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Signs You Should Replace Your HDB Rubbish Chute


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Knowing how to replace HDB rubbish chute latches and hinges lets you ensure everything closes properly that even bugs and foul odour can’t enter the chute door. Being a handyman can be a pro, but sometimes, you encounter tricky and complicated HDB rubbish chute repairs and replacements. These cases highly require contacting expert rubbish chute services.

Keeping your rubbish chute clean takes precise procedures and these services require expert hands with relevant experience from experienced handymen. The convenience of hiring handyman services is the high-quality replacement services and solutions you receive for your rubbish chute. 


5 Reasons to Get a Rubbish Chute Replacement


If you want to keep using your rubbish chute for more years to come, you need to clean it. When you do not maintain your rubbish chutes properly, several problems arise, like insect infestations, foul odours, and the quick spread of fire. The best solution for rubbish chute replacements and other home repairs is to hire a cheap handyman service. Professional skills, experience, and tools make a handyman so handy and prevents rubbish chute damages from happening. 

Here are some reasons you should replace your rubbish chute:

Rusting: The food debris and other substances people throw every day worsen rubbish chute condition. When rusting shows, your rubbish chute is already showing signs of damage. Another reason for rusting could be water leaks from nearby pipes. One of the reasons people look for a cheap handyman is for various services they can do in a day. Besides rubbish chute services, you can also contact a reliable plumber handyman to find the best solutions for the two problems. 

Dents: The curves and bents change the shape and lose the air-tight function of the rubbish chute. If left unattended, insects and foul garbage smell may invade homes through the small entryway. One of the reasons why people expect handyman services to be cheap is that these professionals can find other problems and extra services can be costly. Contact A1 Handyman Singapore and get professional and affordable rubbish chute replacement services and more! 

Foul Smell:


When you smell a foul odour from your rubbish chute, there may be cracks, holes, and dents. Avoid problems from DIY repairs by contacting professional rubbish chute services! When you also need to install home electronics or furniture, there are things to consider when drilling. Subscribing to handyman drilling services helps avoid unnecessary holes on walls and keep the foul smell out. 

Loud Noises:


When you hear loud bangs and noises in the refuse chute every time your upstairs neighbour throws their garbage, let professionals replace the rubbish chute with a short tongue design. One of the tips on hiring a handyman is looking for recommendations from the reviews made by recent customers.   

Leaking: Some homeowners have rubbish chutes under the kitchen sink or a water source. As the pipes leak, the rubbish chute’s performance worsens, and it also rusts fast. Choose a reliable plumber handyman to fix the leaking pipes and other issues coming from your rubbish chute.



People use rubbish chutes every day. When not cleaned or maintained professionally, rust, dents, smell, noise, and leak worsen. You may have to replace it with a newer model. If you experience any of the five signs, contact experienced handyman professionals for the right price list to fix everything for you and install a new rubbish chute!


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This article was reproduced from A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore.