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Signs that you need a water heater replacement

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Almost every home in Singapore has a water heater. Whether it is an instant water heater, a 707, or a storage tank water heater, people use it to get a constant supply of hot water when the weather is cooler than usual. But oftentimes, we encounter situations when our water heater breaks down for no apparent reason.

However, there are many signs that every homeowner should look out for that should warn them that it’s time to get a water heater replacement.

Contact a handyman water heater technician now is you encounter any of the following signs:

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You are using a very old water heater:

No device or electrical appliance is designed to last forever. Homeowners in Singapore know that they will have to switch to a new water heater, but they do not know when that moment will come. People usually replace the old water heater when it is not heating water properly and is non-repairable.

You should not wait until the water heater stops working completely. Check for noises, rusting on the water tank, leaks, and failure to heat water. You should plan for a water heater replacement immediately, if it is noisy, leaking, and not heating water properly.

Fluctuating water temperature:

There is certainly a fault if your heater is not heating the water at all, but fluctuating water temperature also indicates that something is going wrong with the heater. Its heating element is not performing as it should and therefore it is the time to check what is going wrong with the heater.

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The water heater is leaking:

A water leak is probably the most common sign that there is a fault in your water heater that requires your immediate attention. If you ignore it for a long time, it will not only affect the heating capacity of the water heater but the leaking water will also damage your walls and ceiling. Water heaters may leak due to numerous causes. You should call the best handyman plumbing services in Singapore to find what is going wrong with your water heater.

The heater is making weird noises:

The water heater tells you when the right time to replace it is. As you turn it on for heating water, it will start making rumbling noises. These noises get louder and louder as the heater ages. Immediately contact an experienced plumber that has done several handyman projects to inspect this water heater issue. He will probably recommend a water heater installation, especially if the old one cannot be repaired.

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The water heater is generating rusty water:

If the hot water faucet is constantly releasing rusty water, it is a sign that rust is damaging the internal portion of the hot water storage tank. It normally occurs when people use water heaters that have not been replaced for several years.

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