In order to protect them from an injury you need to have safety goggle.

  1. Measuring tape

This is important to measure the distance or position to install the item on the wall.

These are some of the main tools that every handyman professional carries with them all the time during work.

Beginner Tips On Installing It And What Mistakes To Avoid

For those of you who want to mount items on the wall on their own can follow the tips given below.

  1. The very first rule of wall mounting is to determine the surface first. Most of the houses these days have drywall which is thicker and harder. To determine whether it’s drywall, you can use a pushpin to check.
  2. Locating the studs is yet another thing that you need to learn. The best way to find a stud is to look for a light switch. Most are mounted inside the first stud by the door frame.
  3. Before drilling holes in the wall, you should check for pipes and wiring so that you don’t end up damaging them. It is advised that you cut the power line before proceeding with your work.
  4. Make use of screws and not nails to fasten the stud. Screws are less damaging than nails.

Every household has various wall mounting requirements. Find a handyman near you that provides a good range of services so you can execute multiple home tasks all at once. Their wide range of professional handyman experience also means you are getting a plumber, an electrician and even an aircon technician all in one!

Choose A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman Singapore provides exceptional support when it comes to tackling home maintenance problems. With reasonable and affordable prices, you can get quality handyman workmanship. We offer a wide range of professional handyman services like plumbing, electrical, aircon servicing, rubbish chute services, water heater services, door repair services, handyman drilling services, wall mounting installation services, TV bracket installation services, and pull up bar installation. Need help figuring out a specific issue? Read through our handyman articles and browse our past handyman projects. Over the years, we have served many satisfied customers and received positive reviews both on Google and Facebook. WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for transparent quotation and honest pricing for all your handyman needs. We offer a fast and efficient service to serve any of your handyman needs!