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A1 Handyman Singapore Price List

A1 Handyman Singapore Price List


With the rates listed above, A1 Handyman Singapore aims to provide affordable and competitive pricing to all its customers. The prices quoted are for works done by our team of handymen with several years of experience. Trust that you’ll get your money’s worth as we deliver exceptional workmanship together with our wide range of handyman services in Singapore. Whether it’s a faulty tap, a leaky toilet, a painting job, furniture assembly work, water heater installation, carpentry or locksmith work – we can do them all! Prices may differ depending on job complexity. If we are unable to assess and provide an accurate price beforehand, we will have to go down for on-site inspection first. There may be a small token of service charge for inspection which may be waived if you engage us to carry out the job.

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A1 Handyman Singapore Price List

Handyman Services Singapore  Estimated Rate (Includes labour and transport only)
Door Repair Prices
Door Lock Replacement Enquire for Price
Gate Lock Replacement Enquire for Price
Door Handle/Knob Replacement From $120
Cabinet Hinge Replacement (1 Pair) From $100, From $20 (per additional unit)
Cupboard Hydraulic Hinge Replacement (1 Pair) From $120, From $50 (per additional unit)
Drilling Services                
Hang Pictures / Artwork From $70, From $30 (per additional unit)
Hang Mirror From $70, From $30 (per additional unit)
Bathroom Accessories Installation From $70, From $30 (per additional unit)
Pull Up Bar Installation From $95, From $75 (per additional unit)
Installing Curtain Rods From $100, From $30 (per additional unit)
Installing Curtain Blinds/Track From $100 (From $20 per additional unit)
Wall Mounted Shelves From $70, From $30 (per additional unit)
Punching Bag From $120 (From $90 per additional unit)
HDB Laundry Rack From $150
TV Bracket From $120 (From $90 per additional unit)
Rubbish Chute From $235
Handyman Plumber Prices
Clogged toilet bowl / Clearing toilet bowl choke From $130
Clogged floor trap/ Clogged drainage pipe/ Clearing floor trap choke From $130
Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphon From $150
Labor & material to repair leak at exposed copper pipe or Upvc pipe From $140
Supplying & replacing toilet/WC flush system From $150
Replace shower set From $150
Replace kitchen sink/ Bathroom tap / faucet (basic type) From $130
Replace instant water heater Enquire for Price
Replace storage water heater Enquire for Price
Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sink From $120
Replace Sink/ Basin/ Cistern flexible hose From $120
Supply & install toilet bowl set From $420
Supply & install basin From $250
Electrical Handyman Prices
Replace light bulb From $86

From $43 (per additional unit)

Install / replace LED light From $105

From $70 (per additional unit)

Install / replace downlight (*Light fitting will be provided by the owner) From $105

From $70 (per additional unit)

Install / replace light/ ceiling light fitting From $120

From $90 (per additional point)

Install the hanging/deco light fitting (*Light fitting provided by owner) From $90 (with existing point)

From $60 (per additional point)

Install a wall fan (*Fan fitting provided by owner) From $70 (with existing point)

From $40 (per additional point)

Supply and install 15AMP aircon point (non-conceal) Enquire for Price
Supply and install 13AMP washing machine point (non-conceal) Enquire for Price
Supply and install 20AMP water heater point (non-conceal) Enquire for Price
Supply and install Single / Double 13AMP power point power socket (non-conceal) From $90
Supply and install lighting switch point (non-conceal) From $90
Replace power socket From $90

From $50 (per additional switch)

Replace light switch From $90

From $50 (per additional switch)

Supply and install dimmer switch point (non-conceal) From $90

Our Handyman Services in Singapore

handyman plumbing services a1 handyman singapore


Plumbing emergencies can arise anytime without any warning. But don’t fret, as A1 Handyman Singapore will respond immediately to solve your plumbing issue with our handyman plumbing services.

electrical handyman a1 handyman singapore


At A1 Handyman Singapore, you will get top skilled professionals who can diagnose the fault, perform the repair work, and ensure a long-lasting and smooth-running electrical system in your property.



Our aircon servicing Singapore include aircon cleaning, aircon repair and aircon installations of Singapore’s most popular aircon brands.

water heater singapore price a1 handyman singapore


We provide comprehensive support, including water heater installation, when it comes to dealing with storage water heaters and instant water heaters.

handyman locksmith a1 handyman singapore


Our door repair services in Singapore include installing, repairing or replacing door locks, gate locks, door hinges, cabinet hinges, door handles in various types and styles.



Need help hanging or mounting a picture, mirror, bathroom accessories or shelves on the wall? We have the drilling tools and expertise to help.

furniture assembly service singapore a1 handyman singapore


For a very reasonable price, you can get full support and get all your furniture assembled by trusted professionals at A1 Handyman Singapore.



Whether it be hanging up framed pictures, a mirror, feature shelves, hooks in the ceiling or any other wall- or ceiling-mounted installations, A1 Handyman provides its expert service.

tv installation a1 handyman singapore


Having installed numerous TV brackets all across the country, A1 Handyman Singapore technicians are well-trained to conduct only quality service.

handyman locksmith a1 handyman singapore


Locked out of your apartment? We also provide professional locksmith services to unlock or replace your door lock in a jiffy.

painting services singapore a1 handyman singapore


A1 Handyman Singapore assigns professional and highly skilled painters to complete all painting jobs.

carpentry handyman singapore a1 handyman singapore


Dealing with wooden furniture? Our handyman provide experienced carpentry work to help you with your storage and furniture needs.



Need a shiny new rubbish chute to replace the old, worn out one? We supply and install both HDB and Condo rubbish chutes in less than 3 hours, responding to your needs quickly.

Why are handyman skills so valuable?

Everyone should have at least have some basic handyman skills so that you can take care of minor home repairs. For example, a door repair should be an easy task, however, modern living has phased out such handyman skills. Most people would solve such inconveniences by paying for a skilled worker to do it instead.


Not only can they trust that the task will be done professionally, they save the time from searching for tools, the supplies, as well as, learning how to do perform it themselves. In short, handyman skills are valuable because of such skill shortage, and is predicted to be in high demand and short supply in the modern future.

If you are not convinced how a handyman can quickly and easily solve your home repair woes, read more on the convenience of hiring a handyman.

good handyman singapore a1 handyman singapore

Tips on Hiring a Handyman in Singapore

Many handymen provide their services in Singapore. Hiring the best one would be quite puzzling because you want the best support and everyone claims to provide satisfying service. Here are our tips on hiring a good handyman in Singapore.

Even though issues like a clogged kitchen sink, flickering light bulbs, and dripping water pipes look harmless, these might be the indication of some big problems. Small issues can get bigger in no time and then you may have no choice but to contact an expert. You will need the support of a professional handyman who can inspect the faulty system to find the root of the issue and fix it.




Reasons People Look For A Cheap Handyman

When home repair and maintenance issues are demanding attention in different parts of your home, let’s say, in plumbing, electrical and aircon servicing needs all at once, most people may think of hiring a professional handyman over 3 different direct contractors for each home service. This is just one of the reasons why people look for a cheap handyman and we explore further on why some people look for a handyman and what are its benefits. If you are looking for an affordable handyman, we at A1 Handyman Singapore will be able to solve all your home services needs at one go. Simply call us and we will be at your doorsteps in no time at all as we operate in all Singapore locations.


Why hire a cheap handyman?

Sometimes we require a helping hand to get chores done effectively. A handyman is somebody who is employed for performing some occasional home or office repairs as well as minor home or office renovations. They usually charge an hourly rate for their services, which includes transport, labour and sometimes the material itself. Handyman companies such as A1 Handyman Singapore can sometimes charge a lump-sum fee for the service, which gives you the peace of knowing there are no hidden charges. In our case, our handyman prices are inclusive of labour, transport and basic material costs.



  1. Time-saving and Cost-efficient

Compared to DIY jobs, a professional handyman will be able to work quicker particularly since their experience of doing it repeatedly has given them the ability to troubleshoot and carry out the job expertly. The time and money that you would have saved by performing the work on your own is now better spent on having the convenience of hiring a handyman. Instead of fretting over the tools you need to have, watching dozens of YouTube tutorials to get the relevant solution you needs, and hunting for the materials you need, you can simply call a handyman and get it all done while you manage something else important to you.



  1. Zero DIY failures

The majority of the affordable handymen will be able to fix the issues without any problem at all and also in a timely manner. If the task would have been performed by you, it might take several days or even weeks. Moreover, a cheap handyman service is nothing compared to the trouble that you would put yourself through and the extra costs that may incur if something goes wrong. Just the other day, we have encountered about 5 cases of DIY drilling failures that we had to come rescue.


  1. Emergencies

When you are facing an emergency that needs to be fixed immediately, there is no time for DIY. To save costs, some people may call a handyman they are familiar with if it is a small emergency. However, for a larger singular emergency, some would also think of calling a direct contractor instead. Save A1 Handyman Singapore’s number in your phone can you can be sure that our team of handymen with professional home improvement services, derived over years of service, provides excellent service for all your home needs. You would be getting the best of both worlds – affordable handyman prices with the range of direct contractor services.



  1. Handle numerous number of small jobs

Perhaps the home services you require are not urgent yet. There will be a time when you have enough small jobs that needs to be done around the house, that you will require a handyman’s service to handle them in one shot. This would be beneficial to your wallet instead of hiring individual home contractors to tackle them one by one across multiple dates.


Is There A Cheap Handyman Service in Singapore?

Homeowners should know that there are many reasons why a handyman is offering cheap services, at lower rates compared to other service providers. There are many disadvantages of using a cheap handyman based on prices alone, without considering other factors like quality and safety.

You might be wondering by now how A1 Handyman Singapore can offer high quality handyman services at affordable prices. Here are some of the reasons why A1 Handyman Singapore is able to keep the costs affordable.



Why Do People Expect Handyman Services To Be Cheap?

Home repairs may not be something that most will want to pay for because they feel they can do it themselves, but prefer to have the convenience. Or perhaps they just do not have the various tools required, and may have spend the time to learn how to DIY, on top of the actual repair. As such, when deciding between hiring a handyman or a direct contractor, most would believe that a handyman is the cheaper option.

Just because you may think a home service is easy, does not mean it really is. Here are some myths people believe about cheap handyman services in Singapore.

Myth #1: Many people are only interested in paying the lowest amount of the handyman services since they do not consider it to be a high skilled job and the handyman is usually not well educated.

Myth #2: A handyman will usually be able to complete most of the repair work in less time, usually less than one hour. Hence most people think that the repair task is very simple, and do not want to pay much money.

Myth #3: Handyman are less qualified than direct contractors, and so they charge less.

Myth #4: A handyman in Singapore is usually older, and do it as a hobby so they do not need to be paid more.

Read more about how we dispel these myths about cheap handyman!



Why Hire A Handyman in Singapore?

People usually hire a handyman when they are unable to perform a task. For example, if you want to install a fixture, you need the right tools and equipment to get the task done. Also, you need to have the required skills. If you lack in both respects then hiring a professional is the only option for you.

When to hire a cheap handyman and one that is premium?

A handyman can be both cheap and premium. If you have any minor work like fixing a door then you can hire cheap handyman Singapore services. However, if you want to get a heavy task done such as fixing your aircon then you should consider a professional handyman service. Knowing why a handyman is so handy is going to change your mind about what you always thought of a handyman!



How Much Do Handyman Services Cost?

They usually charge an hourly rate for their services, which includes transport, labour and sometimes the material itself. In certain cases like installing mutiples of the same items, it will be charged higher at first, then each subsequent item at a reduced rate. Handyman companies such as A1 Handyman Singapore can sometimes charge a lump-sum fee for the service, which gives you the peace of knowing there are no hidden charges. In our case, our handyman prices are inclusive of labour, transport and basic material costs.

The service charges of any particular handyman are going to depend on their experience. The licensed and experienced handymen might charge somewhat more for the quality of the work they can guarantee. For lower-skilled services that require more hours of labour though, the charges can still be not as cheap.


However, a handyman is definitely going to charge somewhat more than that of an electrician or a plumber given that they require plenty of expertise for getting the job done. Go for an affordable handyman only if you need to fix multiple problems rather than one. In case you are thinking of how to “find a cheap handyman near me”, then look no further and give us a call at A1 Handyman Singapore so that we can take care of your problems.

Affordable Handyman Singapore Prices

with 100% Transparency

A1 Handyman Singapore strives to provide competitive handyman services throughout Singapore. We aim to provide the most value for money and cheap handyman Singapore rates. Our handyman services are not just temporary fixes of your required home repairs, but we believe in providing long-term and effective solutions to our customers. If you need a service from us our experienced handyman will first assess whether you can use a temporary fix or you need a long-term fix. Based on the assessment he will provide you with options you can choose from. So, with us, you never have to worry about paying for services you don’t need as we strive to provide you with exactly what you need, with 100 percent transparency.


Affordability and competitiveness are our two main goals. So, when you need someone for repair and maintenance home services at professional handyman standards at an affordable price, then contacting A1 Handyman Singapore is the most recommended option.



In case you need a service that’s not listed on the website, you can give us a call at any time and we can send someone to assess your situation accordingly and provide you with an effective solution.

So, what are you waiting for if you need a handyman to fix your home then A1 Handyman is just a call away! Call us now at +65 6980 0911  !

Handyman Renovation Works

Special Projects Handyman Singapore Price

Do you have a major project you want us to handle for you? We can offer you a team of experienced and skilled handymen that are qualified in plumbing, electrical, drilling, painting, furniture assembly, aircon services and many other handyman services in this list, for the complete renovation works you may need for your home.


Call us today for the best handyman prices in Singapore

Cheap is not always best. Finding a cheap handyman in Singapore is easy, but what is difficult is finding a cheap, yet experienced handyman who can provide a reliable handyman service.

Our handyman team are qualified professionals in all related fields such as plumbing, electrical works, aircon installations and other general handyman services. We keep our handyman price affordable for all residential and commercial customers, while providing quality handyman workmanship.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation For Your Home Services Needs. We Provide Transparent and Honest Handyman Singapore Rates With Guaranteed Workmanship.

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