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Things to Consider When Drilling Into Different Types of Wall


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A1 Handyman Services Singapore assures hassle-free drilling services solutions without drilling a hole in your pockets. If you think hanging something on your wall is an easy task? Rethink! In reality, it isn’t a one-nail drilling affair. As promised, we at A1 Handyman Singapore are ever committed to making things easier for everyone. We have listed a few points to consider whilst drilling into various types of walls.



  1. Identify the Surface

Knowing what surface you want to drill your nail into is the very first step.  Different surfaces have different drilling tenacity. Drilling holes into tiles would require different hacks as compared to drilling holes in plaster walls. For starters, selecting the right drill bit for a different type of wall materials is essential.

  • Plaster Wall or Drywall

Most HDB and Condo residential homes in Singapore will be constructed with plaster walls or drywall material. As such, use a drywall drill bit for drilling holes into plaster walls or drywall. If you’re hanging heavy wall-mounted items on this drywall, drive in a drywall anchor also for more security.

  • Wooden Walls or Wall Studs

Beyond the plaster wall, you may encounter a wall stud that is load-bearing structural support available for fixing your wall mounted items on – like TV brackets supporting heavy TVs. These wall studs are usually wooden. Therefore, use a wood drill bit to install the hooks or nails you need to hang pictures, mirrors, or shelves!

  • Brick or Stone Walls

Choose a masonry bit for drilling into hard surfaces like bricks, stones, concrete, etc. Masonry bits are made of soft steel and tips of tungsten carbide ensuring easy penetration through hard surfaces. (Switch to a masonry bit after you get through the initial cover of plaster or even paint.

  • Ceramic or Glass

Needless to say, this surface material is extremely fragile and will splinter, break or crack easily if not done right. Use sharp spear-like tips made of carbine and straight shanks that will allow the drill bit to penetrate smoothly through these hard but fragile materials. Add patience and pressure during the drilling process to pierce through these particular materials.



2. Identify the Right Drilling Spot

You don’t want to be drilling just anywhere in your house, as there are concealed electrical wiring or concealed pipes within the walls that are part of the structural integrity of your house. You’d want to be looking out for a few things:

  • Avoid drilling nails into walls which is around your electrical appliances, wires, etc. However, if that’s where you need to drill, switch off your power supply to avoid any electrocution mishaps.
  • Locate your pipelines first. Whilst drilling holes into bathroom walls, locate your pipes beforehand to avoid accidental shower sprays from damaged pipes.
  • Use a pencil and identify your drilling spot by marking it on the material for accuracy
  • Your drills should come with depth gauges, if not, mark the correct depth of your bit by using masking tape.


3. Safety First

Always use safety goggles and masks during drilling. You do not want any unexpected shard or debris to attack you in the eyes or breathe them into your lungs. Be also vigilant about electric wires and pipelines to avoid creating a bigger mess on your hands from what should be a small task. Follow these electrical safety tips from a local handyman.



4. What Is The Correct Way To Drill

  • The bit must be perpendicular to the drilling surface.
  • The tip of the drill must be positioned on the marking where you would want to drill.
  • Gently start squeezing the trigger of the drill.
  • Increase the pressure on the trigger to increase drilling speed gradually
  • On achieving the desired depth, don’t stop but slow it down and then withdraw the bit
  • If you’re using an anchor in your drill hole, tap it gently with a rubber mallet to ensure it’s fixed firmly.




5. Who to Call To Help With Drilling Services

Unless you’re really into DIY, there’s really no reason why you can’t just call a handyman who can readily provide you with a drilling service at an affordable handyman price. Furthermore, you don’t have to struggle with the wall mounting installation item you were drilling for in the first place.


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