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How to Choose A Reliable Electrical Handyman?

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When you have to deal with home repair and maintenance tasks like light installation, light switch repair, etc., you already know that you cannot handle it on your own. In such situations, you need to hire professional services that can get the work done for you. Most people prefer to go for handyman services because they may be cheaper and reliable.

What to look for in an electrical Handyman?

When hiring an electrician handyman Singapore, your decision should be based on the following pointers:

  1. Punctuality and reliability

When you hire a professional handyman service, one of the indicators of professionalism would be that they are punctual and reliable. Most people will regard an electrical handyman as a freelance electrician in Singapore, so we would prefer that we can get a fast response and a direct quote. An honest handyman would be able to provide you the handyman list of services you will require, and transparent handyman singapore prices for your consideration.

  1. Licensed

A reliable handyman will also at least be EMA-licensed, so that you know they are aware of the basic electrical safety tips, to prevent short-circuiting something in your home through their electrical services. For any electrical wiring works, it is best to look for an EMA-licensed handyman electrician than a regular one to guarantee their workmanship.

  1. Experience

When you are hiring a reliable and experienced handyman electrician in Singapore, you could request for examples of their past handyman services. See A1 Handyman Singapore’s handyman service list and our past project works.

  1. Honest services

The industry is rife with handymen who will not give a consistent quotation. There are also risks involved where an initial price was agreed upon, but once the work is done, the final quotation would be vastly different. With A1 Handyman Singapore, you can avoid these scenarios as we transparently display our handyman Singapore prices. Before proceeding with any handyman services, we provide a quotation for the owner’s sign-off first. Working with a trusted handyman would provide you a peace of mind that the job will be done smoothly.



  1. Well-equipped with tools

Since an electrical handyman is required to perform various electrical tasks. He should have all the tools and equipment required to complete the task effectively.

Difference between an electrical Handyman and an electrician Singapore

An electrical handyman is different than an electrician in Singapore. The main differences can be pointed out from the following pointers.

  1. Electrical handyman: An electrical handyman is a professional who performs physical tasks for homeowners who are unable or not willing to complete the task on their own. Handymen in most cases, do not require a license to operate. However, they may require liability insurance. Most handymen are able to perform multiple tasks. For example, an electrical handyman can also have the skills of a plumber.
  2. Electrician: An electrician, on the other hand, is a highly trained professional who specializes in electrical components. They only perform tasks that are related to electricity. Also, they have to have a license in order to operate.


Benefits of hiring an electrical Handyman

Some of the main benefits of hiring an electrical handyman are as follows:

  1. Minor work

An electrical handyman can handle all types of tasks. Whether big or small, you can hire them for any task you need. When you have minor works to be done, hiring a handyman is the best option. That’s because most licensed electricians only show interest when they are offered a big project.

  1. Freelance

Handymen are freelance workers. They don’t work for any electrical servicing agency. If you have to hire a handyman, you can directly fix an appointment with them.

  1. Convenience

Handymen are available 24/7. No matter which time of the day you need their service, they are always available.

To choose the right electrical handyman service you can check handyman Singapore reviews.  This will help you to figure out the most recommended handyman service to hire in Singapore services.

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