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Wall Shelf Installation

Wall Shelf Installation


About A1 Handyman Wall Shelf Installation Services

Maximizing the available space efficiently is very important especially for Singaporean homes with very limited floor space. Having a wall shelf installation or mounting wall shelves can save you lots of valuable floor space. An addition to that, they can be used in different areas of the house. It not only helps in organizing your things precisely how you want it to be, but it also gives safe storage space for your items like books, appliances, or even your home decors. 

If you decide to install wall shelves in your home now, you should consider hiring a professional handyman like A1 Handyman Singapore to do this for you to ensure the installation is done effectively and efficiently.

What Are The Benefits of Installing A Wall Shelf?


Choosing a wall shelf means you can choose from size, material, and functionality for the items you need to store. That’s not only it, but you can also decide from what color or design to get that fits your house’s interior design. 

Extra Storage


Another benefit that wall shelves offer is its ability to provide storage space without being too bulky compared to other storage solutions. It adds extra storage space to any area of your home to store any household items such as soap, candles, toys and many more. 

To fully maximize this extra storage space, it is best to engage with a professional handyman to avoid any dangers of DIY drilling and drilling failures

Organized Clutter

Clutter makes the home appear untidy and unorganized. Once wall shelves are installed, it can help you to bring some order to your home by designating a place to store your items. Furthermore, they can also make your room look spacious and organized.



Some homeowners see blank walls boring, which is why they think of adding wall shelves, installing pull up bars and putting things for display like their favorite photos, artworks, hobbies, or collectibles to instantly spruce up the space. One of the benefits of hiring a handyman drilling service is their ability to install the wall shelf effectively making it not just stylish but also safe to use. 

Free Up Floor Space

If you noticed your home is starting to look small and cluttered, wall shelves are for you. It gives you the ability to put everything in its place, no matter how big or small then freeing up some floor space. 

After knowing about the benefits of installing a wall shelf, be sure to know about the common types of wall shelves in Singapore.

4 Common Types of Wall Shelves in Singapore
Fixed-Bracket Wall Shelves


This is one of the most common wall shelves and deemed as the safest because the brackets are attached to the walls, and the shelves are secured onto them – making the items stored secured and less likely to fall or break. This type of shelf can stand alone or combined with other additional brackets to further expand the storage space. 

There are times especially when going for a DIY installation, the wall shelf installed is uneven. Which is why it is advisable to skip all the hard work and hire the handyman services to install your wall shelf.

Built-In Wall Shelves

You can have a built-in wall shelf almost anywhere where there is an indent, making it suitable for homes where space is limited. Also, it is an effective and flexible way to maximize unused vertical spaces in the house. 

Floating Wall Shelves


Other than being functional, this type of wall shelf is also good to look at. Compared to a fixed bracket wall shelf where the bracket and nails are seen, a floating wall shelf appears to float over the walls making it look like it has no visible support.

Corner Shelves


This type of shelf is built to fit tighter spots and locations to utilize hard to access corners. Wall shelves can be made up of solid wood, plastic and engineered/laminated wood and can be customized to fit any desired location at home.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Handyman For Wall Shelf Installation?
You Can Save More Time


Hiring a handyman is convenient because they have the needed skill set, tools and knowledge to effectively and efficiently install the wall shelves. Similar to assembling furniture, installing a wall shelf might appear easy at first but it requires the right tools and skills to install the wall shelf properly. 

Also, hiring a professional handyman finishes the installation in no time compared to installing the wall shelves yourself as you’d have to do research, get the right tools which may take more time to get the project done.  

You Can Have Peace Of Mind


Professional wall shelves installation services can give you peace of mind, as they can give advice on what wall shelves are able to support the weight of the items you will store while also being confident that they will install it properly and securely. Relying on them can also prevent damage to your walls and also prevent unnecessary costs for repairs.

Engage A1 Handyman Singapore For A Wall Shelf Installation

Having a wall shelf at home can help add a storage space especially for rooms with limited floor space. If you wish to conduct a proper wall shelf installation, engage a professional handyman. Our staff in A1 Handyman Singapore are all highly skilled and experienced professionals who will make sure to install your wall shelf as efficiently as possible. They can also do other quality handyman services for your other household needs – to learn more, check out our various handyman projects. Contact us today to enquire!

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