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Things You Should Consider When Hiring A Professional Door Knob and Handle Installer

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A door knob and a door handle is essential part of any home. It offers convenience since it allows you to fulfill your daily chores. It is ideal to hire a professional handyman like A1 Handyman Singapore to install your door knobs and handles. We will ensure to perfectly install them and make them durable. 

There are cases wherein a handyman is claiming to offer professional door knob and door handle installation. Although, the results are very poor and the task is not even complete. Aside from that, they charge high prices for their services. It is important to take note of the following steps to ensure that your door knobs and handles are well installed by professional handyman services



experience-factors-to consider-when-engaging-a-door-knob-handle-installer-door-repair-services-a1-handyman-sinagpore

The most important factor to consider when engaging with a professional is experience. If a handyman has a number of experiences in offering door knob installation works, then expect that they can do the installation correctly. 

On the other hand, an inexperienced person can likely cause damage, and incorrectly set up the door hardware. Therefore, make sure to take note of the experience of the handyman you are going to hire. Additionally, you should be aware of the difference between a professional handyman and a direct contractor



When searching for a door knob and handle installer, you can also check online reviews. This is to see if the handyman is handy, and offers quality services. If you are unsure about the reviews posted online, you can try searching for online forums or Google reviews. Get as much information about the handyman’s workmanship. 



warranty-factors-to consider-when-engaging-a-door-knob-handle-installer-door-repair-services-a1-handyman-sinagpore

Professionals can also commit errors while changing or removing door knobs and handles. To ensure that you do not pay any extra charges, check if the professional offers a warranty. This will give you time to book another appointment and greatly spend on additional door knob and handle repairs or replacements. 



insurance-factors-to consider-when-engaging-a-door-knob-handle-installer-door-repair-services-a1-handyman-sinagpore

There are times wherein the worker can experience accidental injuries while installing or repairing the door handle or door knob. On such occasions, it is important to be protected against any claims of accountability. Therefore, a tip on hiring a handyman is to never forget to ask them for proof of insurance. Their insurance coverage can also help you think if they are reliable to conduct any tasks you require. 


Servicing Costs

Many people have other expenses aside from the door knob and handle installation. Having said that, some workers charge them additional costs. To prevent this from happening, try asking the service provider to completely explain their servicing costs. 

Although, do not expect handyman services to be cheap. Additionally, it is best to clarify their work can have additional costs like material costs. If they are not able to do this, then you may want to check out the handyman services of A1 Handyman Singapore. We ensure to give you a transparent servicing price. 



Hiring a handyman is convenient to help you install your door knobs and handles. Although, there are factors to consider before hiring one to ensure that you have a smooth installation process. You should check their experience, reviews, warranty, insurance, and servicing costs. The reason why people look for a cheap handyman is to save money. However, this will not be convenient as it is likely that the cheap handyman will commit several errors. 

If you hire a handyman from A1 Handyman Singapore, we ensure to give you a seamless door knob and handle installation. We provide professional handyman services at a reasonable price


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