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Water Heater

Water Heater


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About A1 Handyman Water Heater Services

Every home is equipped with water heaters in Singapore. People normally use a water heater whenever take a bath, do the dishes, and wash their clothes. Hot water is one of the most basic needs in every home during the cold season. Most of the users across Singapore use electric water heaters. These appliances are convenient to use and provide long-lasting and trouble-free services. Not too many people search for handyman when repairing water heater in Singapore. However, if the water heater stops working, it can affect your whole day.

Laypeople do not know what to check when their water heater stops working. In fact, it can be risky to try to diagnose the issue. There will be the danger of electric shock and this would make you not want to meddle with this particular appliance. With this, it would be a smart decision to contact A1 Handyman Singapore for water heater repair.

We provide comprehensive support for diagnosing the issue with your current water heater. Our technician will find the root of the issue to ensure that it is functioning properly.  and he will fix it if the fault is repairable. You can also hire us for installing a new water heater if you do not want to struggle with the current faulty water heater anymore.

Things you need to consider before installing a new water heater

When you decide to get a new water heater installed in your house, you should consider some important factors associated with this task by reading up handyman-related articles. In this case, the water heater installation cost will depend on the following things:

1. The type of water heater:

There are two types of water heater widely used by the residents in Singapore. These are instant water heater and storage water heater, with each type having different pricings. The installation process is also different for both type of water heaters and thus the installation cost will also be different. You should keep this fact in mind when installing a new water heater.

2. The size of water heater:

The size always affects the cost of electrical appliances and water heater is not an exception. You will have to pay more for buying a large size water heater and its installation cost will also depend on its size. The cost will usually be cheaper is you choose a smaller sized water heater.

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Things you need to consider before installing a new water heater

3. The location:

When it comes to installing water heaters, A1 Handyman Singapore charges the same price for its support all across Singapore. There are some other companies that charge expensive water heater Singapore price for installation. Therefore, you should always make sure you hire a reliable and quality handyman for this job.

4. Installing a new set-up:

You do not need to worry about additional cost if there is already an outlet installed in your house for a water heater. If there is no set-up, then you will have to pay for installing new water outlets and electrical wiring installation when installing a new water heater.

What do we offer?

When it comes to providing quality support for water heater installation in Singapore, A1 Handyman Singapore provides customers with affordable and convenient solutions. Our technicians have dealt with all kinds of waters heaters. They are familiar with the latest technology and water heater repair methods. So, you can be sure about top quality repair and installation works when you hire our support. We provide the following services:

  • Storage water heater repair and installation support:

A storage water heater is the most common type of water heater. You can see it in almost every HDB flat and house in Singapore. This water heater comprises of a storage tank in which the water is stored and heated electrically. Cold water is stored within the tank and then heated, and then supplied through hot water taps. Although most of the people prefer storage water heaters, a variety of technical issues can affect the smooth functioning of these water heaters.

If you already have a storage water heater installed in your flat and it is not working properly, contact us right now. It can be risky to operate a faulty storage water heater because there will be a danger of electric shock. It will consume more power than a normal water heater consumes and increase your electricity bills. Our technician can easily inspect the whole setup and find the fault to repair it. If it is non-repairable, we can provide you the best assistance for replacing it with a new one.

  • Instant water heater repair and installation:

An instant water heater is the best solution for your hot water demands especially if there is not much space for housing a large size storage water heater. It connects to the water pipes and heats cold water immediately. Along with being a great space saving option the instant water heater is also a power-saving solution. You can consider buying a 707 water heater if you are seeking a better design option in the water heater. It is easy to install water heater which is tankless and quite powerful.

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water heater singapore a1 handyman singapore
Why you should not wait too long to repair or replace a faulty water heater

Many people try to delay the water heater replacement or repair task because of the lack of time or a limited budget. Delaying the repair or replacement work is not a great solution, whatever the reason is. Suppose you are using a faulty water heater, there will always be the danger of electric shock and it will consume a lot more power.

You should immediately contact A1 Handyman Singapore for installation or replacement of instant water heater, storage water heater, 707 water heater, or Ariston water heater in Singapore.

Our Exclusive Partnership With Water Heater City Singapore

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Water Heater City is an exclusive partner with A1 Handyman Singapore to provide our different water heater services. They also supply and install all popular water heaters of storage and instant water heater types. These models are manufactured by the best water heater brands in Singapore such as Ariston water heaterRheem water heaterJoven water heater, 707 water heater, Rubine water heater, and Champs water heater.

Water Heater City offers a 30 days workmanship warranty for their water heater installation services and their water heater products include manufacturer’s warranty as well. Their suite of water heater services includes storage water heater installationinstant water heater installation and multipoint water heater installation at affordable price points. In addition, they are able to provide above false ceiling water heater installation with ceiling patch back as well. For a quick consultation and transparent quote, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team via WhatsApp now!


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