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Signs That You Need An Aircon Servicing


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Almost every household these days have an aircon to provide them with a conducive environment. To maintain the efficiency and performance of your AC unit you need to conduct regular check-ups or else it may lead to common aircon problems. When it comes to simple aircon servicing, check out our list of aircon handyman services.

Now let’s check some of the main aircon conditioner problems and solutions.

Problems faced due to lack of maintenance

Some of the main aircon problems that occur due to lack of maintenance are:

  1. Not turning on


When you neglect your aircon for too long, let’s say for a year, there will come a time when it will not turn on. It may happen because you have a problem in your blown fuse or there is loose wiring that is preventing the machine from getting power.

Solution: Check the power supply and whether it is correctly plugged in. Also, check if the batteries in your aircon remote control are not depleted. It is also possible that the house may have its power tripped and affected the air conditioner. Check the circuit breaker to see if any of the switches are off. If these simply troubleshooting steps does not work, it may be best to call for an aircon technician to help determine the problem.

Only a professional aircon company can do the job.

  1. Not cooling enough


Inadequate cooling is yet another problem that you shouldn’t ignore. This may happen cause of multiple reasons such as a faulty thermostat, dirty evaporator coils, filters, or inadequate compressor gas.

Solution: If you are experiencing inadequate cooling, it means the efficiency of your air conditioner has been severely affected. It is time to call for aircon maintenance servicing. Both a handyman in Singapore and a professional aircon company can do the job.

  1. Creating noise


If you hear a whirring or unusual noise from your AC while running, you know that your AC unit needs immediate attention.

Solution: An aircon technician may need to troubleshoot the root cause of the noise.

Both a handyman and a professional aircon company can do the job.

  1. Leaking water


Water leakage may happen because of faulty installation of the unit. However, there can be other reasons too such as the water drainage channel may be blocked by debris or rust.

Both a handyman and a professional aircon company can do the job.

  1. Aircon Compressor not working


The aircon compressor is usually found outside of your apartment, near where your air conditioner is installed. If the aircon compressor is not showing signs of life or seems weak, an aircon technician should be called in for an inspection.

How often to service your aircon and what can you do yourself?


If you use your AC unit on a daily basis then you should get your airconditioning unit checked regularly. However, if you don’t then quarterly check-ups are just fine.

Maintaining your aircon is important so that you can improve its efficiency and performance. Ignoring aircon problems can lead to higher repair costs and electricity bills.

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