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Important Things You Should Know About Condo Rubbish Chute


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Rubbish chutes offer a neater option for garbage disposal than garbage cans. The growing popularity of these rubbish chutes among condo owners leads to hasty shopping without proper research. Learn more about your condo rubbish chute features and rubbish chute services you may need before making a purchase.


Check the Size


HBD rubbish chutes come in a standard size, but condo rubbish chutes depend on the property management. They can even be smaller than typical HDB rubbish chutes! Contact a cheap handyman service to securely install your new rubbish chutes and other home electronics when you get the ideal measurements.

Choose a professional handyman vs a direct contractor for professional and simple home fixes. When you try rubbish chute and furniture installation yourself, you may end up with drilling failures. Thus, you can’t dispose of bulky garbage in the rubbish chute and must carry garbage bags again to the trash area or the ground floor disposal centre.


Determine The Tensile Strength 


Some people stretch the rubbish chute cover as wide as they can to push their large garbage bags. Condo rubbish chutes may be smaller compared with HDB rubbish chutes, but they have the same build.

The constant misuse and the lack of care make loose hinges, break the rubbish chute doors, and even get the rubbish chute doors stuck. These are among the reasons to look for a cheap handyman. The professional skills and tools make a handyman so handy for any rubbish chute or home service! 


Compare Rubbish Chute Warranty and Price


Replacing a condo rubbish chute costs a lot. Thus, customers and clients expect handyman services to be cheap as they only contact companies for repair requests than replacements. However, homeowners must know that they can lose the warranty when repairs happen.

Replace your old unit with a new rubbish chute than recurrent repairs for a long-time rubbish disposal convenience. One of the tips of hiring a handyman for the job is by checking professional rubbish chute services reviews or recommendations.


Know If You Need a Short or Long-Tongued Rubbish Chute

The tongue is the part of your rubbish chute that sticks out from the opening that helps lay your rubbish bags properly. Choose a short tongue design for condo units on the lower floor. The design prevents rubbish from the upper floor from hitting your rubbish chute, thus, producing loud bangs.

Enjoy the convenience of hiring a handyman when you avail of professional services for short- and long-tongued condo rubbish chute installation



Avoid purchasing the wrong size and design and pay high fees when you know more about your condo rubbish chutes. Make a list of your preferred size, rubbish chute tongue design, price, warranty, and tensile strength. Ensure sufficient drill holes to install your new condo rubbish chute and other home furniture and electronics when you contact us for rubbish chute services today! 


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