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How To Select The Correct Door Finish For Your Home



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Installing door knobs and handles improves the overall look of your home. In order for knobs to look attractive, they should have the right finish. There is a wide range of finishes and styles that are available in Singapore. It is better if you familiarize yourself with the different finishes to help you choose the right one. Once you have purchased a door knob or handle, it is best to hire our handyman services at A1 Handyman Singapore. 

Here is the list of different door knob finishes to choose from: 


Satin, Chrome, and Steel Finish


The advantage of installing stainless steel door handles and knobs is that they can complement most home decors. Many modern homeowners choose to install door handles and door knobs with satin nickel finishes owing to their soft sheen. On the contrary, door knobs and handles that are made of distressed nickel bring out a natural patina and a dark look which are best for classic home decors.

Stainless steel and chrome finishes are popular in modern homes since they have a flexible design. On the other hand, satin chrome offers a naturally textured finish with a toned-down color that is better for classic homes. 


Bronze Finish 


Once you have chosen the door knob or door handle type to install for your home, the next thing to consider is the finish. Bronze tones are perfect for both dark and light décor. As a matter of fact, satin bronze door knobs offer a natural look that greatly matches modern and classic décor due to their striking color.

If you want to include texture and dark tones, then an oil-rubbed is perfect. It is convenient to hire a handyman to install your bronze door knobs or handles. Take note that bronze finishes will retain its original look even if it ages.


Brass Finish


For classic home decors, brass-colored knobs or handles are usually a good match, since they can give your home a shiny and sparkling look. However, this type of finish is more costly. On the contrary, installing a door knob that is antique brass have darker color which makes them suitable in classic homes. 


Attractive Pewter Finish

If you want your home to have an ultra-modern theme, then hiring a handyman is handy to help you install your pewter finish door knobs. Pewter is a mix of tin alloy and gray- silver. They are suitable to be installed on a rustic door made with shiny steel or chrome. They are also a perfect fit for deeply-colored home decors. 


Colored Ceramic or Enamel Finish

Colored ceramic knobs or handles are perfect for front doors since they are durable. Ceramic finishes have a wide variety of colors including blue, red, white, and black. Most of them are designed with stylish patterns, and can bring an attractive look to any home. Before having them installed, you should be aware of the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor


Points To Note When Choosing A Finish 

Overall Theme


There are things to consider when buying a door handle or door knob, and one of them is to check if it matches the overall theme of your home. This is to ensure that both your exterior and interior door hardware can complement the elements of your home. If you have a classic home, then installing a polished chrome or bronze finish is better. Keep in mind to keep things simple as you do not want for everything to look bold. Thus, purchase a knob or handle that can improve your overall theme. Additionally, you should know the tips on hiring a handyman for the door knob or handle installation. 

Door Function


Another thing to consider is your door’s distinct function before choosing a door knob finish. Door functions differ from one door to another depending on the requirements of the owner. These include privacy, storage, keyed entry, and passage. If you want to install the right door knob or handle, then you may want to check out our handyman services during circuit breaker period at A1 Handyman. Just remember that if you select incorrect door hardware it can be very inconvenient. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from your door knob’s finish and design, you also need to consider the aesthetic appearance. There is no need to hire professional handyman services to install your cheap-looking door knobs or handles that do not suit your home. If you want to enhance the look of your home, then purchase a decent-looking door knob or handle. 

Existing Door Accessories

Your door accessories play a vital role in identifying which door finish you should choose. For instance, if you have installed ornate-looking door grills, then it is best to purchase a satin nickel door knob or handle. The reasons why people look for cheap handyman services is that they purchase expensive door accessories, and they want to save on paying for a professional handyman to change or remove your door knob and handle. Remember that your current door products complement with your new door hardware can greatly affect the overall appearance of your home. If you choose an incorrect door knob accessory, the entire door may appear awkward.   



When choosing the right door handle for your home, make sure to check the overall design of your home. Additionally, you must also know your budget and the installer you are going to hire. If you need help in choosing the right door hardware for your home, you may contact a professional handyman. Although, do not expect handyman services to be cheap

Here at A1 Handyman Singapore, we have a team of door knob and door handle professionals who can help you choose and install the right door hardware. Our experts have positive reviews since they do the task completely. 


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