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HDB Painting Mistakes To Avoid

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The Housing and Development Board has built many public housing properties in Singapore which are known as HDB flats or HDB apartments. If you are living in an HDB unit, you may wish to change and improve the overall look of your house, especially if it’s an old flat. However, this may require some renovation work and a quality paint job.

There might be times when you’d want to carry out a DIY painting job at home instead of hiring a painting services provider. This is completely fine when you already have the experience and necessary skills to do the work. To execute a decent job, make sure to avoid the following HDB painting mistakes below:

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Not using a primer:

You should always use a primer when painting the walls inside your HDB flat. It works to create a good surface on your walls. It also ensures that the applied paint will adhere to the wall properly and remain firm for many months, even years, to come. No HDB painting job should be done without using primer. If you’re engaging with a handyman painter, make sure that they also carry out this step.

Not checking the humidity level of the wall:

High humidity levels on walls can waste all your effort and even ruin the overall appeal of your walls. You should always check the humidity level of the walls before you start painting. It is not a good time to paint an HDB flat when the humidity levels are high in Singapore. An experienced handyman who has carried out numerous handyman projects in Singapore should know this.

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Painting without cleaning the wall:

Several handyman blog articles might have already mentioned that dust, dirt, spider webs, and insects may accumulate and build up on the walls inside your HDB flat. Painting without cleaning all these impurities is not a great idea. Your walls will look dirty and the paint will not adhere perfectly if you do not clean all the walls before painting. So, take a vacuum cleaner or broom and start dusting your walls. It will take a few minutes but you will get clean walls to color perfectly.

Painting without preparing the surface:

Professional wall painting services in Singapore spend a considerable amount of time in surface preparation. It helps them in promising a durable painting job because the paint adheres perfectly to the wall. If you are going to skip this procedure, your walls might not look too attractive.

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Painting without removing or covering the furniture:

You should always remove furniture, decorative stuff, electrical appliances, and other things from the room before starting to paint the walls. If you do not remove these things, the paint might drip on them, which are very difficult to remove. It might be possible that you do not have enough room to shift all the furniture, but at least cover all the things before you start to paint.

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